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Giving In

Tags: lust, passion, heat
I sat watching MTV as I waited for James’ little sister to wake up. She’d come in late last night, as usual, and I’d volunteered to stay behind so she wouldn’t wake up to an empty house. My girlfriend and James’ wife were out shopping, they’d left not ten minutes ago. Kelli had never been to Arizona before and Mary had gladly suggested they go out on a shopping trip. James was at work till about five and I didn’t expect the girls to be back till around the same time, if not later. It was about noon now, Mary and Kelli had waited a while for James’ sister to wake up, wanting to invite her along, but after a few hours Mary stated that she probably wouldn’t be up for quite a while.

I’d met Sophie when she was still in junior high, almost six years ago. She was tall, but incredibly skinny and naturally very blond. In the past few years she’d grown into this long-legged, tan, voluptuous model with a brilliant smile and a wit to kill. She was now in her first year of college and on vacation for Spring Break, staying with her older brother and his new wife. Kelli and I had come down from Minnesota to pay James and Mary a visit. James was my best friend and I hadn't seen him since their wedding.

I heard a door open behind me and turned to see Sophie emerge into the living room, her blond hair roughed up from sleep, wearing only her underwear. She smiled at me, blue eyes flashing, and sauntered over to stand between me and MTV. I raised my eyebrows, trying to ignore her attire. “You just missed Mary and Kelli.”

She grinned, “I know.” I tried to keep my eyes from roaming any farther south than her chin, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. The underwear she’d chosen to sleep in was far too sexy for a girl of her age to be walking around her brothers best friend in. She took a few steps towards me and moved to straddle my legs, placing her tan knees on the couch and those long delicate fingers on my shoulders. She looked down at me and tilted her head to the side, long blond hair falling to wear the bottom of her bra met the tan part of her skin above her ribs. I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Uh, what are you doing?”

She grinned again and kissed me lightly on the cheek. I tried to think of what to do about the situation while those full pink lips ran a line down my neck.

“Uh, I have a girlfriend.” Her fingers were brushing down my chest. “You met her, actually. She’s the brunette with the little nose and the quick temper…” Truth was Kelli was gorgeous. An absolute dream of a girl. She was pale and delicate and sweet and kind. Not that Sophie wasn’t sweet or kind, she was just rather bold...and way too hot...

“I remember.” I felt her fingers at the edge of my shirt, and as she started to lift the fabric away I stopped her, grabbing both of those long fingered hands in mind. “Soph, I don’t cheat.”

She sat down fully on me and I could feel the warmth of her on my groin. She moved slightly, a motion that did not go unnoticed by our friend downstairs, and smiled devilishly. “Don’t you want me, Tristan?”

I knew Sophie, she didn’t lack any self-confidence. I’d be just another conquest to her. One of many, seeing as how experienced she appeared to be.

“Look, Soph, I can’t. I have a girlfriend. I can’t do that to her.”

The smile didn’t leave her eyes, “I see the way you look at me, Tristan. I know you want to.” She moved her hips again and my own lifted in reflex. Her mouth fell open and she laughed, tossing her head backwards in pure delight. She started to move her hips even more, the fabric of her underwear bunching up against my jeans. I bit back a groan and gripped the tops of her arms, rolling and pushing her into the couch. I clenched my teeth and glared at her hard.

“Stop, Sophie. We’re not doing this.”

She bit her bottom lip and I felt her legs wrap around my hips, tightening when I gripped her harder. “Sophie. No.”

I watched as one of her hands went to the space between her legs and another covered my own hand on her arm. Her long thin fingers dipped beneath the fabric of her red, red underwear and she clasped my hand tighter. Her lips parted and her eyelids fluttered. She whispered my name, “Tristan.” And I nearly lost control.

I moved to get off of her and her legs tightened around me. Using the hand she was covering with her own, I removed the wandering hand from her underwear and held it above her head. “What are you doing?” I asked fiercely.

She frowned slightly. “I’m trying to fuck you, Tristan.” Her free hand moved down her luscious body, the manicured fingertips lightly brushing across that perfect tan skin. “Let me.” I couldn’t help the gaze that followed those fingers as they covered the fabric of her underwear and over to her thigh. She reached up to the clasp of my jeans and deftly undid it, her blue eyes watching me intently.

I shook my head to clear the visions flickering through my mind. “Quit it, we are not doing this.” I told my body to move but it didn’t. I wasn’t listening to myself. She used my hesitation as an opportunity to take control. She lifted her mouth to mine and ran a hand through my hair, pulling my face closer to hers. Her kiss clouded my mind and forced any coherent thought from forming. She tasted irresistibly delicious. Like fruit and honey. Kelli didn’t taste like this. I froze. Shit. Kelli. There was a clear thought. I tried to pull back but she held me even tighter, wrapping both of her arms around my neck and lifting her body so I could feel that perfect skin through the fabric of my clothes. I groaned and stuck my hand into her soft blond hair, letting my body press her farther into the couch. Her delicious lips parted and she sighed into me, bringing us closer together than I thought possible.

I lost control then, pushing my groin flush against her and running my hands down her side, wrapping my arm around her back to hold her tighter. Her fingers were in my hair and I felt a thumb against my cheek.

I reached down to push my jeans and boxers out of the way. I was hard. Shit. Really hard. I pulled her panties to the side and went into her, shoving so hard it almost hurt. She gasped against my mouth and her hand fluttered to my chest. It took everything I had to hold back a moment and look at her. Her lips were flushed from kissing, her chest rising and falling with each breath. God she was hot. No, not hot. Beautiful. Gorgeous. She took my breath away. I moved my hand up her back and unclasped her bra, thrusting into her again simply because I couldn’t hold back.

I stripped the bra from her form, revealing the most perfect pair of tits I’d ever seen. I bent my mouth down to suck on a firm nipple, relishing in the little sound she made in response. I started to thrust into her slowly, feeling her response in every part of my body. I kissed her again and again, reveling in her every gasp and moan. She was like putty in my hands, her little body loose and breathless against me. I wanted to see her like this every day, those deep pink lips and gray blue eyes waiting for me when I got home from work. Those perfect pink tits and cherry colored nipples lifting to press against my chest. I wanted to feel her against me, skin to skin, and quickly removed my shirt, pressing my body against hers and holding her close, my mouth only centimeters from hers.

I quickened my pace and she closed her eyes. I stopped and they popped back open. “Look at me.” I growled, wanting to watch the emotion in her eyes when I was inside her. I could see the fight beneath those dark lashes when instinct told her to keep her eyes closed. She succeeded, even when she tipped over the edge and brought me with her, we crashed together in a fit of pleasure.

I pulled out and fell to her side, trying to catch my breath. I could feel her own hard breathing next to me and turned my head to look at her. Her eyes were closed, lips parted, and her bare chest rose and fell. I used my hand to turn her mouth to mine, pressing a firm kiss to those perfect lips. When I pulled away those gray blue eyes held me paralyzed. She looked entirely too sad for someone who’d just gotten exactly what she wanted. She blinked and the look was gone, she was turning away from me, falling off the couch and reaching for her bra.

I sat up and grabbed her wrist, “Where are you going?”

Her eyes met mine and she smiled, “I need to clean up, Tristan.” Her lips formed my name in a heavenly way. She looked me over and shot me a grin, “So should you.”

I looked down. My jeans were still unbuttoned, leaving my goods entirely on display. I tucked myself back in and zipped up, reaching for her again as she started to walk away. My fingers hooked around the band of her underwear. The lace was soft. “Wait, Sophie…” She turned back to me, a sudden look of boredom crossing her beautiful features. “Shouldn’t we talk about this?”

She shrugged, “It’s just sex, Tristan.” She tried to tug away but I pulled her back to me, grabbing both of her hands into one of mine. She sighed in annoyance and glanced at the door. “What?”

I sat up all the way and shifted to rest my back against the arm of the couch. “Why are you acting like this?” I tugged her down to sit by me, her little butt next to my legs. She looked at the door again and I followed her gaze. No one was coming that I could tell.

“Let go.” She started to stand and I moved to bring her closer. I turned her face to mine to look into her eyes. I saw only anger and released her, frustrated by her attitude. She stood and walked away. I waited for a moment before jumping off the couch and following her, whipping her around and crushing my lips to hers. Immediately she relaxed against me, her hands falling to my arm and chest. I lifted her up, feeling her long legs cradle my hips, and walked us into the room I was staying in with Kelli.

I froze. Guilt poured through me. I let Sophie to the ground. Shit. Kelli. I’d betrayed her in the worst possible way. I’d never experienced anything like this with Kelli. With her it took a while for the lust to surface. With Sophie it was immediate. It changed me, made me hungry and animalistic. Her expression now was pained, and I knew my own was a reflection. She smiled weakly and walked around me, leaving me standing in the darkness to wallow in the guilt that now enveloped me.

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