First Meeting

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You wanted me as much as I wanted you
I could tell by the look in your eyes that you wanted me as much as I wanted you. We had been chatting online for months and my heart had grown to long more for you with each and every day that we were apart. I would awaken each morning and wonder what you were doing and if you were thinking about me too.

Now that you stood in front of me, I couldn't take my eyes off of you. You were even more beautiful than I could ever imagine, and I knew that my love for you was not in my head at all. It was very real.

I took your hand in mine and I pulled you close to me. You looked straight into my eyes as I looked into yours. Our lips were so close, only if we were to kiss would they be any closer. I could feel electricity shoot through my body as you wrapped your arms around my neck and put your lips against mine. I wanted to live in this moment forever, the moment our lips touched for the first time. Your lips were so soft and felt as though they belonged against mine.

We must have embraced and kissed for five or ten minutes before we realized that everyone around us was staring, but we didn't care. We only released when we realized that the heat between us was leading us onto an erotic path. We needed to be in a place where we could let ourselves go and an airport terminal was not the place. I led you to the baggage claim where you collected your bag, and we were on our way.

We got out to my truck and I put your suitcase in the back seat. I then moved up to open your door for you. You were standing in front of it. You turned and faced me, put your arms around my neck and leaned up to whisper in my ear, “I want you right here, right now!”

That was all I needed to hear.

I leaned down, putting my arms around you, and kissed your beautiful lips. My hands slid down to your ass as I moved down and started kissing your neck. Mmmmm…the feel of your soft flesh on my lips was divine. I lifted up on your ass and you wrapped your legs around me very tightly. I kissed your neck for a while and then told you that we needed to get inside of the truck.

I opened the door and let the passenger seat all the way down. You then told me that you wanted to be on top. I was so turned on. I loved it that you were taking charge and that you were going to be in control the whole way. You told me to get in and to take off my pants. I did as you told me to. You then removed your panties from under your skirt and crawled in on top of me, shutting the door.

Your dress spread out over us both as you leaned down to kiss me. I slid my hands up inside to feel the soft skin along your back as you lifted yourself up and positioned me so that you could slide me inside of you. You slowly lowered yourself down as soft moans escaped both of our lips.

I had been dreaming of this moment for many months since we started talking and now that it was happening, it was beyond anything that I had imagined. I could feel you stretching around me with every inch that you lowered yourself, and every inch sent lightning through my whole body.

Once I was fully inside of you, you held it there and I could really feel you stretching around me as you lowered your lips to mine to kiss me.

We sat there for a little while with me fully inside of you, kissing each other so passionately. Our tongues darted back and forth from each other’s mouths exploring with such depth, like they belonged each and every place they went.

The sensation of you surrounding me was beyond what I ever imagined ecstasy ever being. When you started moving up and down on top of me, I knew that every second of every day had led up to this moment and I never wanted it to end.

Looking down at me with the most extreme of desire in your eyes, I knew you felt the same way.

It didn’t take long until you screamed out in pleasure. You moved over the edge while picking up your pace on me. I also knew that I wouldn’t last much longer. I had never wanted anyone as much as I wanted you and now that our bodies moved as one, it was more than anything I had ever dreamed. You looked so beautiful, with utter pleasure on your face, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

You soon started to scream out again and I knew that I could hold back no longer. I felt you start to spasm around me and I thrust up as deep inside of you as I could get. As I screamed out your name, I exploded deep inside of you. We came together, going over the edge like we had never done before.

Your body still spasming with me still inside of you, you collapsed down on top of me. Our lips met and we lay there kissing passionately for some time. I could have lain there holding you for so much longer, but we had to get back to my house so that we could continue what we had already started…