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Happy Hour

After some drinks, Natalie and Chris put on a show for other bar-goers.
"Are you almost ready?" Chris called from the living room.

"I'll be done in five minutes!" I yelled back.

"You need to hurry up Natalie, the bar isn't open forever!" He called back, but I could hear the joking tone in his voice.

Chris and I have been together for four years, since we graduated college. Most people say you cannot make a relationship from a one-night stand, but our relationship has been nothing but fantastic.

I applied a rich, chocolate eye-shadow to my deep blue eyes, and made sure my blonde hair was perfectly straight. On my 5'7 frame, my hair fell down to my waist. My 34B cup boobs looked extra dapper in my strapless, skin tight club dress, the same deep blue as my eyes. I applied a coat of red lip-stick and added all the necessities into my clutch. I didn't put on any panties, nervous that even a thong would leave panty-lines in my extra skimpy dress.

"Well don't you look gorgeous." Chris winked at me, grabbing me by the waist and kissing my forehead.

"Well you don't look bad yourself," I said, with another flirtatious wink back.

Chris was 6'2, and very broad. He had short, light brown hair, with blue/green eyes and the body of a god. He was wearing a black button up with his sleeves rolled up, black jeans and black shoes. His tattoos showed from his rolled up shirt.

"Shall we leave?" He asked.

"We shall," I said, mocking his tone.


Once at the bar, we immediately began drinking. We did not go out to the club too often, so when we did, we made sure we had fun.

After a couple of drinks, we hit the dance floor. Great clubbing songs were playing, and I made sure to grind all over Chris, having lots of fun.

The drinks started kicking in, and all of the grinding on Chris made me start to feel horny. Glancing at his face, this did not seem present to him, though he was much harder to get drunk than I was.

"I'll be right back," I said to him, trying to hide my tone.

"Is everything all right?" He asked.

"Completely fine, just a routine girl mirror check-up," I said. He nodded and went back towards the bar to order another beer.

I ran to the bathroom, and went straight for a stall. Though Chris and I would probably fuck when we got back, I knew I couldn't wait possibly another 2 hours.

Without hesitation, I shoved a finger in my pussy. Keeping my left hand circling my clit, my right hand pumped in and out, each time causing me to let out a long moan. I began to whimper, my body shuddering with pleasure. Finally, I reached orgasm, my body shaking while I gasped for air.

When my body stopped shaking, I cleaned myself up, and walked out of the stall. Another girl walked out of the stall next to me and starred at me, looking disgusted. To piss her off even more, I took my fingers and started sucking on them, making her run from the bathroom.

I caught back up with Chris at the bar, him chatting with the bartender, Bryce, who we've known for a year.

"That took a while," Chris said.

"Oh, I saw Chelsea, Kaitlyn's cousin, so we were talking for a little," I spat out.

"Um... okay," Chris said, still trying to read my expression.

We headed back on the dancefloor. Chris grabbed my head and we started kissing, while I ground up on him facing him. I was guessing his drinks must've finally been kicking in, because I felt a little tension rising from his pants. I looked down at the rising bulge and back at his eyes, then bit my lip.

"Ya know, Bryce said we could do it this time. Like we always wanted," Chris said. I knew what he was talking about. It was mainly his fantasy, but the drinks must really be making me think weird, because I agreed to it.

I soon felt his hand slid under my dress, feeling my already dripping pussy.

"You forgot panties... AND you're already wet? Now I know what you did in that bathroom," he said. I giggled in agreement. I then felt his thumb on my clit, massaging my bud. I began to moan in the middle of the dancefloor. I saw Chris look over to Bryce who gave him a nod, then he lifted me up and laid me on the counter. I already knew what was to come.

"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight's... for lack of a better word... entertainment!" called Bryce.

Chris hitched my dress up around my waist and lowered the top, the dress now only covering my stomach. I heard gasps, cheers, whistles, oos, ahs and many other expressions showing a range of emotions.

Chris then unzipped his jeans and let his 7" cock spring to attention.

"Fuck her, buddy!" I saw a bear-looking guy call from the crowd.

"Are you sure you want to do this? It's still up to you... If you don't want to I'd understand," Chris whispered in my ear, whole-heartedly, but with a hint of desperation in his voice.

"Fuck me, please," I begged. He smiled, nodded and shoved his cock inside of me.

Right away I moaned with pleasure, hearing everyone cheer. Chris kept pumping into me, his cock throbbing in my puusy.

"Oh, fuck Chris! Oooh yeah!" I shouted.

Soon the pleasure was too intense, and I arched my back, a huge orgasm raging over my body, sending wave after wave through me until I came all over his dick.

"Fuck, Natalie, you're so good," Chris said, right before shooting his load in me.

Both of us panting, trying to catch our breath, my body still shuddering from waves of orgasm, everyone went wild. Cheering, whistling, going insane. We fixed ourselves up, and Bryce gave us a nod and a wink, and we went on our way home.

Chris and I got naked, but that was all. We went straight to sleep in each others' arms.

This happy hour turned into a VERY happy hour.

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