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Haircut and a Little Extra

Ashley gave me the best haircut ever.
My wife commented that it was time for my monthly trip to the big chain barber shop. You know the place. You can get a haircut, shampoo and a massage all for one low price. I have a favorite lady barber but she is always unavailable so I usually take whoever is available.

I entered the place and signed in and waited my turn. Being retired I can go in off peak times so there were only 2 men ahead of me. Those guys were called to chairs and this beautiful young lady calls my name and takes me back to her chair in the back corner of the room.

“Hi, I’m Ashley. I see you are a regular. Want the works?” she asked as she swung the chair around for me to sit in.

“Sure thing kiddo, make me gorgeous,” was my smart ass reply.

“Not much for me to work with,” she countered as she put the cape on me.

“A feisty one, I like that.” I laughed.

She asked if I wanted the regular and started cutting my hair. She was pretty short so she had the chair all the way down and still had to stretch to reach to cut my hair. I noticed pretty quickly she was rubbing her ample bosom all over me because she just couldn’t reach everywhere she needed. I was really enjoying having her tits rubbed all over me as she cut away. We chatted about her kids and my only kid and that her ex-husband was not in the picture.

I noticed her leaving her breasts on me longer and longer. I looked around the room to see if anyone could see us and no one could. I pulled a hand out from under the cape and simply put it on her hip to see if she would move away. Ashley looked me in the eyes and smiled.

I moved my hand between her legs and started gently rubbing her through her pants. Ashley turned the chair so her back was to the room giving me a clear view if anyone came our way. She never stopped her chit chat as she kept cutting my hair. She did spread her legs to give me better access. I obliged her. I started a gentle massage of my own. She started grinding back after a few minutes of my rubbing her.

“I’m getting close,” Ashley whispered. 

“How about my shampoo and massage?” I asked giving us an excuse to move to the back room.

“Right this way,” Ashley said as she stepped away from my grip.

We moved to the back room and I shoved her into the wall and kissed her. I slid my hand inside her pants and found her hot and very wet. I slid two fingers up and down her wet lips getting them lubed before slipping them both into her. I started fingering her quickly as I squeezed one of her huge tits. She was breathing shorter and faster.

“Cum for me. I want to feel your pussy grab my fingers as you climax.” I growled.

I sped up seeing another barber heading our way. Ashley bit her lip and grunted as she came. I did get to feel her squeezing my fingers as several waves of her orgasm rolled over her. I gave her a quick kiss then jumped in the chair just before the room was no longer ours alone. Ashley repositioned the cape so my erection wasn’t visible. She washed my hair and gave me the obligatory massage then made a few corrections on my hair. She took out a card and scribbled something on the back. I put it in my pocket and headed up to pay my tab. We smiled like all was normal. I settled the tab and said my goodbyes.

I went outside and got in my car before pulling out the card.

I open the store alone every Monday at 10:00. Your turn then A.

I can’t wait for my next haircut.

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