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Fancy dress fun

Dressed as a Barbarian and Warrior Princess they make out at a fancy dress party
A well-off friend of mine held a fancy dress party last summer on his parents' large estate that was themed as 'Warriors and Amazons'. As I am vainly proud of my body and as it was a hot and humid day I turned up in just a loincloth, fluffy barbarian-like boots and a big silver sword. Many of our girl friends are very attractive and thanks to the scorching weather wore very little, many coming as Xena or her cute sidekick. I must have been half-stock under my loincloth most of the evening, earning me with looks of both lust and disgust alike. Booze flowed freely and the evening gave way to couples finding shady nooks and corners to make out in—adding to the already sexually charged atmosphere.

I ended up sitting on a secluded bench with a Xena-wannabe who was well up for acting the part. Earlier that evening she had challenged me to a sword fight. Her costume echoed my own revealing her tight abdomen, tight athletic thighs and fabulous breasts. We settled down to some deep talking and her hand finally settled just above my left knee. Her light touch immediately set my 'light sleeper' on fire, pushing up against the material of my loincloth. Her hand continued its course along my thigh then moved up to my abs and chest. She was loving her journey tracing her fingers through the ridges of muscle there—my lust become almost painful.

My own hand found her thigh and I savored her almost frictionless soft skin and loved the feeling of the firm muscle beneath; I later found out she was a gym instructor. We kissed there, touching each other's bodies. My now fully-erect member was nearly bursting out to be touched. Luckily as I cupped her now exposed breasts she pulled the string on the side of my loin cloth and it fell away letting me free. Her hand worked along the length wiping the dew at the end into the head making it all slick and wet. I groaned softly watching her work on me.

Our kisses were passionate and our tongues flicked in and out of each other's mouths. Now and then as I stroked a nipple or stroked her thigh in the right way, she would softly moan into my mouth, pushing me further into ecstasy. As much as I loved the feeling of her hand, I stopped her and laid her down along the bench. I lifted the flap of her loin cloth to reveal tiny white panties, almost translucent, soaked with her juices. With her nearside leg over my shoulder I nuzzled up inside her thigh to her moist sex lips, tearing at the panties with my teeth. The heady scent of her almost involuntarily draw my tongue out to lap at her with my tongue. I could see over her tight abdomen her hand working at her nipples, flicking and rolling them in her fingers. We were like that for what felt for ever, but the soft noises she made at my tongue's touches kept me going.

Finally she announced in breathless matter of fact tones that she was going to come and if I wanted to fuck her to "Hurry up!" I didn't need any encouragement, so I pulled her up and lent her over the side of the bench so her elbows rested on the seat and her ass stuck up at me. Both naked, in only our mock fur boots, I fished a rubber out of my boot and eased my hard rod into her. I can still picture my dick disappearing between those well-formed cheeks and the waves of pleasure it sent through my body.

I started with long firm strokes—it felt great—there was almost no resistance as I plunged in and out. My hand touching her body where I could. I could feel the walls of her snatch tighten as her breathing became ragged.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" she panted. She looked back over her shoulder at me open mouthed, like in some porn set, her hand wandering to my thigh. I started strong and short little thrusts, maxing the stimulation to my head between her lips. I let myself go almost rupturing my Jonny in the process.

We stood there for a while panting and bodies slick with sweat. We got our costumes back on and headed for the pool to wash off. All I got was her first name and some great memories.
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