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Flying Together

Tags: quickie, daddy
This is inspired by a special man. Daddy and I fly home together from his conference.
We are on the plane together -- it's a red-eye flight and the plane is silent, and all the passengers are asleep. Amazingly, we are alone in our row. You and I are cuddled under two blankets.
At first, we converse and exchange simple small kisses. You nip my lower lip, and I catch my breath. You ask me my thoughts on your last presentation. Whenever I make an astute comment, you kiss me a little deeper, your tongue piercing my mouth and rubbing against me. As you slide your tongue out, I lick and suck, thinking of other parts of you I want lick, touch, and suck...
I ask you questions to further my understanding...
As I ask questions and listen to you, I keep my gaze focused on your eyes... Under the blanket, your hands smooth over my breasts, exciting my nipples. They pebble under my dress. Your hands cup the weight of me; you squeeze and rub your thumbs against the hardened tips. I try to keep my breathing calm, but I can't stop panting and leaning into your magical hands... It feels so good. You pinch my nipples and I lean into you, my hands clutching your forearms. I feel your muscles flex under my small grasp.
You lean over, mouth close to my ear, and breathe "shhhh" into my ear. I shiver from your warm whisper. I bite my lip as you kiss my neck...over and over again. The sensations are driving me crazy. I can't focus. You lick my delicate skin and the whorl of my ear, and I writhe. The only reason I don't collapse into you is because of my rigid grip on your arms.
As you continue to kiss and stroke my neck, your hands tug my dress up -- oh the wonders of stretchy knits and A-line skirts -- you slide it up my knees. You kiss me, and I pant against your mouth, trying to tell you that I won't be able to keep quiet -- that we need to stop or I will come -- that we need to stop someone will see -- please, we need to be discreet -- please, please, please... I no longer know what I am asking for...
You urge me to lift up and you bunch the skirt at my waist. I sit on the seat in my baby pink thong, drenched with my cream. You pull the dress neckline down, so the fabric rests under my breasts, exposing the tight brown nipples. I sigh as you resume stroking and squeezing me...
You slide your hand down my tummy and rest your warm palm against my pubis. You push gently against it and it feels so good...
You excite me so and seduce me beyond my inhibitions.
Your hand slides further and your fingers move my thong aside. You slide your hand against my core and my cream coats your hand. My eyes shut as you rub my clit.
Ungrasping your arm, my hand strokes your cock through your pants. I squeeze it and stroke the outline of its length and girth... I remember the feel of you in my pussy, and my core throbs and squeezes reflexively on its emptiness. I moan. Daddy whispers, "shhh..."
I carefully unzip your jeans since Daddy granted my request that he not wear underwear. Your hard, turgid cock thrusts up through the opening, I take hold of it in my hand, lovingly stroking it with my soft grasp...up, down, up, down, squeeze... I touch the tip of your hard-on and rub my fingers through your precum... Opening my eyes, I look at you as I raise my fingers to my mouth and taste your precum. You stroke my clit as I suck my fingers, tasting you...
Lost in the sensation, lost in the taste of you, inhibitions lost, I slide under your blanket. I kiss the head of your cock, laving the wetness from your tip. I love the salty taste of you and I open wide and take your head into my mouth. I suck at the tip as I stroke your length up and down. I open wide and slide my mouth down the length of your cock. Oh, god, you feel so good in my mouth. I work you further into my mouth, down my throat, and I hum with happiness. The vibrations spike your lust... and you thrust into my mouth. I moan as I feel your hand move to my head, stroking my hair, my face, my cheek. I love your lust and tenderness...
I bob my head up and down, imagining you pumping in and out of my pussy... Your fingers slide into my tight, little pussy, your palm seated against my mons. Deep inside me, your fingers separate, feeling my hot, wet softness, stretching me -- readying me for your hard cock.
You lift me up and off your cock and out from the blanket. I kiss you, sliding my tongue aggressively into your mouth. Fill me, fuck me, love me, please -- I beg.
You sit me on your lap, tearing my lacy thong, tossing it aside and sliding your cock deep into me. Covered by our blanket, I rock on you. We keep our eyes focused on each other, as I gently move on your erection. The thong rubs against you. Hmmm...feels so good.
A flight attendant walks by and asks if we need anything, and you answer for us. "No, thank you."

I can only shake my head. In a clear, strong, unwavering voice, you recap your presentation to me. The flight attendant walks away... Did we fool her?
I swivel my hips and love your hardness. I love how we are together... You kiss me. You kiss my neck and my pussy tightens on your cock.
You lift up from the seat, thrusting deep into me. I moan as you slide your jeans down. You fall back onto the seat, and I sit down hard on your cock. The tip of your cock hits my cervix. I rub against your tip, my cervix softens and you move deeper into me.
You lick and suck my neck. I squeeze your cock and thrust against you faster. I rub my bare mons against you; your pubic hair rubs against my clit...
Your hands grasp my hips, rocking me faster... Oh, god...god...feels so gooood...gonna come...god...Daddy...please...more...more...
You bite my neck and suck hard. I come, my pussy clenching you hard... I bury my face against your chest, muffling my moan. Daddy...
You rub my clit and pinch my nipple, and I spasm again, coming long, hard...and you come. I feel your semen inside me and I love the heat, this sign that I have pleased my body reclines against you, I feel languid, liquid with pleasure and happiness in satisfying my daddy.
Thank you, Daddy. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for loving me.
I punctuate each earnest whisper with kisses. Your mouth, your forehead, your cheeks, your jaw.
I slide my hand between my legs and feel our combined wetness. I rub it into my skin and yours. I want to wear your smell, bear your mark. I am yours. I want to mark you as mine and warn off other women. I want my scent to merge with yours until there is only one scent, our scent.
You pull my neckline up, covering my breasts. You kiss me and murmur, "Thank you, baby. Good baby. I love you, babygirl. I love you, and you are my baby Jen."
I snuggle against your chest and close my eyes. Content. Happy. Whole.
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