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Encounter With a Stranger

A business woman has a wordless encounter with a stranger she meets in her hotel bar.
She looked at him as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Five minutes ago she had been at the hotel bar when he walked up to her and simply mouthed “your room… now”. God only knows what made her do it, but here she was, stripping for him as he sat on the edge of the bed and watched. Though he was still dressed, she could plainly see the bulge in his pants growing larger as he rubbed it with one hand while giving her signals with his other. He indicated for her to remove her skirt next.

As she stood there in her bra and panties, silk stockings and high heels, he smiled at her and motioned for her to spin around slowly. As she finished her turn, she heard his zipper open. When she faced him once again, she gasped at the size of his member. It was enormous. Though she had been with a number of men in her life, he was the largest she had ever seen, both in length and thickness. She began to have doubts on her decision to follow him.

He waggled his finger at her to come closer. When she was directly in front of him, he signaled her to turn around. She felt his hands go to her waist and pull her panties down, letting them fall to her ankles. Even as she trembled, she felt herself getting aroused and wet. He pushed on her back and she bent over slightly, immediately feeling his tongue licking her pussy. She stepped out of her panties with one foot and spread her legs open a bit.

His tongue spread her pussy lips apart and penetrated her pussy. He had his hands on her hips and moved her back and forth, riding on his tongue. It was stiff and long and hard, and she soon felt that familiar feeling rising in her. In less than a minute she had an intense orgasm as he continued fucking her with his mouth. Before she stopped shaking, she felt two fingers penetrate her soaking pussy. As he pushed them in, he twisted and turned them, curling them and tugging as he pulled out. After a few strokes, he pushed in a third finger.

She felt her pussy stretching as he continued twisting, pushing and tugging, and soon had a second orgasm, even more intense than the first one. Her legs were covered with nectar dripping from her pussy. In less than ten minutes, she had gone from sitting in a bar having a drink to having two of the most intense orgasms she had ever had. And with a total stranger who had not yet uttered one word.

As he continued fucking her pussy with one hand, his other pulled her close again and she felt his tongue poke between her cheeks, soon working into her hole. She was not a stranger to anal sex, but something about this had her whole body quivering. His tongue was soon replaced by his thumb, pushing past her ring and deep inside. The combination of the finger action in her pussy and ass soon produced a third orgasm that left her so weak in the legs, she wasn’t sure she could remain standing much longer.

As her orgasm subsided a bit, the stranger removed his hand from her and she felt him pulling her down to his lap. Remembering the size of his cock, she hesitated slightly, but he guided her down with one hand. She felt him rub the head of his member along her slit, covering it with her juices. As he pulled her down further, she felt it penetrating and stretching her pussy. She was amazed at how easily it slid in, and despite her misgivings, she was soon filled with his enormity. His hands went around to her breasts, and began massaging them, pinching her nipples with his fingertips.

He pulled her back towards him and began nuzzling her neck and continued playing with her tits. Though neither he nor she had moved their hips, she felt a fourth orgasm building and soon her pussy was spasming, squeezing and relaxing against his cock. She would never have believed she could have an orgasm just from that. As her shaking subsided, his hands went down to her hips, and he began to slowly lift her up and down along his member until she was riding its full length. She began doing it herself, riding it up and down, feeling her pussy completely filled with each down stroke. Though she tried to speed up her bouncing, feeling the urgency for another climax, his hands on her kept the pace slow.

As she continued sliding up and down his shaft, she felt his thumbs slide between her cheeks again. This time, he pushed both thumbs inside her hole, moving them in and out in time with her bounces. The effect was more than she could handle, and soon she exploded once again with even more intensity than before. After what seemed an eternity, she stopped twitching, but his cock was still very hard, and she could tell he had not yet cum.

Her body felt like a rag doll, and she did not think she could even stand up. She sat there, unable to move, his hard member still filling her pussy, his thumbs stretching her hole open wide. Then his hands went around her waist as he stood up, keeping her riding his member. He turned around and placed her on the edge of the bed. With one hand still on her hips, he used the other to undo his pants and she heard them drop to the floor. He began fucking her, his heavy balls slapping against her on every down stroke.

Though she thought it impossible, his cock was getting even larger and harder, stretching her pussy open wider than it had ever been. It felt even larger than her fist dildo, and sometimes she could barely take that. His pounding was having the desired effect and though she did not think it was possible, her sixth explosion was even more intense than the others. Before she stopped shaking, he pulled out from her pussy and plunged into her ass in one hard stroke, causing her orgasm to continue. He fucked her ass as it had never been fucked before, until she could no longer even hold herself up.

He pulled out of her ass and turned her over. For the first time she got a really good look at him. His balls hung low and heavy with his semen. His cock had to be at least 10 inches long, and she doubted her fingers could get within two inches of touching if she gripped it. It was glistening with her juices and she could see a few drops of precum emerging from the head. He climbed onto the bed and straddled her head, facing her pussy. As he guided the head into her mouth, she wondered how she would ever take much of it in. She opened her mouth wide as he began to slide it in and out.

He leaned over and spread her legs apart, his hard tongue finding her swollen clit. His strokes in her mouth increased in intensity and got deeper with each one. His tongue was doing unbelievable things to her, and her body soon stiffened as the impending explosion neared. As she climaxed for the eighth time, she felt him stiffen and squirt his hot jism into her throat. She tried to keep up with it, swallowing as much as she could; but it was dribbling out the sides of her mouth.

As she lay there on the bed, she watched him get up and put his pants back on. The bulge was still quite large as he zipped up and she wondered if he would try to hide it as he walked out the door without a word. As the door closed, she glanced at the clock. It had been just a bit over an hour since they left the bar. He had not uttered one word, but had given her the most intense sexual experience of her life.

When she could finally move, she showered and dressed. Returning to the bar, she scoured the crowded room for him, but did not spot him. She would never know who this mysterious stranger was.

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