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Good Morning

I wanted his huge cock in me, fucking my cunt almost viciously.
I lie there awake with the sun peaking through the window. It was early morning and I hardly slept that night. I was highly aroused laying next to my man, pondering weather or not to wake him so early on a Saturday after a horribly long work week. I could wait...

I could hear him breathing softly next to me and feel the heat of his body radiating towards mine, luring me in. My panties were damp from my arousal, my clit throbbing for attention. I wanted him and I wanted him fast and hard. I slowly pulled one strap of my tank top down, exposing my breast. He must of felt me move because at that moment he turned over and threw an arm over me, his hand unknowingly cradling my breast in his hand. I felt my nipple grow hard against his palm, silently urging him to squeeze. Only if he knew how much he was teasing me and how wet he was making me. I wanted his huge cock in me, fucking my cunt almost viciously. I wanted to feel his hot, throbbing shaft deep inside me, pounding me into orgasmic bliss.

My wetness was seeping through my panties at the thought of him drilling into me like I was his very own cum slut. He could do anything to me, and I loved every thing he did. Oh, how I wanted him to wake up!
How could he not wake up to the hand full and a half of my breast in the palm of his hand. I thought about sneaking my hand down into my panties and playing with my clit through my own juices my fingers would be swimming in to tide me over until he wakes. That would not be any where near as satisfying as his member, I decided to continue waiting.... For now.

Less than five minutes had passed and I had grown even more inpatient. I decided to get out of bed and freshen up a bit before I returned to bed a bit to roughly and 'accidentally' woke my sleeping pleasure partner. Wouldn't you know that didn't work....

Plan B.
I laid next to him and slid my hand underneath the covers and reached instinctively for his cock. I lightly stroked it through his boxer briefs and before long he stiffened right up. He stirred a little and slowly opened his eyes looking up at me. I pulled down the covers and straddled him. I lowered the other strap of tank top exposing both my breasts. His eyes lost contact with mine as he peered down to my pointed nipples. I grabbed his hand and guided it to my breast where he finally squeezed and pinched my nipple. I softy moaned with his long awaited touch. I bent down to kiss his neck, then his collar bone, down his chest and stomach, lightly dragging my nipples across him until I stopped at the elastic of his boxers. I ran my hand over his bulge and massaged him gently for a moment before I pulled down his boxers with my other hand, releasing his delicious cock from it's restraints.

I took his cock in one hand and lowered my lips to the tip, pausing for a moment and keeping him in suspense. I licked it with a quick flick of my tongue a few times before I opened wide and took his whole cock between my lips. I massaged my tongue against his hot shaft and he moaned softly "Fuck yeah."

I loved sucking his cock, it turned me on even more. I Slid it back in forth down my throat and felt him throb against me. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me deeper onto him, taking to the hilt and he moaned again.

I rose up smiling as he looked at me, dazed, possibly wondering if this was all a fantastic dream or not. I peeled off my panties and took his hand again to show him how much he turned me on. He slipped in a finger to my dripping folds and drew it back out, then plunged in two. I was sitting on his hand whiled he fingered me, I threw back my head and moaned a lil bit louder than before. He then stopped, drew his hand away and sat up. I whimpered quietly. He brought his soaking wet hand up to my mouth and I could smell my erotic juices. He made me lick myself off of him, which I was more than eager to do. I loved tasting myself on him. He slid his damp fingers into my mouth as I gently sucked on them, getting every bit off.

He motioned me to get on my hands and knees as he positioned himself behind me. He pushed my head down into the pillows and pulled my hips back to him. I could feel him, teasing his cock against the outside of my folds, then he pushed it through to slid it against my clit ever so slowly. I shuddered, longing for his penetration. He pulled away for what seemed like too long, then with a burst, I felt him ram his cock through my dripping slit into my cunt so easily. I screamed with pleasure at his thickness invaded me and felt every inch slide in. His hands, now at my hips, guiding my body with his thrusts.

He slammed into me, over and over and I could feel a tingle building. He must have known because he pulled out, thoroughly covered with my nectar. With no warning, he pushed it against my tight rear hole, pushing on the outside until I finally relaxed and gave way. I screamed again, this time with pain.... and pleasure. It hurt so good. He pumped my tight lil ass hole almost as hard as my pussy. My screams and moans were uncontrollable. I knew I was going to reach my peak with just a few more of his hard thrusts. He leaned down, one hand still on my hip, the other reaching for my breast. He grabbed and pulled at my nipple, releasing my shivering orgasm as I begged him to keep fucking me. A flood my honey flowed down my thighs.

"Don't stop! Cum in my ass baby! I want to feel you cum in me!" I moaned.

"I dont think so" he said as he pulled out and shifted himself closer to my face.

He intertwined his fingers in my hair and forced my face back onto his cock. I instinctively opened my mouth as he pushed my head down his shaft. He took control of me and pushed and pulled my mouth over him.

"Use your tongue, yeah... like that." He said through a moan. "I'm going to cum down your throat, I know how you like drinking my cum, you slut."

I gurgled at his words. He knew exactly what to say to turn me on.

He fucked my mouth, hands in my hair, thrusting as I fondled his nut sack in my hand. I lightly squeezed and he stopped moving, threw back his head and shuddered as I felt his cock pulse and shoot his cum into the back of my throat. There was so much, I had trouble swallowing it all. Some escaped my lips and ran down my cheek. He paused for a few seconds before releasing his grip in my hair and slowly withdrew his member. I licked off the cum that got away on him, making sure to get every drop, even wiped it off my chin with my finger then licked my finger clean. 

He grinned at me before he flopped down on his back and pulled me to him in an embrace. He past out within seconds, smile still on his face. I wasn't to far behind him although I was already thinking of round two.
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