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First Things First

First Things First

Of the best laid plans...

Entering the hotel atrium, I walked quickly past the front desk, figuring that if I didn't swing my arms I might be rendered nearly invisible, as if they fucking cared who I was or why I'd be there anyway. Maybe they'll just assume the Irish dancers are in town. I chuckled to myself but it did nothing to calm my nerves or slow my out of control heart rate. With a loud buzzing in my ears I stepped onto the empty elevator, pressing the button for your floor.

As the doors closed, the din from the hustle and bustle of the hotel lobby was slowly replaced by the soft, annoying Muzak strains of "Girl From Ipanema." Trying to distract my overstimulated brain, I thought about the lyrics and wondered why she had to be such a stuck up bitch anyway. Yeah, I knew what it was like to be rejected by those "Ipanema" types. But not today, I smiled to myself. Stepping off the elevator and into the long hallway, I walked slowly, carefully checking each room number, with yours indelibly etched in my mind.

It started the minute you booked the flight. You know, the plans. All of the things we wanted to do. All of the positions. Everything we wanted to lick, suck, fuck and kiss until we would work ourselves into such a frenzied lather that masturbation gave scant relief from our runaway carnal lusts.

But there was one thing we could always agree on. From the first time we met, more than anything else we longed to simply hold each other. A sweet, tender lover's embrace. Oh, the pure simple joy of it! So it was agreed. First things first. A long, beautiful hug, then we could move on to our extensive wish list. No hurry. We had plenty of time. As tacky as it seemed, having an itinerary gave me a certain degree of comfort, a feeling of peace in knowing what to expect, though you would never guess it by looking at me right now.

I finally arrived at your room. Staring at the floor I took a couple of deep breaths, hoping I wouldn't appear to be having a stroke when you answered the door. I knocked oh so softly. Not hearing a sound, I watched as the handle began to turn and the door slowly but steadily opened. As it swung away I craned my head to look around the room as my feet remained glued to the hallway. With the door now wide open, you were nowhere to be seen.  I took a couple of slow, measured steps into the room when suddenly the door swung quickly shut with a loud thunk.

Stunned, I flinched and turned to see you, standing close to the wall, your arms behind you with your hands against it in a vaguely submissive pose. You wore nothing but black lacy boyshort panties and matching push up bra. Three inch heels completed your ensemble. Your deep brown eyes locked onto mine with an anxious expression as your breasts heaved upward with each deep and hurried breath. The heady scent of your arousal was heavy in the room. We stood motionless for what seemed like an eternity, with the one thing demanding my attention being the pain of my stiff cock straining against my jeans.


Item #1  A tender lover's embrace.


I don't remember actually making a decision to act but was suddenly accelerating toward you as I grabbed your shoulders and pushed you into the wall with a thud. Holding you tight I leaned in to devour your neck, sucking and kissing it anxiously. Deep kisses over your face and onto your mouth landed as my tongue jutted in to mate with yours. My groin ground forcefully into yours, using your soft pussy to service my swollen shaft.

I slid my fingers down through your panties at the hip as I made a couple of awkward attempts to pull them off. Out of patience, I grabbed them in a white knuckle fist and sharply yanked back forcefully as the tattered and ripped remains fell away as your ass cheeks quivered from the force. I stared down at where your panties had just been to gaze at your smoothness tucked in between your thighs. The very top of your wet slit peeked up at me, taunting me.

I frantically yanked open my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down along with my shorts until my stiff cock popped up, standing at attention. Reaching down, I cradled your right leg in my arm and lifted it, holding it chest high as the lips of your pussy bloomed and presented themselves, smeared with glistening wetness. Grabbing my cock I guided the head to your tight, wet tunnel before turning my hips in to shove myself deep inside you. Dispensing with the niceties and at a desperate pace I fucked you hard against the wall as you moaned, gripping my back tightly.


Item #2  Sweet declarations of love spoken in our own voices.


As I violently pummeled you with long, sharp strokes I leaned into you and growled into your ear, "Do you like my stiff cock deep inside your tight little cunt?!"

"Jesus yes! Fuck my God damn pussy! Fuck it harder!" You shouted with a stuttered gasp at each moment I slammed into you.


Item #3  In a true romantic gesture, carry your lover to the bed.


Wrapping my right arm tightly around your waist, I arched my back to lift you off the floor, your one leg now dangling awkwardly. As I turned to carry you to our love nest, I was suddenly reminded that my pants were still sitting down around my ankles. Realizing that it was already too late, I never the less tried in vain to prevent the inevitable by shuffling along with tiny quick steps as we began to topple forward in slow motion.

Falling against the top edge of the mattress, we rebounded and uncoupled as we fell to the carpet, laying stunned for a moment as we stared at each other. We broke out into laughter as your expression changed to a devilish grin while approaching me on hands and knees.

"Oh my! And just what do you have in mind my sweet lover?" I asked as I lay on my back with my wet cock pointing at the ceiling.

As you turned to swing your leg over my head you replied, "I'm going to sit on your face while you eat me! That's what I have in mind."


Item #4  Shower her warm lips with tons of sweet kisses.


As I joyfully watched your gorgeous ass descend onto my face, I raised my head to lick and suck your warm, sticky lips into my mouth as you twerked your hips, smearing your soppy pussy over my face, my stiffened tongue riding deeply through the center with each pass. Just when I was thinking that this was a wonderful way to suffocate, I gasped at the warm tingly sensation of my cock being taken into your mouth and down your throat. I grabbed your ass and pulled your cheeks wide open as I pushed my face into you, delighting in the sensation of your wet, fleshy girl parts mushed all over my face.

My groin grew hot as I raised my hips repeatedly to fuck your face, feeling the pressure build to the point of no return. With my cock filling your mouth I could feel the vibrations from your muted screams as you orgasmed, your pulsating muscles pushing copious rivers of girl cum into my waiting mouth. As your fingers moved down to lightly tease my balls, my cock exploded, pumping your mouth full of my hot seed. Twitching and throbbing, you sucked out every last drop that oozed from me.

Completely spent, you collapsed to the side, coming to rest on your back as we both laid on the carpet, feet to head and head to feet, staring at the ceiling in a crippled state of afterglow. After about fifteen minutes and without moving you spoke.

"You owe me a new pair of panties. I hope you know that."

"Long as I can keep the old ones."



Item #5  Enough foreplay! Let your animal hunger loose and go wild!


I propped my head up on my arm as I turned to you.

" I'm really hungry. Whatta ya say we order in some pizza?"

"Fuck yeah!"


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