Erica - The Best Way To Say Goodbye!

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Saying goodbye to a lovely woman who's about to emigrate!
I've long fancied Erica, ever since I saw her dropping off her children at school a few years ago. She's in her 40's and we've often met since and socialised occasionally, politely kissing on the cheeks. I saw her on Thursday at the Rugby Club. She was wearing a white sweat shirt and skin tight leggings!

We meet at the Rugby Club by chance in the middle of the training pitch. I slip my arm around her slim waist and we kiss politely on the cheeks as usual. We talk briefly - she's moving to NZ soon and I ask about that.

Then out of the blue she tells me to meet her in 5mins the other side of the pine trees. I ask why and she just says she's got something for me.

5 minutes later I subtly cut through the narrow line of trees and there she is.
"What's this all about?" I ask with genuine curiosity.
"I thought you'd like to say goodbye to me properly before I go to NZ," she smiles and looks into my eyes.

She slips her arms around me and draws me towards her. We kiss for the first time on the lips and its not long before our tongues are exploring each others mouth. Ericas hand moves to my crotch and she starts to rub me gently.

My hands immediately move to her small tits and fondle them. I slip my hand underneath her sweatshirt and slip her bra up over her tits and roll her nipples between my fingers.

Erica then slides to her knees and quickly removes my trousers, saying that she needs to be quick as her daughter is in the car waiting for her. She then promptly opens her mouth and takes my still limp cock straight in. In a matter of seconds I grow in her mouth to full size and she gags slightly but continues to give me great head. Its wonderful to see my entire length disappear into her hot wet mouth. With both hands on my waist Erica skillfully licks the head of my throbbing cock and takes all of me very slowly in and out of her mouth, savouring every inch.

As I put my hands onto her head Erica instantly knows I want to control the rythmn. She holds me in her mouth and allows me to push her head away and then slowly pull her back towards me... Deeper and deeper until I'm fully in. Holding on to the back of her hair I fuck her mouth until I feel by balls twitching.

I pull out and pull her up, kissing her passionately and slipping my hands to her side. I pull down her leggings, her knickers coming down too and I push her up against the tree. I slip my hand between her legs - she lifts one leg and I hold it up whilst my other hand rubs her very wet pussy. Fingering her hard and quickly, she pants and her breathing becomes much heavier.

"I need you to fuck me now" Erica demands, "we need to be quick!"

I don't need asking again. She turns to face the tree and leans forward offering her firm arse to me. I give her shaved cunt a final hard rub before I position myself behind her and nuzzle my rock hard dick against her pussy lips. Erica let's out a quiet groan as I enter her. The heat of her pussy is intense against the wind and the cooling night air. I hold myself inside her and reach forward to fondle her tits before I start to give her the goodbye fuck she wants.

I need to be quick... Quicker than I want to be seeing this is the only chance I'll ever get to fuck her. I start to pump my cock into her, slowly at first but getting faster all the time. The sound of my thighs smacking against her arse sounds deafening - the boys are only about 25 metres away doing rugby drills.

"Yes" she says with gritted teeth each time I thrust into her tight cunt. "Yes, yes, yes..."

I can't hold back - time is of the essence as Erica tells me to fuck her harder and faster and when I'm ready to cum to tell her. I give her everything I've got, ramming my cock into her tight pussy and almost lifting her off the ground.

"I'm going to cum" I grunt and as quick as a flash Erica spins around and down to her knees.
"All over my face" she commands and I obey, jerking myself off in her mouth, jets of hot sticky white cum splattering over her lips, nose, eyes and forehead, even in her hair.

Erica takes me for one final time into her mouth and sucks me clean.

She quickly gets to her feet, dresses and kissing me on the cheek, says goodbye.

"If you're ever in NZ..."

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