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I hear the front door slam shut and then the spluttering sound of my Mother’s car starting, almost begrudgingly to my ears, eventually pulling off the drive and out onto the road. I clench my fist and let of a loud squeal of joy, at last she has gone.

It’s taken a lot of planning to get her out of the way for the day as she never seems to want to go anywhere anymore. I eventually persuaded my Aunt to call her and ask her to go out to a local retail park to do some clothes shopping. The two of them don’t always get along too well so I am relieved they are still on speaking terms as today approached.

There is nothing nasty or malicious in my plan; I just want to do something nice for her as a surprise. Our house is beginning to look a little shabby, and as I recently received a bonus from work, I decided to spend it on getting a couple of rooms spruced up as a thank you to her.

The obvious man for the job, was a no-brainer – my next door neighbour, Shane has his own decorating and renovation company, so I made arrangements with him and found a day when he and his team would be available to do the work.

Apart from keeping the work local, there was another reason I chose to use Shane, and it has nothing to do with his professional skills. I’ve had a major thing for him for well over a year now. I often look out of my bedroom window on summer’s days to watch him sunbathing in his garden, ogling his bulging muscles, and the large looking package in his shorts.

I don’t normally go for older men, but Shane is an exception to the rule. He has dark brown hair and amazing brown eyes too. He also has the right mix of cheeky and charming, and such a dirty laugh. I just know if the situation ever arose, he would be a filthy fuck.

My thoughts are now firmly on Shane, imagining what he would be wearing, how he would smell and what he would think of my outfit for today. Thinking of him looking at me with lustful intentions made my pussy tingle slightly, and as I had a few minutes spare I decided to pay it some attention. My middle finger touching my clit gently as I glided the middle finger of my other hand gently inside my already moist vagina.

I was so horny that after just a few minutes I felt the tingle of orgasm rippling through me as I continued to play with myself, the feeling quickly built and my orgasm was long and satisfying After taking a few minutes coming back down to earth I decided to shower, and slip into the afore mentioned outfit for the day – a red skimpy low cut vest top and ever so tight sky blue denim shorts which fitted very snugly over my ass and pussy.

I give myself a look in the full length mirror and must admit I don’t leave too much to the imagination today, glad that my curves are being accentuated by the tightness of my clothes. I’m sure Shane won’t be able to resist me, especially with my Mother out of the way.

I glance at the clock and gasp, he is due any minute now ! I give my make up one last touch up, and a final brush of my hair and then I’m good to go, literally skipping down the stairs and into the kitchen to await the arrival of my man.

I start to get worried after half an hour when he didn’t arrive, I couldn’t bear to think that he was going to let me down, not when I’ve made an effort to look so slutty for him, and apart from anything else I am so, so horny today.

Eventually he arrives with his team in tow, a bonus is that quite a few of them are very hunky too, this is going to be a great day.

“Sorry Moira, one of the lads had a bit of a late night and wasn’t ready when I went to pick him up.”

“Not to worry, Shane. You’re here now.”

The team all gather in the kitchen and I immediately feel a little exposed, with seven sets of eyes all over my body, or so it seems. I don’t mind, in fact I get quite aroused by it.

“Well Moira, first rule is no work gets done until we’ve all had a cuppa. So get the kettle on.”

“Okay, no problem, Shane.”

I turn away to fill up the kettle and put it on to boil, allowing them all to take in my ass and legs now. Over the slight hum of the kettle boiling I can half hear mumbled comments behind me, but one lad isn’t quite as subtle.

‘Look at the arse on her, she’d definitely get it’

I feel myself redden, not believing he just said that so loudly. So many dirty thoughts run through my head, imagining how much fun I could have with so many cocks. I try and switch my mind off, and concentrate on making the tea. But I can feel the tingle in my pussy, which makes it even harder. I know I’m not going to make it through the day without having to touch myself again.

I hand out the tea and again notice every one of the men is either eying up my tits or bum, which makes me even more turned on. I decide to make my excuses and leave them to get started, making my way to the bathroom and quickly locking the door. Within seconds I have my shorts down and bring myself off to another quick yet powerful orgasm.

Eventually, once I had calmed myself down I make my way back downstairs to watch the crew at work. The two rooms they are renovating are the lounge and my Mother’s bedroom. I am in heaven as I watch several beefy men getting all hot and sweaty in the humidity of the day. I swear I am on heat today as once again I can feel my nipples tingle and harden and a little moisture in my pussy. I secretly hope Shane notices my hard nipples poking through my skimpy top.

Things progress quickly and it looks like we are going to be done ahead of time. The lounge looks stunning, and the makeover team have done an amazing job in such limited constraints, I haven’t seen the bedroom yet, but I’m sure it will be amazing.

The air is suddenly filled by a long and terrifying shriek of pain; one of the team had slipped with an electric drill and bored into his hand. I’m in shock as I see blood flowing from the wound at a rapid rate, and I feel decidedly queasy. One of the team brings me out of my trance, screaming for me to get some towels to wrap around the hand. I snap myself out of my stupor and grab a handful of towels from the drawer and hand them over, feeling as though I’m going to throw up at any second.

Everything grinds to a halt as the crew first aider tends to the wounded man, desperately trying to stem the flow of blood, which is turning towel after towel from white to red.

I can’t take much more of this, I need a glass of water, but with all the work I can’t get to the kitchen sink. I decide to run upstairs to the bathroom for a drink and a sit down. I eventually calm myself down and get myself together.

I decide to take a peek in the renovated bedroom, the upstairs team have completely finished the room and again it looks stunning and exceptionally modern. My Mother will love it, well at least I hope she does, and anyway it’s too late if she doesn’t!

I was so absorbed taking in all of the new features that I failed to hear Shane enter the room, he takes me by surprise, running his smooth hand along my bare shoulder.

“Good huh? We’ve pulled out all the stops on this one, Moira. Your Mom will love it.

I find myself a flustered mess in his presence, how does he turn me to jelly so easily?

“Y-Yes err, errmm, it’s amazing, Shane.”

His deep brown eyes fix intently on mine, looking me up and down.

“You’ve caused quite a stir amongst the lads today, Moira. They are all finding it hard to concentrate when you’re walking around with your tits and ass on show. Truth be told, It has been a struggle for me too.”

I’m quite taken aback by Shane’s words, but I must admit it gives be a kick knowing all of the team, but especially him have been checking out my body so intently. Not for the first time today I find myself blushing.

“Err, well, err, thanks Shane.”

Without further warning his hand brushes across my left breast, lingering on my erect nipple for a few seconds, making me gulp hard and my breath shorten.

“I want you, Moira, have done for ages. I really need to fuck you, and this is the perfect time, with your Mom out of the way.”

He moves in closer and kisses my neck gently as his hand moves from my breast and down over the crotch of my tight shorts, which makes me groan in pure pleasure. I honestly cannot believe what is happening here, the man I have fancied for a long time and masturbated over so many times is now touching my body and telling me he wants me, I must be in some kind of wonder land.

His fingers work on the button of my shorts and he soon has his hand inside them, and indeed my tiny knickers. I feel his middle finger working along the groove of my slit. If I wasn’t already wet, I certainly am now. The pleasure his touch brings is quite exquisite.

“Jesus, you’re so wet for me aren’t you, Moira? You want me don’t you?”

I cannot speak, simply nodding in agreement.

He withdraws his finger to my great disappointment, but to my delight he moves his finger to his mouth to taste my pussy.

“Mmm, nice baby, real nice.”

“Thank you Shane, your finger felt so good in my pussy.”

“Take your clothes off you dirty little bitch. I’m going to lock the door, and then I’m going to fuck that tight little pussy of yours.”

I don’t think I’ve ever got naked so quickly, I’m out of my clothes before he’s even locked the door. As he clicks the lock and turns back around I can clearly see the slanting ridge of his hardening cock in his jeans, it looks much bigger than it used to when I used to spy on him sunbathing.

He nonchalantly unbuttons his jeans and out pops his three quarter erect penis, easily already six inches and growing.

He looks at me and smiles.

“Bet you never thought you’d be getting it on with your next door neighbour when you got up this morning did you, Moira?”

“Well I did actually.”

“Well aren’t you a dirty little bitch. Looks can be deceiving, you always seem so goody goody.”

“I knew you liked me, you’re always staring at my tits and bum.”

“Well, perhaps I do, guilty as charged. Now, enough chatting, get your hands on my prick and jack me off.”

I do as he asks, gladly. His cock is quite dark skinned, and uncircumcised. I gently wrap my hand around his girth and slowly start to wank him off. He gasps as I pull his foreskin back and touch his swollen glans, his face is a picture.

I have him fully hard in no time at all, his penis is deliciously long and thick and I want to taste it so badly, but Shane has other ideas, pushing me down onto my hands and knees roughly, moving me so I am in position in front of the mirror.

“You can watch yourself as I fuck you, Moira. I’m too good to you.”

He roughly pushes my legs wider apart, and I feel a complete wanton slut, and I love it. I want him so badly, and I can feel that my pussy is absolutely drenched.

Shane quickly removes his jeans and boxer shorts, and shirt. I marvel at his amazing physique, wanting his cock inside me more than I’ve ever wanted anything, ever.

“Fuck me please, please, right now.”

“You dirty bitch. You’re going to let me fuck you in your Mother’s new room.”

“Yes, yes I am. I don’t care, I need you inside me.”

He playfully slaps my bum, making it wobble a little. I look up into the mirror and see him behind me, feeling the head of his thick penis penetrating me slowly, making me gasp in pleasure.

“Ohh fuck yes, it’s so big, Shane.”

“I know babe, I know.”

His hands grip my hips and he pushes deeper inside me with considerable force, gone is the gentleness that he started with.

My vagina is so wet, it makes a delicious slurping sound as he screws me hard and fast on the floor. I look into the mirror again and see his face screwed in concentration as he fucks me deep and fast, I can see he is beginning to sweat in the summer heat.

“Umm yes Shane, your cock feels so nice inside me. Fuck me harder.”

He is absolutely pounding me now, his thumb rubbing my clit as he goes. My body is a twitching, gibbering wreck and I’m completely under his spell.

“You’re one dirty girl, Moira. And your little pussy is so tight. I knew it would be.”

I arch my back and raise my bum a little, allowing him to take me even deeper. Judging by his grunting and breathing, he isn’t going to last much longer. In truth, neither am I. The combination of being fucked so hard along with his skilful finger work are driving me to the edge of a huge orgasm.

“Ohhmmm yes, yes, yes. I’m gonna shoot inside you, Moira.”

I gasp, feeling my own climax approaching, looking into the mirror. I want to see my face and his as we both come.

Our orgasms crash in together, and the noise we are making must be audible in the next street, let alone to the crew downstairs. I feel incredible as I come, and then to feel Shane flood my pussy with his come, and then pull his cock out and shoot the rest all over my back is a moment I’ll never forget, ever.

As we regain our composure there is a knock at the door, it’s Shane’s second in command, Robbie.

“Err are you two finished now. Only Moira’s Mom has just pulled up onto the driveway.”

We both scramble back into our clothes as quickly as we can and make our way back downstairs sheepishly. It’s a real walk of shame as the whole team must have been able to hear what we were up to. There are a few frowning, but to be fair a few also trying hard to hide smiles. I frankly couldn’t care less, it’s not every day that you get to have no strings sex with someone you’ve wanted for ages.


My Mother’s face was an absolute dream when we revealed the surprise makeover. She was especially taken by her new look bedroom. I had to smile to myself when we showed her around, knowing less than an hour earlier I had been on all fours in front of her new mirror being fucked senseless by Shane and his massive cock.

“Ohh, it looks like there’s a lot of work gone into this, Shane.”

“Oh believe me, Helen when I tell you the pleasure was all mine.”

I smile awkwardly as he winks at me whilst delivering the words.

“You’ve done such a marvellous job, Shane. I’ll have to get you back in to do Moira’s bedroom, it could do with a lick of paint.”

Shane’s eyes meet mine, we probably both think the same - it won’t just be the walls getting a licking.

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