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Friends Forever

Tags: sex, love, straight
Will they be best friends forever?
It was around eight thirty in the morning and Bea laid in bed staring at the lovely man next to her. No they aren't in a relationship and no they didn't sleep together but they were friends and had been friends for years.

Bea seemed to take notice of his features this morning. She had never done this before. His eyes which are normally so blue, a light blue, almost grey were closed. His hair, so black was scruffy caused by him moving in his sleep. His skin, a beautiful tanned color and his stomach was perfectly toned. Bea thought for a minute, "how can I not want to be with him? How can I not want to fuck him? Hes my best friend, but I want him so badly!"

Dave opened his eyes and looked up at her sitting in the bed next to him. They gazed into each others eyes for a moment or two then suddenly he smiled then sat up. He leaned towards her, his warm breath on her face. He kissed Bea gently, a tester??

Bea kissed back.

The kiss was warm, calm and gentle. It was loving and caring just like Dave.

"This is it," she thought.

 Can we be more than friends?

The kiss was becoming more passionate, more intense. Bea's stomach was tingling. Dave pressed his body against Bea pushing her onto the bed.
He opened her legs very gently and laid between them, his penis was growing in size. It was pressing against her most intimate parts as he pushed his throbbing penis against her teasing her.

Dave let out a small groan.

He pulled back slightly and put his hand onto his cock supporting the intense ache inside him. He began to rub trying to release some of the excitement inside him. Gliding his hand up and down pushing and rubbing, Dave was in a world of ecstasy.

Bea pulled her PJ top up showing her beautiful round breasts, her nipples hard, pink and pointed. Dave stopped rubbing himself and licked Bea's breasts, then sucking, circling his tongue around her nipples. She let out a small groan. he placed his hands on them pressing and rubbing them.

"This is amazing," she thought.

Dave stopped licking her and looked at her with much lust in his face. He then began pulling her panties down. Rubbing her and very carefully, he slid a finger inside her pushing and pressing. She groaned again. circling his finger inside her. She was so moist and soft, he slid another finger into her. Bea was desperate for him so wanting him to put his hard penis inside her.

"Stop," she said seductively.

Once Dave pulled his finger out, she leaned up and pushed him onto the bed, pulling off his boxer shorts. His penis was so solid it was perfect. She climbed onto his cock, feeling it slide into her felt amazing. Riding him fast, up and down, she bounced her breasts. Dave placed his hands on them tugging her nipples slightly. Both Bea and Dave was groaning and screaming in excitement--both bodies wet and hot, sliding and dancing together.

Bea grabbed hold of the headboard for support, helping her rub and bounce against him harder, harder and harder they was both grunting and moaning together then with one last bounce, they both finished.

They both tumbled down onto the bed completely satisfied. Bea looked over at Dave.

"Best friends forever?" she asked.

"Definitely," he replied.
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