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Double Trouble Two

A fast and hard session where one girl watches a couple having a quickie.
"What are you doing?" asked Liz.

I walked over to the large alcove where I hung my clothes and pushed the curtain open, then taking black ropes from the bottom drawer I tied her hands in front of her, but not too tightly.

"Are you for real?" Liz demanded.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled. "Get inside. Now."

She stared at me.

"Get in!"

"You're mad," she sighed. But she didn't refuse.

"Sit on the floor."

She tutted but obeyed. As I tied her ankles she looked up at me silently, pouting. I looked down at her and almost smiled. I was taking a risk; I didn't know how she would react to what was about to happen, but her compliance so far was a huge turn on, and I hoped that what I had planned would be for her too.

Jessica was still shrieking outside, so I reached for a dressing gown and closed the curtain of the alcove to conceal Liz from view completely, then took a deep breath before going to let her in.

"Where have you been?" she demanded when I opened the door.

"Sorry... I was just going to have a shower," I lied.

"Oh, you are getting ready for me," she teased, looking down at my crotch.

Her words and cheeky smile melted me. I put my hands on her hips and kissed her softly on the lips, without closing my eyes. Her pupils were wide and she breathed out warmly. I pulled her against me and we kissed passionately with tongues. Her long, mousy blonde hair felt soft and wispy, so different from the thick dark waves of Liz's mane that I'd been running my fingers through just moments before. Jessica's perfume surrounded me as our kiss continued, her firm round tits pressed into my torso, the nipples visible through her tight black dress. She was more than ready and so I decided to give her a quick, hard fuck and then think of a rapid excuse for her to leave. After all, I had no idea how long Liz would stay quietly concealed, given what she was about to be able to peep at through the curtain. She'd told me she liked to watch and now I was going to see if she was as good as her word.

I carefully waltzed Jessica into the bedroom, kissing and fondling her, enjoying her sighing and giggling. As I pushed her down onto the bed mid-giggle, she screamed then her head bounced up in a mass of hair, smiling as she realised my game. Well... she thought she did, as she certainly had no idea about Liz being tied up in the alcove, watching, and now almost certainly with an excellent view of us on the bed directly opposite where she was hidden.

I wondered if Liz was starting to feel either turned on or jealous, perhaps both, as I pounced on Jessica and kissed her roughly, squeezing and holding her down as she writhed and groaned beneath me. I gave her a few playful slaps and pressed myself against her as she gasped, almost tearing her dress as I lifted her knee to open her legs. She deftly wiggled her hips and spread her smooth tanned thighs for me. I exhaled as I saw her white panties were showing her pink pussy on one side and two of my fingers instantly penetrated her wetness. My abruptness caught her by surprise and she froze before moaning with her eyes closed. I moved my fingers roughly inside her soft warmth and made her pussy mound move. She tossed her head from side to side as though in a gibbering trance. I pressed my other hand on her chest, then up to her neck, squeezing softly, restricting her movement and noises.

I had almost forgotten that we weren't alone, that Liz was still spectating the action unseen. She'd be frustrated by now, probably wishing I'd just told her to sit there and not make a sound until I said so, instead of tying her up as well. I knew that after seeing me playing with Jessica's pussy she'd be desperate to play with her own, and I grinned to myself at the thought that I'd made it so she was unable to do anything about her frustration, imagining how wet she'd be at that moment.

At the same time I realised Jessica was enjoying this so much because it was different to how it usually was between us. I tended to extend her pleasure, drawing it out as I felt, fingered, smacked, licked and fucked her incredible body, taking my time as I used and abused her. But now I ravaged her in the moment, urgent and hungry for more, and she was revelling in it, her cries wilder than ever before.

The instant I took my weight off her she quickly rolled over onto her hands and knees. That juicy pussy gleamed out from between her white panties and amazing buttocks, so firm and delicious. I fingered her pussy and stroked her clit before smacking her arse on each side, each crack of the hand onto her trembling flesh harder than the last as she whelped with each blow. My thoughts turned again to Liz, and what she would be thinking as she watched me spank Jessica. I knew how much she loved to be spanked herself, and imagined she must be soaking wet by now, squirming and tugging at her restraints, perhaps trying to free herself of them. She knew I would enjoy punishing her if she managed it.

I smiled and returned my attention to Jessica and her delectable pussy. She turned to look at me as she sensed I was undoing my robe, expecting me to move round to her mouth, and my cock sprang out, hard at the instant pleasure it was expecting. As I pushed it all the way into her tight little cunt she made no sound, before exhaling as I pulled it right out and drove it back in, teasing her again and again, until without a pause I pulled her panties down to her thighs and carried on fucking.

My cock was wet and thick as it retreated from her hole, then I advanced deep inside and the pleasure pulsed over and over into my loins. This was good fucking and I had no concerns about keeping going; I closed my eyes and got lost in the feeling. Another image of Liz came into my mind, this time pulling harder at the ties I'd bound her with, squeezing her thighs together as she got more and more turned on watching me fuck another woman. I wanted to get off on the thought of having her watch me, but found I couldn't focus on anything but my cock pounding into Jessica's cunt.

She was on the brink of orgasm now, her voice ringing in my ears as she screamed at me to fuck her harder. I could feel my cock doing its work as I thrust into her with my eyes closed. Normally I would adapt the speed and power of my strokes, but this time I just kept fucking like a machine. She could take it or leave it, and she was enthusiastically taking it as I felt her pussy clamping and quivering around me. I stroked her cunt as her incomprehensible noises filled my head, but then her shrillness began to annoy me.

I pushed her head down hard and it slammed into the bed. I looked at the way her slutty dress was around her waist, framing her bent over body, and lusted over it as I fucked her some more. But she was in for it now. I used the frustration of not being able to touch her bare tits and those cherry nipples, as her bra had got caught under her dress and I couldn't get at the clasp, to build up to an angry fuck and then some merciless teasing.

"Support yourself on your hands and knees," I ordered. I had to say it twice.

As her pussy clenched my shaft and massaged my cockhead inside her, I twisted my hips and moved my abdomen so I could press myself into her at all angles. This time I expected her orgasm and treated her to a pumping just when she needed it as she came again on my cock. I pressed my hands into the small of her back pushing her knees into the bed. It restricted my strokes but I was able to get an obscene angle into her and the feeling of depth was complete. She let out more wild cries and ground her ass against me, back as far as she could.

After slowing down I pulled my cock out and saw the juices glistening on it. I spanked her again on each of her round, pert buttocks until the slapping sound of my hand on her ass was followed by her desperate wailing, becoming muffled as she buried her face in the pillow. I took the opportunity to look over to the alcove, but there was no sign of Liz behind the curtain and I didn't know exactly how much she had been able to see through it so far, but the finale was coming and I hoped that however confused and even enraged she might be at what had transpired, she had enjoyed it too and would understand that the game I had devised was not just for mine and Jessica's pleasure, but for hers also.

Turning back to Jessica who was still moaning and whimpering, I touched her cheeks slowly then kissed them, and she fell silent as she held her breath in anticipation. With her knees together I pressed my lips to her puffy slit and she shivered and moaned. My tongue touched her softly as I licked over her inner lips, then her peach, all the way back until I was pressed up hard against her bare mound. I enjoyed how loudly I was making her scream now and the clicking noise as I wiggled my long tongue inside her soft warmth, tasting and feeling her so intimately, moving my tongue deep inside her again, groaning as her pussy pulsed against my tongue and lips.

Now I could feel Liz watching me and my cock throbbed. I turned to lie on my back to lick that pussy from underneath. Jessica was wallowing in her pleasure, remaining completely oblivious to the fact Liz had been in the room the whole time I'd been fucking her, hidden from view at my command. She pressed her cunt onto my face and wriggled her spot hard on my stiff tongue. She dug her hands into my scalp, screaming and wailing, her weight was on me and I had to slap her arse hard before she relented. I knelt behind her, easing two and then three fingers inside her, making her squeal before rubbing her to yet another orgasm.

At last she surfaced from her pit of pleasure and turned her head to look at me expectantly. I had trained her well and I groaned softly in anticipation of how I was going to have her repay me. I pulled her up by her hair and she obediently came to my end of the bed, before I made her kneel before me.

"Please, let me worship you ass, Daddy,” she begged.

I paused for a second, scarcely able to believe the position I had found myself in, with this sexy young woman completely at my mercy, with a second looking on in secret from behind the scenes, equally as willing to fulfill my desires and evidently as willing to be obedient; almost to a fault, by allowing me to keep her hidden like this.

"No. You are going to lick my balls, my shaft, and then my cock head," I eventually replied.

She tried to move her head but I held onto her hair. After looking into her submissive face I let go. She knew not to suck it. Her slow tongue touches felt amazing as she followed my instructions, my cock pulsed as I moaned and stroked her hair to encourage her. Her tongue moved keenly up my shaft and I groaned when she licked my swollen cockhead.

"So slowly now, baby..." I gasped. She went ultra slow and my loins soaked up the pleasure.

"You are such a good girl," I praised, as she licked my end exactly how I needed.

I felt my juice rising in my balls as she touched them. She gently squeezed and rubbed my shaft, slippery in her grasp from her saliva and juices. I couldn't hold back any longer. She looked up into my eyes as my orgasm rose and I pumped my gland in and out of her lips and used her tongue to bring me off, until with a frantic grunt, semen squirted into her mouth. My ecstasy was uncontrolled as my cock sprang out and she wanked me with her hand as I shot on her face, then her forehead. The last drops went on her nose. As I slapped my cock on her smiling lips I saw cum in her hair.

"Oh, so good baby," was all I could utter.

Her eyes shone as she savoured my spunk, then swallowed. She licked her lips as I looked on speechless. As she glanced down at the semen on her breasts I looked at the alcove and rolled my eyes silently. I hoped Liz had enjoyed the show I had put on for her, despite restricting her to the role of voyeur from a hidden vantage point, and then added to her frustration by tying her up. I knew she loved to be bound; she had told me that sometimes her wrists ached for the feeling of being tied, but it was hard not to feel pity for how desperately aroused she would be from what she'd just witnessed, combined with the jealousy I suspected I must have caused by shoving her in the alcove and immediately having another woman take her place in my bed. I hoped she would be thrilled by it; I had wanted to push her boundaries and soon I would see if the gamble had paid off.

I pulled Jessica up, led her to the bathroom and told her to freshen up and get dressed, as we were going out for some air. I felt somewhat guilty, to be leaving Liz in the alcove like that when she had no idea when I might be back, but I didn't intend on being long, and hoped that she wouldn't be too angry for what I had planned next when I returned...

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