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Hannah - Getting Wet!

There are other ways to get wet other than jumping into a swimming pool!
I watch her as she teaches, in her black coaches top and shorts. Both are a bit baggy, but as she climbs down the ladder into the water I think about what she'll look like when she comes out!

Twenty minutes later Hannah climbed out of the water, her clothes clinging to her sexy little body. Her shorts hugged her tidy arse and had ridden up slightly towards her crotch, revealing more of her smooth slim thighs. She saw me watching her and I swear she smoothed her top over her small tits to show them off more.

After dismissing the kids she was teaching, Hannah wandered over to talk to another parent. She let slip that she'd gone into the water in her bra and knickers as she'd forgotten her swimming costume!

After Hannah had finished talking to the parent, I walked past her, leaned towards her and whispered, "There are easier ways to get your knickers wet than jumping in a swimming pool you know!"

As I walked on she called after me,

"And what might that be then?"

I stopped, thought for a moment' turned to face her and replied,

"Well I could show you if you like!"

Hannah raised her eyebrows -
"Oh could you? Well you'd better help me put the floats away first then!"

We spent the next 5 minutes putting the equipment away in the store, each of us stealing little looks at each other and smiling.

I took the last of the floats into the store and as I turned to leave the room, Hannah closed the door and locked it... with her on the inside.

She slowly turned around, leaned back against the door, put her hands behind her back and said -

"So, how are you going to get my knickers wet then?"

"Well," I said as I moved towards her, "let me think now... I could squirt you with a water pistol."

"Mmmm," replied Hannah. "What else?"

"I could sit you down in a puddle or I could push you under the shower," I said as I got closer to her.

"Or... I could... rub them into your pussy for you... or I could lick them with my tongue."

I stood close up to her, looking down into her eyes as she smiled and lifted one knee and put her foot against the door.

Not giving her a chance to choose, I pinned her to the door and pushed my hand in-between her legs. Hannah immediately swung her knee outwards to give me more room. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me hard against her, kissing me, her tongue going straight into my mouth.

I pulled her shorts down off her tight arse and she wriggled them down to the floor, giving full access to her already wet knickers. Gently probing, my fingers traced the lips of her pussy and I pushed her knickers into her slit. I rubbed her knickers against her clit and she whimpered with pleasure.

Sliding her knickers to the side I then brushed my fingers up and down her slippery hot slit. She gasped as my finger finally touched her flesh.

"Oh yes!" she mumbled as she began to rotate her hips and grind against my fingers. I pushed two fingers into her hard and Hannah grinded against them. I rubbed her clit with my thumb and continued to finger fuck her, whilst my other hand clawed at her small breasts.

Next, I carried her over to a soft pile of mats and put her down on them.

"Take off your knickers," I ordered her, and she did as she was told.

"Now spread your legs," I said as I took her knickers and slowly pushed them up her tiny shaved crack. Hannah just lay there playing with her tits and pulling at her nipples as her panties disappeared inside her.

Once her panties were completely inside I knelt between her parted legs and lowered my mouth towards her shiny dripping cunt. Just a few light whispy hairs sat at the top of her tiny pussy as I ran my tongue all around her. She tasted incredible, like nectar, as my tongue licked her pussy entrance.

With my teeth I slowly pulled her knickers out from inside her tight hole and then returned to her clit, licking hard with my tongue in a side to side motion. She really did taste delicious. Hannah gripped the back of my head, pushing my face into herself and held me there. I had no choice but to continue eating her delicious pussy.

I reached up and holding her behind her knees, pushed her legs upwards, which lifted her arse slightly. I began to lick the tight skin between her pussy and her anus, occasionally slipping over her tiny bumhole. She gasped with pleasure each time!

I continued to give her the licking of her life until she finally panted, "Do you have any other pistol that you could squirt me with?"

"I might have," I replied and got to my feet. Hannah sat up, her face now directly in line with my groin, and the huge lump in my jeans.

"It's in my jeans!" I said and then waited, as Hannah undid my belt and pulled my jeans and shorts down in one swift movement. My hard cock sprang out like a Jack In The Box and within seconds it was in her hand. Holding the base of my shaft she pulled my foreskin back and proceeded to run her tongue over my bright purple helmet, before wrapping her hot mouth around the head of my cock. She leisurely began to lick and gently suck at the same time, being really careful not to touch me with her teeth. Occasionally Hannah would run her tongue down the length of my shaft and lick my balls, before returning to my tip, wrapping her lips around it,and sucking hard.

After a good few minutes she looked up at me. "How do I make it squirt then?" she said with a cheeky grin on her face!

"Oh that's easy," I said. "We just need to pump it up a bit first and then let it go!"

I pushed Hannah onto her back and pushed her thighs apart. Her wet swollen pussy inviting me in. I guided the tip of my cock to the entrance of her slit and rubbed it up and down against her, before little by little easing myself into her. I watched her as her cunny lips parted and stretched as I pushed myself into her.

Once in, I held Hannah by her ankles and pushing her knees towards her ribs, began to slide in and out of her glorious tight cunt. I withdrew slowly and then with the tip of my cock nuzzling just between her red lips plunged back down into her, my balls slapping into her arse. I kept this up, gradually getting faster and faster, until I was fucking her like crazy.

"Fuck me... fuck me!" Hannah kept repeating.

"Harder... fuck me so hard," she begged, and I picked up the pace once more, fucking her as hard as I could, pounding into her until I could not hold on any longer.

"Are you ready for that squirt?" I asked as my balls heaved and bubbled inside.

Pulling out of her, I grabbed my cock and with just two more pumps began to squirt hot jets of cum all over her. Two squirts reached her nose and chin and the rest splattered on her tits and tummy.

Hannah eagerly scooped up my cum with her fingers and licked them clean before sitting up and licking my dying member clean too.

We dressed in silence and a Hannah unlocked the door to leave, she turned and said,

"That was much more fun than jumping in the pool to get my knickers wet. Maybe you'd like to get them wet again some time... I'd certainly like to squirt your pistol again!"

I nodded - "Anytime Hannah... anytime!"

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