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Gym Pleasures

My gym offers more than just a little weight lifting... I like some cardiovascular exercise!
My life has gotten super busy since my move. I love my newjob; I’m decorating my house. I joined a gym, and have started to work my ass off. I’m finding muscles I didn’t know I had. That was where I met her, at my gym.

I was in the locker room, mid-afternoon, on a Wednesday, getting ready to do my circuit. I had seen Marcy around the gym, but never really took notice. Until I realized my locker was right next to hers. I was unbuttoning my blouse when she came in. I couldn’t help but look up when I heard the click-clack of heels on the tile floor. She was wearing a pair of pumps that looked like they cost more than my first car, pantyhose, a knee-length pencil skirt in black, and tucked in sky blue blouse. Her blonde hair was in a bun, and she didn’t wear jewelry. I wouldn’t call her fat, but she definitely invested well in her gym membership. She’s maybe thirty pounds overweight, but she carries it well. Mostly in her huge breasts, I would estimate them at least a 40DD. She has very large thighs, but I thought she was pretty all the same.

“Hi, I’m Marcy.” She extended her hand and I shook it. The locker room was silent; we were the only ones there. I had only seen a few other people and the gym staff on my way in.

“Halley. I like your heels. Where’d you get them?” We chatted about shoes and shops while I took off my jewelry, and undressed. I slipped out of my jeans, and she took a sharp breath. I was suddenly self-conscious; I wasn’t wearing any underwear that day. I had gotten a wax the day before, and I relished the feel of the seam of my jeans rubbing my clit all day. I knew I was red and swollen, with some moisture.

“You have the most beautiful ass…” Marcy sounded wistful. She was down to her hose and bra. I like the tan color of her skin. I was relieved she wasn’t outraged by my nudity when suddenly her cold fingers were on my cheeks. I felt her acrylic nails dig in while she squeezed and molded my mounds.

It caught me off guard. I hadn’t had a lesbian relationship since my move, and craved a woman’s touch. Goosebumps appeared on my skin, and my nipples hardened, like I needed any reminders of how horny I was. While I froze in shock and desire, her hands wandered down between my legs and her fingers rubbed my outer lips, and a finger rubbed my rosebud. I sighed loudly, like you’d hear in bad porn movies.

“You’re so smooth. I just love your body, would you mind if I…” She didn’t finish her sentence as she sucked on my neck. I was in instant heaven, and clay to be molded by her hands. She pushed me against the lockers and sucked her way down to my breasts, which she freed from my lace bra promptly. I felt my knees go to jelly when she drew in my right nipple to her mouth. Her tongue swirled around, and she nibbled, while her other hand aggressively groped my left breast. When she switched nipples, she pinched them both and I had to lie on the bench.

She suckled on my breasts, until I was moaning. I felt my fluids running out and down my ass. Her fingers had been exploring my nether folds, and when she inserted one finger inside I arched my hips, trying to drive her finger into a rhythm. She kissed and licked a trail down to my vagina, when she promptly hooked my knees on her shoulders and started to eat me out, while finger fucking me. Her tongue was deft, licking my clit, and then sucking it, and then she hummed. I was seeing stars, my first orgasm. I felt heavy and overly sensitive. Just like a woman to know what I needed, she let up on my clit and started trying to find my g-spot, while rubbing my little rosebud, working a finger in so very slowly.

She found my g-spot quickly, and started stroking as she got her finger past my clenching ring up to the first knuckle. I was going mad, pulling on my breasts and thrusting my hips, my toes curling as waves built. I felt like I was going to lose it, when I came. I squirted a little, she was so happy. As I was coming down from my cum, she pulled out her finger from my ass. I started to orgasm all over again.

I lay on the bench of the locker room as Marcy cleaned me. I was limp and exhausted. She patted my clit, making me jerk, as she stood. She put her skirt back on, and pulled on her blouse. I watched her dazed. No woman had ever made me cum as hard. She licked her lips, giving me one last look, as she clacked away.

I stayed still, on the bench, for a long time. I must have nodded off, because when I woke up a male trainer was taking my pulse.

“Oh god, I thought you passed out and I was going to have to fill out a report.” His voice was husky, and his face pleasant to look at. I could smell the scent of sex in the air, and I was embarrassed. “Marcy told me there was somebody in the locker room that needed me.” His eyes took in my splayed form. His eyes lingered on my vagina, which was shining with pussy juice and saliva. “You alright?” He smiled at me.

I grabbed the crotch of his shorts and pulled him close to me. Alarm dawned on his face as I yanked down his pants, his cock sprung out. I pulled the eight inch cock into my mouth and started to give him a blow job. He soon was at rock hardness, and I told him he better fuck me.

He slid between my legs and kissed my clit, and lick me until I was jerking my hips in anticipation. He brought his cock up to my hole, and I stretched to hit him. We sighed in unison, and he set the rhythm. I clawed at the bench as I came. He followed, pulling his cock out and spurting onto my tummy. He licked his cum off my tummy, and cleaned up my juices that were dripping down. He pulled me up off my back, and then pulled up his shorts. He adjusted himself and left me to go shower the sweat and cum off.

I suddenly started to like the gym a lot more after that. 

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