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Everything I Ever Wanted

Lizzie finally gets what she dreamed of, a night with basketball star Austin Worthington.
I was just like every average 18 year old girl at my school. Senior year was flying by and we all had only one thing on our mind: Austin Worthington.

He was the school's star basketball player. He had the rocking abs every girl was totally crazy about. He had the sandy brown hair that slightly hung in his eyes, and he had perfected the hair flip. He even had those dreamy greenish blue eyes that you could stare into all day. He had everything.

I was the girl hidden in the corner. I kept my face tucked away behind the curly curtains of flame red hair. my blue eyes never really looked up from my feet, even though I wasn't shy. I didn't exactly have a 'rocking' body, but I knew guys stared. I could feel them looking when I walked by, and I could't blame them.

The summer before senior year, I had really changed. I had let my hair grow out to almost untamable length. The growth of my confidence had caught up with the growth speed of my breasts and my bum. I was finally what I considered to be a lady, and I could tell my fellow guy class mates could tell.

Well, all of them except Austin. And he was the only one I cared about.

It was just a normal Friday in basketball season. Living in north Florida meant that this was also rainy season, which I would admit, I wasn't thrilled about. Have you ever tried to tame curly hair in the rain? Yeah, it's because it doesn't happen.

The final bell had just dismissed us. I was driving down the road in my beat up old red Mustang, jamming out to Simple Plan when I saw it. 'It' being my golden opportunity.

Austin's blue truck was parked on the side of the road with his four ways on. I ran my fingers through my hair and pulled up besides him where he was busy looking under the hood.

The rain was slanting in at a perfect angle, soaking my seats and me, but I didn't care. This could be my golden opportunity, my one in a million chance, and I couldn't miss it.

"Hey, do you need a ride?" I asked cautiously.

Austin looked up, hitting his head on the hood of his truck.

"Shit! Oh... Crap, sorry, didn't mean to swear in front of you."

We both laughed nervously. This wasn't going exactly how I had imagined in my head. Our first conversation was going down the drain. Actually that didn't describe it; the correct term would be up in flames. This conversation was on fire, but the wrong kind of fire.

"Um, so... What's wrong with your truck?" I asked.

Austin ran a hand through his damp hair and I almost melted. Could he be any hotter?

I answered my own question with a yes. Austin Worthington could be much hotter. My hormones agreed completely, as they were kicking into over drive. I was turning into a sex crazed teenager right in front of him, and I could only hope it wouldn't be to obvious to him.

"Heck if I know. It's never done something like this before," he said upset.

I took a small breath before I dared to ask the question out loud.

"Do you need a ride somewhere? I could take you home, or to the car repair shop downtown if you want," I said, tacking on a brave smile at the end.

He smiled and closed the hood. Without saying a word, he grabbed his backpack and climbed into my front seat. Taking that as a yes, I pulled away from the side of the road and started heading downtown before I realized I had no idea where I was going.

"Where to?" I asked shyly.

"Just right ahead. I live right on the other side of town," Austin said. "Ya know, you're a real life saver right? I would've been stuck there forever. My phone died and I wasn't walking anywhere until the rain stopped. It's this house right here," he said pointing.

I swerved into the driveway and parked my car. Austin didn't make a move to get out though, and soon an awkward silence fell over us. I began to panic. Not again! I could not endure another awkward moment with Austin Worthington! Everyone at school would torture me, the girl who can't speak in front of her crush. It wasn't the title I really wanted for the rest of my senior year.

Right before I got the courage to open my mouth and say something, Austin spoke up.

"Do you wanna come inside?" he asked quickly.

"I'd love to," I said with a smile as I turned off my car.

I followed Austin inside. His house was really nice. I had heard his parents both had really good jobs, that his mom was a lawyer and his dad was a well known surgeon. But I had also heard that they were hardly ever home, which is why most of the weekend parties were at Austin's house.

I looked around for his parents, only to come to the conclusion that they weren't there. My breathing instantly changed. I was alone, with Austin, in his house. Who had ever thought that this day would come? Thank you gods!

"Do you want something to drink?" Austin suddenly asked.

I was broken out of my train of thought, and just nodded my head. I knew I looked like an idiot and that I needed to get my shit together. Austin would never speak to me again if he thought I was some kind of mute.

I followed him into the kitchen and leaned up against the island as he poured me a glass of water. When he handed it to me and our fingers brushed, a shot of electricity ran through my body and my knees buckled. Luckily, Austin caught me before I gracefully face planted into his kitchen floor.

I looked up at him and was caught off guard by his eyes.

"Thanks," I whispered.

I cursed myself at how breathy and weak I sounded. That wasn't attractive to a guy like Austin! He needed someone daring and sexy and brave, and so the opposite of what I was. Or at least that was what I thought, until he reacted to my one simple breathy word.

He instantly crushed his lips to mine. There was fierceness in his kiss, like he couldn't cover enough of my mouth fast enough. I felt the glass slip from my hands, felt the water splash all over my feet, heard the glass shatter, but I didn't care. I was being kissed by none other than Austin Worthington, and I was going to soak up every minute of it before he realized who he was kissing.

He pulled away and I waited for the blow. Waited for him to tell me that it was time to leave, that I couldn't tell anyone what had just happened. But that wasn't what came out of his mouth at all.

"You're amazing, Lizzie. I have been waiting so long to kiss you. You have no idea," he admitted sheepishly.

I blushed. Now this was what I wanted to hear!

"Really?" I asked shyly.

I was shocked when my voice came out seductive sounding. Austins eyes grew wide and he pulled me against his solidly built chest.

"I want you so bad, Lizzie. Tell me you want me, too. Please tell me that you want me." He was practically begging.

I liked the feeling of power I had over him. I felt in control of the situation, and I loved it. I looked up at him and smiled.

"I want you, Austin. I want you so, so bad," I said.

I barely got out the last word before he attacked my lips again. A small moan escaped my mouth, and his grip on my waist tightened. He pushed me back into the counter, slowly sliding us down and away from the pile of broken glass on the floor.

"Aren't you going to clean that up?" I asked, gesturing.

"I'll get it later," he said right before our lips connected again.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and he picked me up, gripping my thighs and squeezing tightly. I leaned my head back as he started to kiss and suck on my neck and jaw line. He really was more amazing than I thought he would be, and my body could barely take it. I could feel how dripping wet my pussy was. I needed him inside me. I didn't want to take our time getting to know each other. The urge and the need for some hot raw sex was taking over my body, turning me practically into an animal.

"I need you... Now!" I snarled.

Austin looked at me, shock and awe passing over his face. Finally, desire won over and he smiled, licking his lips slowly.

"We can go up to my room?" he offered.

I shook my head no. It was too far. I needed him now. I reached down and un-buttoned my jeans.

"Here. Now. Please Austin, I can't wait much longer," I whimpered.

Before my hands reached my zipper, he had me sitting on the counter. He expertly undid the rest of my buttons and the zipper on my high waisted jeans and slipped them off. As soon as they hit the floor, it seemed like his shorts were lying there to. That was when I could clearly see his member standing at attention through his boxers, and it was enough to drive me over the edge.

Austin looked down at my lace thong and smiled.

"What?" I asked.

Even in my hormonal state, I was beginning to get self conscious.

"I just never thought that you of all people would be such a naughty little girl," he said, slightly tugging on my hair.

A loud moan escaped my lips as he brushed his finger against my clit while slipping off my thong.

"That's it, baby girl. Moan for me. I wanna hear how good I make you feel," Austin whispered in my ear.

He began slowly pumping his fingers in and out of my pussy, while his other thumb was busy rubbing away at my achingly sensitive clit. I could feel my back arching out of pure bliss, but this wasn't what I needed. I needed him inside me. I needed his cock pumping away at my tight little pussy.

"Austin please!" I almost screamed.

He looked up at me. A wicked smile was plastered across his lips. The little devil knew exactly what he was doing.

"Please what, Lizzie?" he asked.

He slipped his finger in extra hard, barely hitting my g-spot. I moaned and he pulled his finger out.

"Say it, Lizzie. Please what?"

"Please fuck me, Austin! Please! Fuck me hard!" I yelled.

That was all the encouragement he really needed. He stood up, pulled his boxers off and lined himself up with my entrance. I bucked my hips towards him in impatience. He was taking forever! I was ready for him now, and I didn't want to wait anymore. I had waited for this moment for long enough, and now that it was here, I just wanted it to happen before I woke up and realized it had all just been a horrible nightmare.

He slowly pushed his rock hard member into my pussy, and we both moaned at the sensation.

"Fuck, Liz, your so damn tight!" Austin grunted.

I smiled. He liked it.

He started pumping in and out slowly, but after a couple minutes he picked up the pace. I could feel myself getting closer to the point of sweet release. I could feel it building, storing up and waiting for the best possible moment to blow. Austin could feel my walls starting to clench, and so he started pumping in and out even faster. I could see the sweat running down his face and neck, and I could feel my own sweat on my back. This moment was probably the best work out of my life.

"Cum for me, baby," Austin gently whispered in my ear.

His simple words sent me over the edge. I tumbled head first over the side of the cliff into an ocean of pure and sweet bliss. I could barely hear my own moans over the rushing of blood behind my ears as my body contorted in pleasure.

I felt Austin shoot his load into me, and then seconds later he pulled out and wrapped his arms around me. He was gently rubbing my clit, prolonging my orgasm. I thought it would never stop, not that I wanted it to. My whole body was shaking.

Austin rubbed my back and kept going 'shh' to try and get me to calm down. After a couple of minutes, it worked.

I looked up at him slowly. He was looking right back at me with a look of wonder on his face. It was a look no guy had ever given me before when we got done having sex. It made me feel vulnerable but safe, worried but perfectly content, and it just made me extremely happy.

"What?" I asked, laughing a little.

"Nothing Liz, your just beautiful. Your mine now, ok? Only mine," Austin declared.

My heart soared. This was everything I had ever wanted.

"Ready for round two?" he asked with a wink.

I got up and followed him to his bedroom. This was going to be a long night.

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