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Good Luck Charm

Carter needs some good luck for his baseball game tonight. And Tammy has it.
Tammy was having a hard time sitting still. She was sitting in the passenger seat of Carter's car, a place she had become well acquainted with in the past three months they'd been dating. But this was different.

She glanced sideways at him. He kept a complete poker face, staring straight at the road ahead, one hand on the wheel, even remembering to check his mirrors. She, on the other hand, was just hoping no passers-by could see her face through the completely non-tinted windows. She had a feeling her cheeks were painted pink by this point, and she couldn't quite keep the pleasured expression from coming to her face.

About fifteen minutes before school got out Carter had texted her saying simply, "I need my good luck charm." Nothing more, that was all that was needed. She knew what he meant.

She'd met him by the gate to the school parking lot as she often did, but instead of just calmly walking to his car like usual, he'd grabbed her hand and paced to it, dragging her behind him. She had briefly wondered why he was in such a hurry, but then she remembered that his baseball game tonight was earlier than usual. In fact they only had about an hour until he had to be back at the school for warm up, and her house was a good twenty minutes away.

It was normal for him to rest his right hand on her leg when he was driving. It was just something he liked to do. But it surprised her when he moved his hand up under her skirt and stroked her clit over her panties. She'd gasped in a breath, but didn't try to stop him. Her heart had immediately started beating twice as fast and she was having trouble breathing correctly. As he began to reach under her panties she spread her legs apart just a little more to give him easy access and continued to focus on her breathing.

But she really started struggling when he tickled that sensitive spot on her clit that he knew really got her. She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming and it took all her might just to sit still and let him touch her. She was immensely relieved when he moved on and started fingering her now burning hot pussy. She regained a little bit of her breathing as he went slowly and decided to make this a two sided game.

As he fingered her she reached over with her left hand and skillfully unbuttoned his pants. He finally glanced at her, a little nervous, but didn't try to stop her. She didn't have a good enough angle to really get him, but she knew how to drive him crazy. She reached in just enough to stroke the very tip of his penis, and stayed there until his breathing was heavy. She went a little further in then, running her fingers down the shaft and back up, focusing on the tip once again. He knew she was teasing him. So he decided to tease her.

He dug his fingers deeper into her, making her suck in another breath of air and straighten up in her seat. This time she couldn't stop the soft moan that escaped her lips as he rubbed her insides even harder. So she took it up a notch too. She took his dick full in her hand and squeezed just the way he liked it. He groaned, never having wanted her more badly than he did this second. Every passing minute was agony for the both of them, driving each other crazy with their hands.

When Tammy's house came into view they both hurriedly fixed themselves to get out of the car. The key wasn't even out of the ignition yet when Tammy hopped out and ran to the door, house key already in hand. She unlocked the door right as Carter came up to grab her and throw her over his shoulder, closing the door behind them as he walked in.

He didn't even bother going down the hall to her bedroom. He just threw her down on the couch and immediately pulled down her panties from underneath her skirt. She laid there, legs parted, ready for what was coming next as he unzipped his pants and pulled them down just enough to let his throbbing cock out. He wasted no time in satisfying his burning desire as he pushed all eight inches up into her at once, hitting her so hard she couldn't help but scream. He started to pound her, fast and hard, just loving how hot her little wet pussy was, loving how it completely sucked up his cock.

"Oh God, Tammy, yes!" he moaned as he reached his climax.

"Carter!" She yelled. Her steady moans became screams as he increased speed, bringing her up with him.

At once, orgasms washed over the both of them and they lay there, just trying to breathe again. After a couple minutes Carter finally exited her body and he kissed her kindly on the mouth.

"Good luck today," she said, caressing the side of his face.

He kissed her again. "Thank you," he said. Then he kissed the side of her neck and whispered, "I'll make this up to you later."

She let out a mixture of a moan and a laugh and he finally got up to pull his pants back on. She stood and gave him one last kiss. "Knock 'em dead," she said, and then he left.

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