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Express Delivery

This was one package she was happy to receive.
Damn it, she was late again. Would there ever be a time that she wasn’t running between twenty minutes to an hour behind for pretty much everything? Lisa thought to herself in frustration as she stood in front of her bathroom mirror hurriedly applying the finishing touches to her mascara.

She slid her burgundy lipstick over her lush lips and pressed them together to ensure an even coat. She was replacing the cap when the doorbell rang. Ugh! Of course. Just one more delay to ensure that she would never make it to the conference. Without thought to how she was dressed, she stomped downstairs to answer the door.

Standing on her front porch was a Greek god. At six foot four with sandy brown hair cut close, a lean muscular build, and light golden eyes, she couldn’t reconcile the Fex Ex uniform with its wearer. His name tag read Phillip, and at present, his jaw was hanging open at the sight of her.

Lisa had a statuesque build, tall and lean and elegant. Her auburn locks were pulled into a sweeping chignon to display the graceful column of her throat. Her aqua eyes were snapping fire as she stood in nothing but a matching black lace bra and thong with a sassy garter belt supporting the filmy black stockings she wore.

“Can I help you?” She demanded irritably.

“Uhhh, ehem. Yeah.” He stammered awkwardly. “You need to sign.” He held the signature pad out to her. “There’s a lot, where do you want me to put it?”

She stepped aside, holding the door open wider as she handed him back the signature device, “Over on the kitchen table is fine.”

A chilly breeze finally alerted Lisa to her state of dress as goose bumps erupted along her bared flesh. Glancing down at herself, she gasped in horrified shock. Her head snapped back up and her eyes locked with his, her cheeks aflame. Phillip chuckled a little, one corner of his mouth quirking slightly, coaxing out a single charming dimple.

As they stared at each other, Lisa felt heat begin to pool at her center and it occurred to her just then how long it’d been since she’d been with anyone. And shit she was horny. The flush in her cheeks took on a new tone as shocked embarrassment slowly turned into desire.

Phillip watched her closely as the emotions shifted like desert sands across her face to finally settle on what was clearly attraction. He felt himself stirring. He stepped inside and gently closed the door behind him. Then facing her once more, he lifted one brow in question before leaning in to capture her lips. The kiss started out quiet, questioning. But as her scent teased his nostrils, sweet with a hint of musk, he deepened it until it was demanding and hot.

She wrapped her arms around him then, one hand cupping the back of his head pulling him closer, the other reaching around to learn the contours of the ass she hadn’t yet had the pleasure of seeing. Her head spun from the intensity of the kiss and she felt the lace between her thighs dampen with her arousal. Her nipples hardened almost painfully and strained against the thin cups of her bra.

Phillip slid his palm from Lisa’s hip up her side to cup her breast and tease the taught nipple with the pad of his thumb. She moaned in response while her tongue continued to explore every curve and contour of his mouth. They feasted on each other like the starving as he gripped her hips tightly and pulled her snug against his hard cock.

Delirious with need, she tore at his shirt, hastily pulling at buttons trying to get at his bare chest. He backed her up against the wall, pulling one of her legs up to wrap around his waist. He rubbed his hard member against her soft mound, building their mutual arousal while he pulled away from her mouth to drag lips and tongue down the tender flesh of her throat.

She leaned her head back, allowing him better access as she pushed his shirt off his shoulders. Her fingers kneaded the firm musculature of his shoulders, reveling in the feel of his smooth skin. She wanted him. She couldn’t believe how much. With this stranger, this delicious god of sensuality, she was wonton in a way she’d never been before in her life. She hopped up to wrap her other leg around his waist so that he now was supporting her weight between himself and the wall behind her.

When she wrapped her other leg around him, Phillip adjusted so that he was holding her with one hand, and with the other he could unfasten his pants, freeing his aching member. She rained heated kisses over his face and jawline, dragging her tongue to trace the curvature of his ear, her hot breath setting him aflame.

“Now. Hurry, please! I need you inside me now!” She panted in desperation.

Reaching down between them, she pulled the small scrap of fabric away from her now dripping pussy to give him access. Growling deep in the back of his throat, he slid inside her wet heat. When he was completely sheathed, he pulled out until just the tip was still inside her before pounding into her relentlessly.

He was thick and he was long and her neglected hole gripped him tightly. He filled her so completely, better than anyone before him. She kissed him hungrily and gripped him fiercely with her legs urging him on as he thrust in and out, in and out. She slid her fingers between them once more to flick her swollen little nub.

His hands gripped her firm ass cheeks while he plunged inside her. He slid one hand further beneath her to lightly tease at the puckered entrance to her nether hole just massaging it with the pad of his finger. Then breaking away from her mouth he dipped his head to capture her distended nipple between his teeth and laved it with his tongue through the filmy fabric.

He felt her body respond as her pussy convulsed on his thick cock. He couldn’t believe how good she felt. She was tight as a virgin. Her inner walls pulled him in deep and valiantly attempted to keep him there on his down thrusts, monumentally increasing his pleasure.

Pulling away from the wall, Phillip laid Lisa down on the floor where he pushed her legs up over his shoulders and penetrated her deeper still. Still rubbing her clit she felt her orgasm building. With this deeper angle, he was hitting her g-spot with each thrust. Every muscle in her body was as taught as piano wire.

Sensing her climax, Phillip increased the tempo of his thrusts. “That’s it, cum for me. Let me hear you cum gorgeous.”

“YEEEES!!! Oh GOD!” She screamed as wave after devastating wave of climax crashed over her.

Feeling his own climax building, he pulled out and began to stroke himself. When she’d caught her breath, she saw him trying to finish himself off. Sitting up, she wrapped her lips around him and tasted herself. Sliding all the way down until his head was touching the back of her throat, she worked him with her whole mouth, urging him to finish.

Her mouth was as much heaven as her pussy, and as he watched her swallow him whole, he knew he’d be done in mere moments. His body tensed, his balls pulled tight against him and finally he felt the throbbing of his own climax. Growling like a feral beast, he spilled his seed into her willing mouth.

When the last spasm wracked him, Lisa swallowed his cum. Sitting back on her heels, she wiped her mouth and grinned up at Phillip. Then standing together, she held her hand out to him.

“I’m Lisa, it’s nice to meet you.”

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