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Gina the Quickie

Gina was an awesome looker. I wanted her then and now.
I was horny tonight and decided to cruise the local bars looking for a quick piece of ass to whittle down my shaft. I walked into this small dive on Lexington Ave. The place was jumping and there were a lot of girls here that were unattached. I sat at the end of the bar scoping out the fluff.

Gina was the bartender tonight. She was kind of cute. She was wearing an apron over her white blouse. Her breasts were pushing that apron out. I noticed as I sat there that Gina had undone a few more buttons on her blouse. She came down to check on my drink. As she bent down to pick up some clean glasses, I could get a nice view of her naked breasts. She stayed bent over and smiled up at me.

“What time do you get off?” I said.

“I get off in an hour and I expect to get you off 30 minutes later.” She huskily replied.

“I’ll be right here waiting darling.”

She kept coming down my end of the bar to get clean glasses. Every time she bent over I got the greatest view. My cock was growing in my pants. I knew I was getting lucky tonight. One time when she bent over the steam from the washer enveloped her and she looked absolutely stunning and mysterious.

She got off and we headed out the back door to her truck. She took a blanket out of the truck and spread it out in the bed. We climbed in the back and laid down looking up at the stars. It was dark there but I could see the glow of her body.

I pulled her head towards mine planting a kiss hard on her lips. Her mouth opened and I thrust my tongue down her throat. She fought back with her tongue. We were locked in a duel of tongues. We were both moaning from our duel.

My hands grabbed her blouse and opened it up exposing her big tits. Her nipples were rock hard as I grabbed and pulled them. She cried out but I didn’t stop. I mashed and squeezed and pulled on those tits giving them a real workout. The reaction I got was her hips started pushing at my aroused cock.

Her hands were opening my shirt rubbing up and down my chest. I felt her reach down and undo my pants. She pulled my hard throbbing cock from my shorts. Her hands were soft and gentle but held me firmly. She stroked my cock up and down with a twisting motion of her hands. I was groaning.

I unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down, removing her thong in the action. She was totally naked now and her body was solid. Big tits, hard nipples, flat stomach, large mound, clean shaved greeted me. I pulled my clothes off got up on my knees and crawled over her with my face looking at her mound.

She stopped stroking me and put me in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she took my length completely in her. Her throat was pulsing and she was humming. It felt wonderful. The humming vibrations were making me get real hard. I was building to a big load.

I had buried my mouth on her mound. It was wet from earlier and her clit was poking out from its shroud. I grabbed it with my teeth and she bucked against me. I sucked it and tweaked it as she lay under me moving around. My tongue moved down to her slit and I spread her lips. I bit her lips and she bounced more violently.

I shot my load down her throat. She gobbled it up not leaving a drop. She kept sucking and I stayed hard. She spat me out of her mouth and rolled me over. My cock was pointing straight up. She scrambled to mount me and take my cock completely in her pussy. She was riding me hard. My cock was being held and squeezed by her pussy. She was in a hurry to drive it home. I kept feeling her cervix every time she pushed down. Her head was rolling side to side as small waves were pulsing her pussy. Soon she started more deliberate motions.

I could feel her pussy pulling me tightly preparing to explode. My balls were contracting preparing to spread my cream inside her. She rammed my cock home one last time as she came. I came as she rocked back and forth draining herself. I sprayed my cream inside her mixing with her cum. She sat astride me for a while to catch her breath and to feel the throbbing of my cock and her pussy together.

As she rolled off we got dressed and picked up the blanket. I was going to suggest we go back to my place.

“Thanks for the fuck. I’ll be seeing you around.”

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