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Good Morning Wake Up Call

Good Morning Wake Up Call

Sometimes reality is better than a dream.

She smiled when her phone pinged with the familiar FaceTime chime.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning beautiful.”

She giggled. “I wasn’t expecting to hear from you this morning. I thought you had an early meeting.”

“It got pushed back an hour. So I seized the opportunity to see my favorite girl.  How are you this morning?”

“Other than missing you, I’m fantastic.  The kids got up and off to school with minimal fuss for a change.”

“Excellent. I miss you too. As long as nothing unexpected comes up, I’ll be home in time for dinner tomorrow night.”

“Good,” she replied. “Anything, in particular, you’d like to eat?”

“You know I’ll eat anything you fix babe. I’ll just be glad to be home with you and the kids.”

“I’ll be glad that you’re home too. You know I don’t sleep well when you’re not beside me.”

“I know. Neither do I.”

“I did dream about you last night.”

“Oh, you did, hmmm?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows.  “And just what were we doing in this dream of yours?”

“I don’t remember a lot of the details but we were in bed together and when I woke up this morning I was...,” she trailed off.

“You were what?” he asked.

“Wet.  I was wet.”

“Damn, that must’ve been some dream.”

“It must’ve been,” she agreed.  “Though...” Again she trailed off.

“Though what?” he queried. “We’ve talked about this. Talk to me, baby. Tell me.”

“I wasn’t just wet when I woke up this morning. I felt needy.  In fact, I’m still wet and needy.”

“Then I suggest you go and take care of that need. Right now. And I want to watch.”

“What?  No! I’ll just wait until you get home tomorrow night.  Besides, don’t you have a meeting to get to?“

“Absolutely not,” he said, transforming from loving husband to demanding Dom with just those two words. “You will do it now. You will go to the bedroom, get naked, pull out the toy of your choice, climb into bed and FaceTime me back.”

“But -“ she tried to argue, but he cut her off.

“Alexa,” his voice boomed over the speakers. “Set a timer for 5 minutes.”

“Timer set for 5 minutes starting now,” Alexa responded.

“Get that sweet ass moving, Kitten.  Now! When that timer goes off, you better be ready and I better hear it go off.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” she replied, ending the video chat and heading to the bedroom.

With 30 seconds to spare, she FaceTimed him back, naked and toy in hand.

“Good girl,” he said by way of answering. “If my calculations are correct we should hear from Alexa right about now.”

Sure enough, Alexa piped up and said that 5 minutes had passed.

“Now,” he said, “as much as I’d like to watch the entire show, I know that won’t work, so I want to watch your face as you tell me exactly what you’re doing. In very explicit detail. Am I clear, Kitten?”

“Yes Sir,” she replied.

“Good girl. If it’s easier you can tell me what you remember from the dream to start.”

“I was on top, in reverse cowgirl. My hands were cupping my breasts, while my thumb and forefinger tugged at my diamond hard nipples. Your cock was buried inside my soaking wet pussy and you were teasing my asshole with your fingers.”

“Damn,” he growled. “Had you told me that earlier, I would’ve had you insert your princess plug.”

“As you teased my ass with your fingers, I rocked my hips and your cock rubbed against my g spot,” she said, almost as though she hadn’t heard him.  “God, I wanted your fingers in my ass so bad, but you just teased me with them.”

“Tomorrow night,” he growled again. “Tomorrow night I will have that ass.”

“I was so close to orgasm. One hand slid down my belly and found its way to my throbbing clit. I wanted to rub it and cum, but that’s when the alarm went off.”

“Then do it, now. Reach down and rub that throbbing, aching clit for me.”

She reached down and found the needy button, slowly rubbing it. “Oh fuck, that feels so good.”

“Talk to me baby, tell me how good it feels. Tell me what you’re doing.”

“I’m rubbing it. Drawing slow circles around it. It feels so wonderful. I need more though.  I’ve got the toy in my other hand now. I’m so wet it slipped right in. I’m pushing it in deep, so deep. Oh, fuck.  Yes.”

“That’s it, baby. Keep going and keep talking.”

“You know this is my favorite toy. I love how the ridges feel as it slides in and out. Faster, baby. I need to move it faster. Oh god, yes. Just like that. It feels so good. So damned good. I’m going to cum. Please, may I cum?”

“Yes, my Kitten. Cum for me.”

Her hand moved in a blur as she frantically worked the toy in and out of her dripping pussy.  Her eyes closed and her teeth clamped down on her lip as the orgasm racked her body.

As the waves subsided, she slowed her hand, enjoying the aftershocks. Her eyes drifted open and met his.

“Thank you,” she smiled. “That was amazing.”

“Are you satisfied, Kitten?”

“Um,” she sighed.

“Kitten.  Are you?” She knew that tone just as she knew it was best to answer him honestly.

“Yes and no,” she answered.

“I thought as much. The princess plug and lube are in the bedside table, yes?”

“Yes, they are.”

“Get them and insert the plug in your ass. Do it, Kitten. No argument.”

She bit back the sassy reply on the tip of her tongue. “Yes, Sir.”

Reaching into the drawer she located the plug and lube. Flipping open the cap, she squirted lube onto the plug. Adding a bit more lube to her finger, she slowly rubbed it around her pucker before working the toy inside.

“Oh,” she moaned as the plug slid home.

“It’s in I take it?”

“Oh yes, Sir. It’s in.”

“Good. Tell me how it feels. Tell me how it makes you feel.”

“It feels amazing. I feel so full. And horny. So fucking horny.”

“That’s my dirty girl. Tomorrow night my cock will be buried in that tight ass and you will beg me to fuck you deep and hard. For now, I want you to come again for me. Rub that aching clit and cum for me, Kitten.”

“Yes Sir,” she mewled as her fingers slid through her slick folds, finding her nubbin. “I’m so wet and horny. I can’t wait to feel your cock buried deep in my ass tomorrow night. I’m going to cum so hard. So fucking hard,” she panted as her fingers flew across her clit.

“That’s it, baby. Cum for me. Cum thinking about how deep and hard I’m going to fuck that tight little asshole tomorrow night. Cum, baby.”

“Ohh fuck,” she cried. “I’m cumming. Yes!  Yes! Oh, fuck yes!” Her body bowed as her second orgasm slammed into her like a freight train.  She rolled to her side, the sheer force of it leaving her weak.

“Feel better, now Kitten?”  His voice seemed to come from far away.

She blinked a few times before his face came back into focus. “Yes, I do. Thank you again, Sir.”

“My pleasure Kitten. You may remove the toy now. I suggest a nap. Tell Alexa when to wake you.  I’ve got to run. I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

“I love you,” she replied, just before he ended the FaceTime.

“Alexa, wake me up in an hour,” she murmured, already drifting off to sleep.


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