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Figure Skating

Sometimes watching TV together can be quite exciting...
I am most fortunate. I’m married to an extremely sexual man. I love his fiery passion and the fact that he just can’t get enough, though at times he gets going at the most inopportune times. After so many years of marriage I think that it is pretty phenomenal that we are still going so strong. I must say that part of the reason for our success is how we attend to each other. Take last Saturday for example. We were in the den watching TV. To be more accurate, he was watching the tube and I was in the midst of doing several chores - that’s what I do on Saturdays - and was catching a little of the show in between the laundry and other stuff.

Like so many other women, I enjoy watching figure skating. My man loves it. It’s not the sport itself, it is the young, hard bodies that dance seductively on the screen before him that holds his attention. Well this particular day was no exception. One woman after another was gliding across the ice, muscular tan legs splayed wide open, baring their ‘panties’ and rounded perfect asses for all to see. Damn, they even had an effect on me. But on Mark, well his cock was straining his pants from the very first performer. As I walked back and forth from the room I could see he was getting closer and closer to soiling his shorts.

The kids had been playing, running from room to room throughout the house. I figured I had to do something to help the old boy out.

“Hey Becky, can you do me a favor? Can I send the kids down to your house for a couple of hours? Yeah, we need some ‘us’ time. Thanks so much. They’re on their way!” I hung up the phone and prepared the kids to visit our neighbors some eight doors down.

As the last of kids walked out the front door, I went and freshened up a bit and put on a little more desirable ensemble. Just so you know I am quite the looker. I am 34 years old and have always been quite the athlete. I have remained in excellent shape my whole life long.

“Uh, you’re a little bit swollen down there buddy,” I said as I walked back into the den and sat down next to him. He looked me over real good, apparently liking what he saw. I put on my USC cheer leading skirt, off-white pleats with crimson trim and matching shiny off-white panties. I must say I looked stunning. I topped it off with a very sexy blouse.

“I know, I know. Sorry Kate but these tight flexible bodies are driving me crazy!” he said as he put his hand on my upper thigh. He was getting even hotter as he began sliding his hand up towards my panties, which for some reason was rapidly growing quite wet.

“There’s no need to say your sorry Mark. If you weren’t hard while looking at them it would mean your heart wasn’t beating anymore.”

I quickly got up and started to walk out again, not because of the chores this time, but for the effect. The tiny skirt clinged perfectly to my tight body. My gathered blouse that I tied mid-abs and wore without a bra looked just as sexy. No curve, no appendage was hidden from his view. My nipples subtly screamed through the fabric. He noticed; believe me he noticed. Just before exiting the room, I bent down and picked up a kid’s toy right in front of the flat screen. The sight of my tight ass straining the panties made him even harder.

“Hey, come back in here hon. I want to watch this with you,” he yelled out.

“I’ll be back shortly babe. Just enjoy yourself until I return,” I replied.

Several minutes had transpired before I re-entered the room. I gasped open mouthed, just staring at my husband as he sat on the floor, his back leaning against the couch. He had removed his shirt and was sitting there petting his big dick right through his shorts. And he was just shy of drooling on the screen. He looked damn sexy. The brunette skater was performing impeccably and was more voluptuous than most women, let alone the typical small chested women of the skating world. Her thighs were large and meaty - just like we like them - and her ass was begging to be spanked.

“I see you still have that little problem” I said. He looked up at me while still working his cock and quickly looked back at the screen.

“Wow is she great or what? But damn, just look at that guy she’s with. He is obviously not into women. I’d bet my last dollar he’s gay and wouldn’t take her if she were laying naked in front of him spread eagle. I guaranty, he wouldn’t know what to do with that!”

“Settle down lover. You just need to blow off a little steam!” I stared into his eyes and bent at the waist in front of him. He was getting an eye-full of my 38 C’s as I seductively unbuckled his belt and drew his zipper down. His cock is nice, really nice. It is a very thick six inches and shaved smooth, just how I like it. He leaned back and raised his ass to assist me as I pulled his shorts down and threw them across the room. His cock was completely vertical, staring me straight in the face as I grabbed hold of it. His pre-cum was flowing from his sexy little slit and covering his long, beautiful shaft. I expertly worked him up and down and bent down to lick it.

“So, what should be done to her sexy little body?” I asked as I took him between my lips and worked my tongue the length of his manhood. I raised my head again and continued to grill him. “So, give me the blow by blow description...” Again his mushroom head was engulfed by my sultry mouth.

“Well, first she would suck his tool to get him good and hard!” he said.

“Got it!” I said, raising my head again to answer him.

“Next, she would strip for him even while she is sucking him off!” Even before he had finished the sentence I had begun to untie my blouse and my firm tits fell onto his cock. As I continued to suck his cock and stroke it with my right hand, my left hand pulled my drenched panties from my crotch and down my long, lightly muscled legs. I was naked except for my skirt.  

“And she would keep on sucking until he was on the brink of filling her mouth with his hot cum!”

I picked up the pace with my head and my hand. Soon I was drinking a pool of his pre-cum down my mouth, something I consider a real treat. I love his man juice! I was ready for whatever he asked for next, and I mean whatever!

“But before he comes in her mouth, that flexible little bitch lifts her head from his dick and lowers her lithe form onto his massive cock, doing the splits as she lowers her tight snatch onto his throbbing cock!”

I wondered how well I could comply with that last statement. As I’ve said before, I am still quite the athlete and practice yoga regularly. I was just uncertain whether I could reach back to my high school and college cheer leading days and pull that one out of the hat. I stood up to face my lover and slowly began to let my legs slide from beneath me. Wider and wider they went as I raised my skirt to show him my bare tight cunny, now dripping with nectar. With my left hand I held my raised skirt to my stomach and let my right hand lightly finger my engorged clit.

It had been minutes since Mark had looked at the tube. When my pussy was about two inches from touchdown, a hot clear drop fell onto his cock and I spread my labia wide. My hips and butt were beginning to hurt now but all of the pain was quickly overtaken by the sheer pleasure given as the hard, thick cock slipped into my tight, needy hole. As soon as I had bottomed out into Mark my long, awaited orgasm began to rock my body. I did my best to raise and lower my ass to ride out the exquisitely long come. I love having my tits man handled and Mark was grabbing them roughly as he bit on my hardened nipples.

I began to come again as he grabbed my hips and frantically raised me up and down on his wonderful tool. I was milking his cock with my pussy muscles until he could hold back no longer. With an exuberant scream he let me know his intentions.

“I’m coming, oh fuck, I’m coming!”

I slid my knees forward so that they were hugging the outside of his hips. I kept on fucking my man, aggressively riding out both of our comes as I grabbed his face in my hands and forced my tongue into his mouth. He was still screaming into my mouth as my tongue fucked in and out of his mouth. His hands were holding my meaty ass cheeks helping me to fuck his cock harder and faster. As I started my third come he didn’t miss a beat, forcing a wet finger in my tight ass hole.

“Fuck yeah, fuck my ass! Yes! YES!!!”

I was having a great time, one of the best fucks we’ve had in years! When I finally stopped grinding him and his shrinking dick fell out of me I kissed him again.

“Damn, a woman’s chores are never done; there is always something to clean up!” I moved down and sat on his legs as I swallowed his cock whole and licked it and his balls clean. I love the taste of the rich cream we make together. Soon my man was growing hard and ready to for some more action.

As I looked over my shoulder I saw the credits for the show rolling. I sat down on the couch and raised one of my legs, exposing my slick wet pussy and shaved pink lips filled with a cream pie filling.

“Are you hungry babe?” I asked as I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him to me.

“Always babe; I’m always hungry for more!” He licked, sucked, bit and ate me for several minutes until I was thrusting my hips forward and fucking his face hard. Finally, with one last primal scream, I unleashed my juices into his mouth as I rode his tongue to my fourth come of the afternoon.

“Fuck that was nice!” I said was I fell back exhausted on the couch.

“Oh yeah!” was all my old man could say as he laid his head on the seat cushion next to me.

“I hope you’re not too tired,” I said as I gathered myself and dropped my feet to the floor. “I’m putting the kids down early tonight.”

“Why, what’s up babe?” he asked.

“The kids will be in bed by 7:30 so that they’re sure to be asleep. ESPN has women’s gymnastics on at 8:00!”

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