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Dry Spell of the Summer

Danielle’s friend visits her at the summer camp where she works to relieve the summer's dry spell
Danielle was sitting at her lunch table surrounded by her cabin of summer camp campers. She had just finished her first year at university and was working at a summer camp for a little bit of extra cash. It was her fifth week as a camp counselor and she was beginning to get very lonely. Sure she had a great working relationship with her co-counselor, but Tara was a girl, and Danielle was looking for something a bit more filling if you catch the drift. Danielle had a small vibrator hidden away in a pair of socks in her cabin, in case she really needed to rub one out, but it did not even compare to sex. Primal, sweaty, hot sex, with her best friend (hopefully soon to be more) and current fuck buddy Tyler. They had met each other in a most boring lecture this past year, and had gotten to know each other well while they were supposed to be studying.

Danielle was a petite girl. She was only five foot two inches tall and she weighed about 115 pounds. She was fairly muscular from many years of dancing, but had a soft round ass that she liked to show off by wearing short shorts. Tyler on the other hand had a gangly look to him, but he was in fact very muscular. His abs were especially well-sculpted, making him especially desirable to the ladies.

As Danielle sat at her table daydreaming about what she would do with her vibrator during her period off after lunch she heard the door to the cafeteria open, but thought nothing of it.

“Hello ladies,” said a very familiar voice, the sound of which made Danielle look up from her plate and across the table to the other side of it.

Standing there was none other than Tyler flashing one of his famously charming grins. Danielle dropped her fork with a clatter and ran around the edge of the table before jumping into his arms to give him a hug. She stood on her tiptoes and was enveloped in his strong grasp as he hugged her back. She closed her eyes with her head against his chest and took in his scent.

Danielle backed up just enough to see his face, but without removing her hands from his shoulders. She locked eyes with him and smiled.

“Why are you here?” she asked him

With a sly twinkle in his eye he responded in a whisper only loud enough for Danielle to hear, “To fuck you.”

Tyler grabbed Danielle’s hand, saluted to her co-counselor at the other end of the table and walked out of the dining hall. Once outside he scooped Danielle into his arms and carried her to the vacant staff lounge where he laid her out on one of the couches and lay on top of her.

She was breathing heavily from the excitement and let out a low moan when he kissed her lips ever so lightly.

“Hmm, someone’s excited,” said Tyler as his lips migrated down her neck.

He kissed and nibbled at her neck until he came to the collar of the shirt that she was wearing. He slipped one of his hands under the bottom of her shirt and ran it up her skin to fondle her bra-covered breasts. Danielle felt heat rushing through her body, and she began to feel a familiar pulsating in her crotch. She arched her back up at him in encouragement.

With that move Tyler began to pull Danielle’s shirt over her head. He removed it in one swift motion and then put his fingers on Danielle’s back where her bra clasped. He fumbled with it for a few seconds, making Danielle laugh, before managing to unhook her bra. Once he got it undone though, he pulled off her bra and threw it onto the floor into the growing pile of clothing. Tyler attached his lips to Danielle’s nipples using his free hand to fondle and flick the other one before switching the roles of his mouth and his hands. Danielle threw her head back onto the couch and murmured indiscernible things to the heavens. She was finally getting the attention her body so desperately craved.

For a moment Danielle lay there, reveling in the attention, but then she opened her eyes and let her fingers find the hem of Tyler’s t-shirt. She began to pull up on it with the intention that she would remove his clothing. She wanted to even the playing field a bit. Tyler, realizing what he was doing, released himself from Danielle’s blushing chest and held himself up on his knees while he pulled off his shirt, revealing his toned abs. Danielle watched him undressing and let her fingers drift down to her breasts and stomach. She hadn’t had an orgasm in over a week and was extremely horny because of it. Tyler watched her for a moment as her hands explored her upper body before placing his naked torso back on hers and kissing her once more. His lips met hers lightly and his tongue playfully parted her lips. He sucked on her bottom lip and then her top lip sensually.

Danielle moaned again, only this time it was more of a growl from deep in the back of her throat. She spread her legs, still clothed in their jean shorts, underneath him feeling the hard fabric pushing against her moistening pussy. She her hips up to meet his, grinding slowly in a rhythmn against his hard body.

Tyler felt this happening under him and stopped kissing her for a moment. He looked at her and smirked, with an evil glint in his eye.

“I know you want it,” he said slowly, grinding his hips back into hers sending waves of pleasure through her body. Danielle was beginning to feel a familiar tightening in her stomach. “But I want to make you BEG for it,” he said thrusting into her clothed pussy.

After a few moments of this tribbing motion Tyler backed his hips away from Danielle’s. She protested and pushed her hips up to reinitiate the connection, but Tyler denied her this and placed his hands on her ribs before moving them down the sides of her body and stopping at her shorts.

“I think it’s about time these came off,” he whispered as he began to undo her fly. He tugged Danielle’s shorts off her body, once again adding them to the floor, which was quickly becoming a clothes graveyard.

“Nice tan lines,” he said sarcastically, smiling at Danielle.

Oh shit! Danielle thought. She had forgotten about her awful tan lines, the poor outcome of a summer camp counselor. It was apparent that she had been sitting outside in the sun in her shorts for a bit too long. Danielle covered her face with her hands, mortified at how funny her legs must look to him. She curled herself into a little ball with her face pressed into her hands, which were pressed into the side of the couch. Anything to get away from Tyler’s teasing eyes.

“No, now don’t do that,” Danielle heard him whisper into her ear.

He took her hands and kissed them before holding her by her wrists above her head.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” he said smiling. “I adore every bit of you. From your eyes,” he said, kissing Danielle on each eyelid, “to your ears,” he nibbled her earlobes and kissed his way down the line of her jaw, “to your incredibly sexy tan lines.” Tyler pinned Danielle’s hands at her sides and kissed across her thighs, right where her skin changed from the summer induced golden sheen to her natural smooth alabaster color.

Danielle couldn’t help herself and opened her thighs slightly when she felt Tyler’s mouth on her now bare skin. He continued to kiss and lick her inner thighs so Danielle let her leg fall off the couch. Her foot made contact with the floor leaving her hot, wet snatch exposed, covered only by the thin layer of her lace boy shorts.

Tyler was aware of the dampness in her panties as he could see the dark spot that had formed amongst the green lace of her panties. He could hear her ragged breathing that caught in her chest when a moan overcame her and her nipples were quite firm with arousal. She couldn’t be cold because the heat of the summer day was unforgiving. A sheen of sweat was beginning to break on her unclothed chest and Tyler also felt the heat getting to him as well as arousal.

Tyler could wait no longer and took the sprawling Danielle by the hips and pulled her onto his lap. She was facing him, wearing only her panties, straddling his waist. She could feel his hard member through his jeans and began to grind her clit into his bulge. Tyler dropped his head back onto the couch as Danielle placed her hands on his hot, naked chest and took the reins. Her hands rose and feel in time with his breathing.

Danielle reached one of her hands down into the pocket of Tyler’s jeans. Finding what she was looking for she pulled a condom out smiling.

“You really did just come up here for a ride,” she said still gyrating her hips against him.

With that she bit the condom open with her teeth and spat the wrapper out of her mouth and onto the floor. They were going to have to clean up a bit once they both finished. Danielle reached her hands down again only this time she unzipped his fly and pulled out his now throbbing dick. It felt so smooth and warm in her hands as she expertly slipped on the condom. Danielle could feel it jerk a bit every time she touched the head or ran her hands down the full shaft, and she could tell just how excited Tyler was. Danielle then stood up and stripped off her final article of clothing, her now soaked panties, returning to straddling Tyler’s waist completely naked.

A commotion was heard outside the lounge, coming from the direction of the cafeteria, suggesting that lunch was over and the kids were going to be heading to their next activities soon. This was perfect timing for a little nooky as it provided great noise coverage, in case anything got loud.

Right on cue Danielle began teasing Tyler, rubbing her slippery wetness against his condom-clad member, making him groan loudly. She inserted just the head of his stiff penis inside of her a few times, teasing both herself and Tyler before allowing his full length to completely fill her.

“Oh god, finally,” Danielle moaned, clearly satisfied as she began to work Tyler’s hard dick inside of her. She could already feel an orgasm building and they had barely started.

Tyler took this cue and placed his hands on her hips to better guide her movements. Danielle replaced her hands on his chest so that she could have something to push against, as their movement got more intense.

Danielle was pushing her clit against his pelvis as his cock stroked her g-spot. She was getting worked up and could feel the waves of an orgasm begin to run through her. She slowed her hips as a moan escaped her lips. It was a good thing the kids outside were so noisy, the couch was squeaking a fair bit and both Tyler and Danielle were too far gone to realize how loud they were being.

“I’m sorry,” Danielle managed to get out as she slowed down the intensity of their movement, “I’m so horny I’m gonna come too soon.”

“It’s ok, you can come now,” Tyler panted as his hands gripped her hips tighter and pulled her into him.

With every pull from Tyler’s strong hands Danielle’s clit grew more and more sensitive and she could feel her hips begin to move on their own. She was frantically pushing against Tyler’s cock and his pelvis, desperate for her release. Arching her back to get the perfect angle Danielle felt her orgasm building and then it overcame her in a powerful wave. Tyler saw the skin on her chest break into a blush and he felt the walls of her slick, tight pussy spasming around his erect cock.

Tyler couldn’t hold his own orgasm in any longer either. The sight of his best friend naked and riding him as though her life depended on it pushed him over the edge. The condom filled up with his hot sperm as his orgasm sent wave after wave of pleasure through his rock hard member. This was exactly why he had come to visit her, he knew there was no other way to get this kind of pleasure.

They sat there on the couch for a moment, Danielle with her head against Tyler’s shoulder and their naked flesh pressing against the other’s slightly sweaty skin. The only sounds that escaped their mouths now was heavy breathing as they began to breath normally again. Spent from the exertion, they stayed there for only a moment before Danielle forced herself to climb off of Tyler’s lap, locate her clothing from the piles on the floor and begin to dress. She was beginning to remember that she had a job to get back to, and campers that needed attending.

As she was pulling on her t-shirt she felt Tyler’s hand on her hip turning her towards him. She finished slipping on the clothing and threw her arms around his neck. Standing on her toes she locked lips with him fiercely for a moment. She broke their connection and leaned back just enough to look him in the eyes without moving her arms.

“Thanks love,” she said graciously, “for the wild ride.”

With that she kissed his cheek and walked towards the door of the lounge. She made sure to sway her hips a bit extra as she walked away, because she could feel Tyler’s eyes on her ass. As her hand touched the knob of the door she turned just in time to see his eyes reorient themselves to her face.

“So,” Danielle said with a slight giggle, “I’ll see you next week.” And with that she opened the door and walked out.

“If I can even wait that long,” Tyler said to himself, flopping back down onto the couch and beginning to stroke his rehardening prick.

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