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George Part 2

Tags: orgasm, tease, love
Story of George Anna; early hours of the next day. Part 3?
Around 3:30 am that night.

I woke up being rather dazed; I wasn’t sure where I was when I came to. I didn’t bother to sit up because my memories were flooding back. George; we kissed, he brought me home, and … right… lost my virginity. That’s when my vision started to clear up and I could clearly see him beside me, he was wide awake, but I don’t think he knew what I’d do if he continued from this point.

“Can you turn on a light…?” I mumbled softly to him, he just nodded, complying with my soft demand. He sat himself up slightly, resting all his weight on his left arm to lean over and flick the light on.

I groaned softly, I hadn’t thought the light would burn my eyes the way it did. I looked at the position I was in, I was laid on my stomach, my hips twisted up slightly. I remembered falling asleep on my side, I must have moved. My breasts were covered by the way my arms were bent and my legs were at an angle that all you saw was my hips and ass.

I had intended to stay like this when my phone began to ring and it scared the living hell out of me. I literally jumped up and threw myself over the edge of his bed. I fell on my face and crawled to my pants. I didn’t care what view he got of me, did it really matter? I was struggling to get my phone from the pocket of my Capri’s. “Damn it!” I uttered under my breathe, George came up behind me and slid my phone out, handing it to me as it was on its last few rings.

It was my mom, what time is it? Was all I could think.

“Hi Mom.”

“Where are you!? It’s 4 in the morning young lady! George said he’d have you home by ELEVEN!!! ELEVEN!!!” My mom ranted a bit, I glanced at him and quickly came up with a lie.

“Mom calm down. I should have called, I’m sorry. I decided to head over to Millie’s house. I’m spending the night with her.” Millie is my best friend, has been since I was 7. She’d do anything for me and vice versa and right now I needed the “anything” part to be a lie.

“Oh. Millie? Okay. That’s fine, but you could have AT LEAST sent your poor mother a text message. I love you honey, goodnight.” With that she hung up the phone. I quickly dialed Millie’s number. She sleepily answered.


“Hey, it’s Annie. I need a huge favor and I’ll explain later but I told my mom I was spending the night at your house so if she calls, please say I’m with you and that I plan on being home around 12 pm okay?”

“Sure Ann. Just make sure I get the dirty details.” Millie is a very innocent girl, but she always brought everything back to the idea of sex. She lost her virginity to a guy at school, he was Japanese and very horny… Just right for her.

I hung up my phone, slowly putting it down as I looked over at George; he was sitting on the edge of his bed with his boxers on. I hadn’t noticed the way I was sitting; my knees were on the carpet and my back was straight up until I had hung up the phone. My legs were far enough apart that he could get a nice view of my cum covered entrance. I wasn’t dripping like earlier, but it was still obvious what was between my legs.

I was so tired, I again didn’t care what he saw. I just lay down on the floor, curling up like a cat. George quietly chuckled, standing up to come to my side. “C’mon baby, lay down on the bed.” I glanced up at him, sitting up to be eye level with him. “Carry me…” I wanted to be held in his embrace and cradled like a child. I was drained and sore all over, I really needed a long bath, but right now all I wanted were his arms wrapped around me.

George moved his arm under the bend of my legs, pulling me into his lap, his other arm moving around my back. He lifted me off the floor and rests my body on his bed. He laid down beside me, pulling a thin sheet over me, covering me. He began to pull his arms away, I gently nudged myself to his chest, my arms wrapping around his broad torso. He hesitated; his muscular arms slowly wrapping around my back. I felt like he could crush me if he wanted, it made me afraid and feel safe at the same time.

I was starting to fade out when George pecked my forehead, his large hands caressing my sides and arms. “George…” I knew it was coming and I guess he knew to; the after sex talk. Especially after the way it had played out? There was for sure going to be a talk.

“Yes Annie?”

I was almost afraid to actually say what I wanted to ask him; “Why ...?”

“Why what…?” His body had gone a little stiff, though he still had me wrapped in his arms.

“Why did that happen last night…?”

“What? The sex?”

“Yes. You never had any interest in me before… you could have got in contact me with in so many ways if what you said is true. You know I breed dogs, you know I have a facebook. Why didn’t you try sooner?”

“Because Annie, My love… I’m a coward. I didn’t want to try and fail because I knew I hurt you; I had to wait until I saw you in person.” He brought his hand up, stroking my dark hair in the dim light.

I didn’t know what to say, he sounded so honest but at the same time I didn’t want to trust him and get hurt again. To most guys, sex is just sex. Make themselves reach the most pleasurable state and go on.

I looked up at him, pushing him away slightly. He starred down at me with his amazing blue eyes. I couldn’t say anything. I love him… even if what happened before is what happened before I need to forgive and forget. He loves me now, isn’t that all that matters?

Tears stung at my eyes, just remembering the night we had. He had to be forceful because he knows I’m strong willed, but on the other hand he was so gentle when he took me. I hiccupped lightly, keeping my gaze from his.

“Annie? Baby girl, are you okay?” George was trying for me to tilt my head so I was looking up at him again, I gently grabbed his hand and held it to the warmth of my cheek. Slowly I tilted my head so I could look up at him.

“Yeah… I’m just happy George.”

“About what.” He wasn’t saying it as if actually asking a question, he just wanted to hear me say it.

“That we’re here… that I’m here.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine; my eyes fell closed and returned the kiss, a few tears sliding down from the corner of my eyes. I’m not exactly sure what happen after the kiss, all I remember is that at some point George was naked again and he pulled the sheet over himself, letting us have skin contact. We both drifted off to sleep.


It was about 9:30 in the morning when I heard my phone ring. George got up and handed it to me. I was so dazed and my vision was so unclear, I didn’t even think about checking who it was. I answered;

“Hello?” I snuggled myself into George, I could hear him sniffing my hair. When he did that the smallest smile spread across my lips because it meant he never wanted to forget this moment with me.

“Hi Anna, this is Ren. We went to school together a few years back. Anyway, I've been trying to call George but he won’t answer. We have a football game today and everyone says he’s with you.” I just kind of laughed as Ren told me all this because I already knew that George wouldn’t leave and rush off for some sport…

“Why are you laughing?”

“Nothing nothing, what time is the game?”

“It’s at 5, but we have practice starting at 2. Can you tell him?”

“What exactly makes you think I know where he is?” George guessed who it was by the way I was talking, he just shrugged and started kissing my neck. I bit my lower lip, listening to Ren and trying like hell not to moan.

“Because Brad told me how he was looking at you and you made all the girls jealous. He hasn’t answered his phone and won’t respond to texts. He only does that when he’s with someone like his family or a girl.”

“A girl? How often does that happen?”

“Almost never, so consider yourself lucky. Now will you please just tell his white boy self he needs to be at this game?” Ren was losing his patience, I wanted to laugh but George started to bite on the swells of my breasts, so I had to make myself laugh in order not to moan.

“Y-Yeah sure thing Ren. Talk to you later.” I hung up the phone and threw it across the room. George had moved his mouth over mine and started to passionately kiss me, rolling me onto my back. He gently bit the skin around my nipples, it drove me crazy when he did this and I had to hold myself back just from screaming as the skin was so sensitive.

“We really don’t have time for more love making baby, but how about I bring you to a orgasm alright?”

I wasn’t sure what he was saying as I was coming down off a sexual high, so I just nodded and tilted my head back. He kissed down my body until he was in between my legs, he began to suck on my clit which was overly sensitive and made me whimper and moan at the same time. He moved his tongue to slide in between my pussy lips, the soreness making my hips buck with pleasure and pain. It didn’t take long at all for me to have an orgasm, shudders running through me as I gave in. My eyes rolled back, I wasn’t aware of anything except for the fact that George was again holding me to his chest.

Once I came to, or mostly, I looked up at him. My vision was blurred to the max, but I honestly wasn’t trying to look at him. I wanted him to kiss me.

“You alright?” His voiced had a hint of concern in it.

“I’m great, please kiss me.”

He chuckled and softly pressed his lips to mine, I groaned quietly and returned the kiss. We stayed with our lips locked for maybe two minutes before we parted. By then I had most of my composure back and I could see the sweetest smile across his lips. He gave me a squeeze, one I wasn’t expecting and one that took my breath away.

It was about 10 when George started up the bath, the water was warm when he pulled me in with him and it felt so good to get all the sweat off my body, not to mention all of his cum out of my pussy.

He sat down with me in front of him, his hands resting on my knees, slowly sliding up to wrap around my waist. In the ways that he touched me I could tell he loved me, the way he spoke to me, I could tell he loved me, but most of all his actions told me “I love you”.

“Who was on the phone?” He asked, his fingers massaging my scalp, the shampoo that covered his hands lathering my long hair.

“Ren, he wanted me to tell you he had a game and that it’s very rare you ignore everything and focus on one person, that I’m a very lucky girl.” I glanced over my shoulder at him, he chuckled quietly.

“Alright, I’ll have to make sure I’m on time so he won’t be on my back all day about it.” George started to lather my shoulders in body wash, moving down my arms the way he had when we were in bed with the oil. George had amazing hands, they way he could move them over my body made me feel completely aware of myself and then not at the same time.

I pushed the excess soap away from my face as he rinsed my hair, turning to face him. I pushed myself up onto my knees, my arms draped over his shoulders. He looked at me with tenderness, his hands wrapped around my lower back.

“What do you see when you look at me?” I softly asked as if I didn’t want anyone to hear, my fingers slowly caressing his cheeks.

“I see a girl who has been through so much, but has remained the sweetest person. I see a girl who stares at me with so much love that she’s held for so long that it makes my insides hurt for abusing her. I see a girl that I want to spend the rest of my life with… if she’ll have me.”

My heart skipped a beat almost every time he started a new sentence, I somewhat fainted with his last statement, my heart had skipped two beats and suddenly I couldn’t breathe, as if my body somehow forgot. I was a bit dizzy, George sat up slightly more to support me until I came to.

“Baby, what just happened?!”

“You basically just proposed… my body just reacted… that was weird.”

I pushed myself a bit away from his chest, regaining control of myself as I slowly sank onto my butt in case I lost my balance again.

“Please don’t do that again, I nearly had a heart attack.” I smiled, my eyes remaining on his worried expression.

“I can’t prevent that from happening, it’s what you do to me.” He half smiled, pecking my forehead.

“Lets finish cleaning up so I can get you something to eat. You have to be home by 12.”

Sadly, we finished our bath and dried off side by side in the large bathroom. I blow dried my hair with his moms hair dryer, throwing my messy hair into a pony tail and redressing. I had on my Capri’s with my lime green shirt on again with my flip flops. He was in a plain black shirt and jean shorts with a pair of white gym shoes. He looked hot as always waiting for me by the door.

He drove us to McDonalds for a quick bite so I would be on time getting home. He dropped me off at Wal-Mart which was a 5 minute drive home since that was where my car was. It was 11:30, so I took advantage and started making out with him right there, he supported my body with his, his back against my white Volvo.

I finally released him as it was nearing 12, getting in my car with a sad “see you later”. What I hadn’t expected was for him to call me up about a minute later.

“Sweetie, I forgot to tell you I love you. I hope to see you after my game tonight.”

I thought I would cry right there, but I managed to stay calm and respond with;

“I love you too, I’ll be there around 8:30 or 9. Hope you win.”

Again, we said “see you later” and hung up.

As I sat there for the rest of the short drive home, I thought about everything that had happened these passed two days. Tears stung my eyes though I managed to hold them back, thinking that all my suffering from this beautiful man was worth it now.

To be continued.

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