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Dressing room fantasy

Tags: ass, skirt, cum
Who knew shopping could be so much fun...
My name is Sam, I'm about 5 feet tall with long blonde hair and green eyes and 34C tits. My boyfriend Danny is about 6 feet tall with short black hair and dreamy brown eyes. We were bored one afternoon, so I convinced him to take me underwear shopping. It had always been a fantasy of mine to fuck Danny in a public place, but I've never said this to him before.

We went out and I was wearing a mini skirt with a spaghetti top and 3 inch heels. I knew Danny thought I looked sexy when I dressed this way and that it would be easy for me to turn him on.

I finally found something I wanted to try on...a sexy little purple lace number. I convinced Danny to come with me to the fitting room to tell me how it looked. At first he seemed reluctant but then the thought of seeing me in new underwear must have turned him on because he eagerly followed me into the fitting room, without anybody seeing us of course.

I started to take off my top when Danny stopped me and held my face in his strong hands and started kissing me like never before. This already started to turn me on and I kissed him back while thinking of what was about to happen. We kissed some more and Danny cupped my firm ass cheeks in his hands, lifting up my skirt just enough that my cheeks peeled out through the bottom.

I lifted off his shirt and caressed his toned chest as he pulled me closer to him. Then Danny went down on his knees and removed my skirt completely. By now I was really turned on. He lightly kissed my pussy through my thong and I let out a soft moan while running my fingers through his hair. Danny then ripped my thong off with his teeth and sat me down on the chair and then started to lick my pussy lips and rub my clit. I could feel myself getting wetter by th minute and I knew I would cum soon.

Danny sucked my pussy harder and I moaned louder, not even caring that somebody may hear us. Just when I was about to cum Danny stood up and took off his pants, revealing his 9 inch cock already hard as stone.

"Oh Danny fuck me now" I said with a naughty smile.

I knew he wanted jut what I had been wanting all day. Danny bent me over the chair and stroked his cock up and down my sweet pussy lips. Ah wow it felt so good I could barely hold my orgasm from coming too soon.

Danny held onto my hips and slowly pushed his cock into my pussy. I hadn't been this horny in a long time, even though Danny and I fucked a lot and it was always good.

"Ah yes Danny I want your cock deep in my pussy".

With that Danny pushed his cock deeper into me as I swayed my ass side to side. I could feel the outlines of the veins on Danny's cock rubbing against my g spot and I knew I was going to cum soon.

I told Danny I wanted him to fuck me harder. He turne me around and picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. I held onto his neck and bounced uo and down on his cock. We kissed passionately and I could feel that we were both close to cumming.

"I'm going to fuck you against the wall Sam, I want my cum inside your pussy right now".

He then walked me over to the wall and pushed my back against it. Holding onto my ass, Danny's thrusts became harder and more intense as he banged me against the wall.

I held a tit in one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. I felt Danny's body stiffen and I knew he was about to cum. I pulled him closer to me and bounced up and down on his cock. Danny kissed me again, sliding his tongue into my mouth and just as I kissed him back, we both came. To finish off the job, Danny laid me down on the floor and threw my legs over his shoulders, and then fucked me hard until we had both cum twice.

When we were done, we got dressed and walked out of the fitting room. We got a few strange looks on the way out but we didn't care.

When we got home, we fucked all afternoon that day and Danny gave me orgasms like he had never done before.

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