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Focused On Sex

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A routine eye appointment has raunchy consequences
Milena's story

My name is Milena and I work in a well-known chain of Opticians on the high street. When the manageress of our store suggested that we have a ‘wear what you want day’ I was excited. I’ve always been one for fancy dress. Then she added one or two caveats. We must be decent and not wear anything that brings the business into disrepute. Knowing me, that was a tall ask, but hey ho! She said it would be good for morale and create a talking point among customers and attract passing trade.

Even if I say so myself, I look good in my uniform. That’s the one I normally wear. I’m five feet three and a little on the booby side with a pert round bum. I actually get guys requesting me to do their eyes tests, which they are within their right to do. I think it’s the fact that I fill out my uniform so well, that and my long blonde hair, I tick all their boxes. And why not? If I can create a little value added experience to their appointment, there’s no harm done, provided there’s no funny business.

Given the opportunity to do something a little different, I looked through my wardrobe for something suitable. I had most of the gear, but I needed something that I couldn’t lay my hands on among my own clobber. We had a week to plan, so I took a trip to the shops after work on the Friday, to find the missing items. It took me nearly an hour to get everything just right. It was the white coat you see. I needed one just the right length and then of course, there were the geeky black-rimmed spectacles. But, ‘A white coat?’ I hear you ask, isn’t that what I wear now? Well, yes, but that one finishes just above the knee. My new one had to be a little bit shorter.

So, I arrived to work the following Thursday attired in my special uniform safely hidden underneath my top coat. I went to my locker and deposited my bag and coat and reported for work. Everyone had made an effort. Jane the brunette was a Geisha girl, Sonia was a naughty school girl and Leila had turned up as a nurse. The guys had come as sailors and Bob the Builder and the like. Everyone was sexy and eye-catching but tasteful. Carys, the manageress looked at me and wagged a reproachful finger.

“On the line, Milena, but you’ll pass.”

I was probably the only one who could pull it off and they knew it. I was smoking hot. My white coat finished half way between my knees and my hips. Crucially, it finished an inch or so above my black stocking tops. Add the pencil in my top pocket and the spectacles, I was a perfect blend of academic sophistication and outright slutiness. What was not immediately apparent, until you were a little closer, was that I was wearing nothing but my black bra and panties under the coat. This fact had almost certainly escaped Carys' notice, but it was too late now. I was properly buttoned up, but well, a look in the mirror in the light of the waiting room did make it kind of obvious. A little bit of bra and cleavage was just visible above my top button.

I don’t mind telling you, I felt sexy. My lingerie was of the highest quality and the new white coat being all starched and crisp felt really nice against my skin. I relished my first appointment, be it male or female.

My first customer was a younger girl of nineteen. She was a bit bemused by my attire more than anything. My next two appointments were older guys. Here my outfit had more of the desired effect. The second one particularly, a guy of forty nine; I don’t know, he might have been asthmatic but he sure was breathing a little heavy as I shined my light in his eye. I suppose I gave him something for his wank bank.

Next up was another young girl and then a woman of my age; that is twenty-four. She really liked my outfit and paid me lots of compliments. Did she accidentally brush my ass with her hand as she got into the chair? I’m not that way inclined, but I think she had the hots for me.

My last slot before lunch was in a totally different ball park. He had short mousy brown hair, and he was tall and looked like he lived in the gym. He was properly ripped and had that lovely V shape about his torso. I was mesmerised by his hazel blue eyes and I went a little gooey when I sat down to do his pre-examination questions.

“Good morning, Mr. Mason, I’m Milena, I will be conducting your eye test today.”

He looked at me with those dreamy eyes and his gaze inevitably shifted between my face and the inescapable glimpse of cleavage between the unbuttoned portion of my coat. He also noted my name badge.

“Okay, Milena. Can I ask? Myzuka, is that Polish or something?”

“No, it’s Czech.”

“Oh, right! Really? Say, this fancy dress thing is a hoot! You look so hot!”

“Ah thank you!”

I’m glad he came out and said it. I looked at his personal details. Dan Wilson, date f birth, 29 March 85. I bet he had seen some action. His biceps rippled under his shirt and the cotton looked like it was straining at the seams, where it met his broad shoulders.

I went through the preliminary questions and I sensed he was looking at me, as I read off from the paper work. He had gone a little pink on the cheeks and I would have paid ten pounds for his thoughts at that moment. I began to feel a little hot and tingly myself and my mind became a jumble of random naughtiness , conducting the job in hand. He had just a hint of stubble, like he had shaved the night before – I so love that. My professionalism was still foremost in my mind, but I knew Dan would have no qualms about getting in my panties, given half a chance.

“So, have you found your contact lenses to be all right, Mr. Mason?”

“Yes, but I got the reminder, so I thought I should make an appointment.”

“Good. Got to look after your eye sight.”

I stood up and asked him to follow me to the eye-test booth. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror en route and observed that my nipples were clearly protruding through both my bra and white coat. I told myself to remember where I was but I couldn’t help it.

Dan was seated once inside the booth and I dipped the lights and went through the eye charts to assess basic visual acuity. The light from the projector was catching the ultraviolet inflorescence in my coat as well as picking out the gap between the coat and my stocking tops. No wonder that Dan was taking forever to read out the letters.

“Sorry, is everything all right?”

“Yes, it’s just that you’re a bit of a distraction there,” he said.

“Ahem, must be my shiny white coat, I guess! I’ll stand back.”

“Yeah, something like that,” said Dan.

‘A bit of a distraction.’ The ironic euphemism in his voice was all too obvious.

I started to have naughty thoughts and there was a feeling of sexual tension in the air. I knew what I looked like in my short white coat and I think my boobs and my ass had sent his pulse racing.

After recording a few measurements and performing some diagnostic tests it came to the more close up and personal part where I examine the retina with my little light. I stood in front of Dan and leaned into him, shining my light metre into his pupil.

“Look left, Mr. Mason.”

I was aware of his breathing, which was steady but deep and I also got a lovely whiff of his aftershave at the same time.

“Look down, please.”

My face was just an inch from his, and for a second my cheek brushed his and cheek and a flurry of tingly prickles spread around my body.

“Look to the right, please, Mr.”

I paused as I felt a hand brush my leg and I began to tremble as his fingers started to play with the band of my stocking top. For a moment I thought I must be imagining it, but I wasn’t. My heart was pounding and my tummy had butterflies doing little dances.

I knew that my professionalism was being compromised and I should have resisted but I didn’t. I found myself being drawn closer and closer to him. I put a knee on the chair between his legs and raised myself up until my boobs were almost level with his nose. I squeezed my breasts through my white coat - my nipples were so hard. Dan was breathing very deeply and kneeling as I was, he had unfettered access to my panties. His hands were soft and warm, but I sensed the power that he had in them. I shivered with delight as he teased the flesh at the top of my legs and then slowly ran the back of his index finger along my gusset. I was already gooey, but I became instantly wet and murmured my approval with a mew of pleasure.

“We shouldn’t be doing this," I whispered.

“I know,” he said.

I allowed my right hand to wander and after gripping his firm, muscular thighs, I discovered the huge tent in his jeans. I felt for the zipper and drew it down, my hand gliding over the bulge as my heart raced and my breath became a series of little pants. I was meant to be giving this guy an eye test and there I was getting out his cock, but what’s a girl to do? Fortunately he was wearing quite loose-fitting, cotton boxers and I soon had a nice handful of thick, throbbing cock in my hand. I drew the foreskin down with one hand and began to pop open the buttons of my coat with the other. At the same time, I pushed my boobs into his face and Dan responded, biting my cleavage gently.

I began to boil over. I couldn’t believe what was happening! It was like I had a good fairy on one shoulder telling me to stop and a naughty fairy on the other, saying ‘go for it!’ The naughty fairy was winning. Encouraged by me, Dan pawed at my panties, pinching my labia through them and rubbing my sex through the thin, lacy fabric. I was beside myself with excitement and getting more aroused every second. My pussy was so wet and Dan was just making me hornier with his groping.

I licked the palm of my hand and rubbed my saliva over his cock. He groaned with pleasure, his voice still muffled by my boobs. His free hand pulled at my bra, causing one boob to spill out and before I knew it, he had my right nipple in his mouth. I moaned with undisguised delight, as my pussy melted and his cock began to rub against my crotch. I didn’t stop to think but went with the moment, easing my soaking wet gusset to one side and lowering my pussy onto his cock. It all happened in seconds and then his face was nibbling my face and neck. I hadn’t locked the booth door, but at the time, I didn’t care. All I knew was that Dan’s cock felt amazing as I rode him, thrusting my hips, urgently.

Thrusting and rocking my groin, I pinched one nipple as Dan sucked on the other. His groans were really sexy and I was so aroused. It was so spontaneous. I loved how his cock was hot and pumping and just throbbing in my pussy.

My fingers raked the back of his neck as I held on to him. His hands held me firmly, tightly but at the same time with gentle power, protectively all most. My body was urging him to fuck me. I could feel my pussy yielding to him as he went deeper and deeper until I was reeling in ecstasy. His hands were all over my body as he cupped my breasts and stroked my back and bottom. For a minute he squeezed my tits together until I thought I would just spill out but somehow they just squished over my bra, enough for him to get mouthfuls of boob.

In the dimly lit booth, there was a feeling of intimacy, even though it was a hardly ideal location, but you forget all that and I just enjoyed the moment. I was trembling with excitement as my orgasm began to build and Dan’s breathing grew stronger and deeper. I stroked his hair and then he lifted me with my bum cheeks. I felt so horny as he began to take control and my body jiggled with each thrust of his huge cock. I wanted to squeal but I somehow held back enough to concentrate my emotions inwardly, pressing my mouth into the back of my hand. It was amazing. I had a fantastic orgasm, my body in a frenzy as he groaned and growled at the same time. The spasms came in waves and I muffled my cries with his face as he ejaculated inside me. His spunk was like a torrent, filling my pussy with yummy hot man goo.

I rested for a minute, savouring the sensations of his cock pumping in my pussy.

Eventually I got my breath back and I clambered off the chair and rearranged myself. There was an embarrassed silence as I filled in the necessary bits of his appointment chart.

“I’m pleased to say that your eyesight is perfect, Mr. ummmm Mason. “

“Oh, lovely, everything as it should be then,” he said.

“Yes, everything is in working order,” I added.

I gave Dan his copy of the particulars and he left with a big smile on his face. They will have to do fancy dress again. I might do schoolgirl next time. That would be fun.

Dan's story

My name is Dan and I am a US Marine Corps officer stationed at an American consulate in England. I had just received orders that I was soon to be transferred to the US Embassy in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Having just received a notice in the mail that I should schedule my annual eye exam, I decided to do that before I left. I went online and discovered the branch of an optical chain just a few blocks from where I was staying, so I called and set up an appointment.

I woke up the morning of my appointment and did my usual workout routine of four hundred push-ups before going for my morning run. Afterwards, I brushed my teeth, gargled mouthwash, and showered. Since I had the day off, I happily skipped shaving. Upon pulling on a pair of jeans and a cotton polo shirt and I was ready for the day

When I showed up for my eye exam later that morning, I was very surprised to find the staff were dressed for a costume party or something. In fact I was greeted at the sign in desk by a dark-haired Geisha girl. Behind the glass I saw a guy dressed as a sailor stroll by.

The Geisha girl laughed and explained, “We’re having an office dress as you like day.”

“That sounds fun,” I replied before taking a seat in the waiting room.

It seemed like a half hour had passed when the door to the exam rooms opened and a young lady dressed as a nurse called my name.

“Dan Mason.” With a clip board in her hand she instructed, “Follow me please.”

I trailed behind her down a short hallway and she motioned me into an exam room. “Have a seat here, your optician will see you shortly.”

I had not yet taken my seat when a gorgeous blonde stepped in.

“Good morning, Mr. Mason, I’m Milena, I will be conducting your eye test today.”

I was quickly mesmerized by her sexy blue eyes framed behind a pair of black glasses, but a second later her cleavage, easily showing in a low buttoned white optician’s coat, grabbed my attention.

She noticed me staring at her cleavage, so I quickly glanced at her name badge and read her name.

“Okay, Milena. Can I ask? Myzuka, is that Polish?” I asked before I could think.

“No, it’s Czech.”

“Really? Say, this fancy dress day is a hoot! You look hot!”

“Ah thank you!”

As she glimpsed at my bio file attached to her clip board, I quickly scanned her from head to toe. Her make-up was flawless, she had a really sexy mouth, and having a bit of a fetish for stockings, I was delighted to see her sexy legs clad in black nylon. Her black-rimmed glasses made her look so professional and efficient, but did not detract at all from how delicious she looked.

She began asking me pertinent eye questions in her very sexy accent and I did my best to answer despite wondering what kind of panties she was wearing.

“So, have you found your contact lenses to be okay, Mr. Mason?”

“Yes, but the reminder came, so I thought I should make an appointment.”

“Good. You need to look after your eye sight.”

As she got up from her little desk she asked me to follow her to the exam booth. I took the opportunity to check out the shape of her ass through her lab coat. Just before being seated I could see her titty nipples protruding through her coat.

As she administered the eye charts in the darkened room, the light from the projector seemed to glow against Milena’s coat and I caught a glimpse of her stocking tops. Immediately I felt my cock begin to expand and all I could think about was how horny that sexy blonde was making me.

“Sorry, is everything all right?” she suddenly asked.

“Yes, it’s just that you’re a bit of a distraction,” I answered.

“Oh sorry, must be my shiny white coat, I guess! I’ll stand back a bit.”

“Yeah, something like that.”

‘A bit of a distraction.’ That was an under statement.

I wondered if she knew how aroused I was and I had no idea if she was getting impatient with me or not. My mind raced and hoped that she was feeling as aroused also. She then moved in much closer and even though it was just an examination, it sure felt intimate.

I could feel her breath on me and smell her perfume as she shined a little light into my eye.

“Look left, Mr. Mason.”

I turned my head left and despite being temporarily blinded by the bright light I could feel her closeness. My cock was growing ever tighter in my jeans.

“Look down, please.”

Doing as she instructed I looked down and could easily see the imprint of my very erect cock protruding tightly through my jeans. I wondered if she saw that too.

Her face ever so slightly brushed against mine. It felt distinctly erotic.

“Look to the right, please, Mr.”

Just then I had tried to slightly reposition myself to gain some room for my throbbing erect cock, which was squeezed tightly inside my jeans and as I did so, my hand brushed Milena’s leg. She didn’t move, so my brain, drained of reasonable thought by arousal, told me to touch her leg again. My heart pounded with excitement as I made my move.

I found my fingers touching the top band of her stockings. I knew that she was either going to order me to leave or she would like it. As hot as she was, it was well worth taking the chance.

She did not move away. In fact Milena seemed to inch even closer to me. My heart pounded faster, I could barely breath from excitement, and my erect cock was throbbing outrageously.

Then her knee came forward against my chair and she raised herself up, pushing her breasts in my face. Her hands cupped and squeezed them together. I was flushed with excitement as I roamed my hands along the top of her sensually soft legs and felt her panties. Her moans let me know that she was as aroused as I was.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” she whispered.

“I know,” I answered, but desperately hoped she would allow us to continue.

My hopes were greeted by her hand moving to my leg and running up my thigh. She soon discovered the erection protruding in my jeans. I felt her hands tugging at my zipper while my hands were firmly planted on the sides of her buttocks.

She freed my erect cock from my boxers and stroked her fingers down it. Milena then used her other hand to pop the buttons open on her optician’s coat, exposing only her lingerie underneath. She pushed her glorious big tits into my face. I of course, had to have a little nibble on those erect nipples of hers.

I began running my hands all over her ass, feeling the soft fabric of her panties and my fingers discovered her wetness oozing through the material. Her wet pussy lips slid underneath the damp fabric between my fingers. With my fingers rubbing her damp panty covered labia and my face buried between her boobs, I felt her dampened fingers stroking my pulsating cock. This was not the exam I had expected.

Milena’s moans grew ever more passionate and she seemed to be panting relentlessly in my ear. I unleashed her bra and her boobs spilled out onto my face and I tasted her hard nipple. Her hand then directed my long hard cock against her crotch, rubbing the head of my penis against her pussy lips. Then to my absolute delight, she pulled her sodden panties to one side and guided her soppy pussy down onto me.

She began to ride me, taking my cock in and out of her tight soaked pussy. My balls ached so pleasantly against the chair beneath me. Her legs wrapped around me, grinding and thrusting her torso against mine. I could feel her warm juices run down my cock, oozing slowly down my balls.

Milena used one hand to squeeze her titty nipple while I sucked and teasingly bit on the other. My cock pulsated as I pumped back into her, matching her pelvic thrusts. I gripped her tightly and pulled her tightly toward me as she continued to ride me cowgirl style. My hands then explored her toned curvy body, gently teasing and tickling her ass, stroking her back, and squeezing her marvelous bouncy tits.

The chair squeaked and creaked as I thrust back into her. She moaned and raked her fingers along the back of my neck and roamed through my hair. Her pussy seemed to clench even tighter around my swollen throbbing cock and her breathing got deeper. As I felt her body tighten, I lifted her up by her smooth firm ass. Her body seemed to tense and began to convulse slightly. I thought she was beginning to orgasm. As she began to clench tighter and tighter I was convinced that she was cumming hard, so I allowed myself to unleash.

Like an electric shock my balls felt like they were going to erupt and I felt my orgasm build and shoot through me, exploding through my throbbing cock. I came really hard, ejaculating inside Milena’s juicy pussy. I continued to thrust into her until I could feel myself going flaccid. I heard her sigh deeply and felt her relax as I finally stopped and caught my breath.

Milena stood up and exhaled as she put her bra back on and buttoned her optician’s coat back up. She looked away nervously and I tucked my cock back into my boxers and zipped my jeans back up.

As Milena turned and started to fill out something on the examination chart, I wanted to say something, but was at a loss.

“I’m pleased to say that your eyesight is perfect, Mr. ummm Mason,“ she said nervously.

“Oh, lovely, everything as it should be then,” I answered.

“Yes, everything is in working order,” she added.

She handed me a copy of the exam and I smiled at her before turning to leave.

Just outside the door, I stopped and started to turn back to ask her if she ever visited relatives in Prague or anything. Just then the dark haired girl in the Geisha outfit came down the hall and walked into the exam room where Milena was, so I just turned and left.

This story is a collaboration between me and my good friend, Buz Bono

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © Copyright © 2011-2018 Danielle Marsh. All Rights Reserved. This story may not be copied or reproduced, without the express written permission of the author.

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