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He is always ready

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If I need it, I want it
He is always ready..

This morning when I got up, I had one thing on my mind. I needed real sex. I only had one man in mind that I knew could give it to me. Without hesitation, I texted Paul.

“Hello! what time do u get off work?”

I didn’t have to wait long for a reply. “Around one. Why?”

“U have time for me today?”

“For u always. U want to come for a visit?”

“That will be nice, but I can`t stay long thou.”

“What can I get u to drink?”

“Nothing thank u. I`ll see u after one then.” The thing about me wanting things is that if I want something, I want it now. But, I’ll have to wait for the whole day. I really need it, and with Paul.

Why Paul? He's good at what he does. He`s been single for so long now and I don’t have to worry about our friendship. We don’t always have sex, sometimes we just sit at the kitchen table and chat for an hour or so on the weekends. Why, it's about five years now that we known each other, with no strings attached, because he's busy and, well, I’m married.

Finally it was after one pm. I gave him time to get home and bath. Then just before half past one I parked in the driveway. Paul opened the door and I knew I still wanted him.

“Hi,” I said as I stepped in.

“Hello,” was his reply with a quick kiss. He wanted to go to the kitchen and I went and sat on the long couch in the living room. He asked if I wanted some coffee and I replied no thank you, I’m fine for now.

So we chatted for awhile. Then he said he was glad I texted him, because he was thinking of me and wondered how I was doing. By then I couldn’t take it any more and said, “I texted you 'cause I wanted sex.”

My God was he excited, he nearly jumped on me. So I jumped up and went to his room. That was the fastest I got undressed; I just left everything in a heap on the floor.

Paul also was ready when I got onto the bed, he was on top of me in no time, and ready. He knew what I wanted. No foreplay today. I put a little oil in and around my pussy.

Paul puts both my legs on his shoulders and slowly, ever so slowly, he pushes his cock forward in my pussy. He is a tight fit and filling me completely as he goes in. I can’t help but start to tremble with each little push forward. I know I’m going to come fast, as I have been waiting the whole morning for this.

“That right Paul.” I’m thinking to myself. “Put it all in, I want all of you in me.”

My pussy is contracting on his cock and I’m climaxing ever so fast. I feel as if I can just rod it all the way in faster, but Paul as I know wants to enjoy it also every little bit.

Then when he’s all in and preparing for harder, faster thrusts, I come. But I still want more. Paul leans forward and smiles at me, then the deep thrusting to the rhythms of our hearts start. Oh my god, I love it.

I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation rippling though my body.

“Did you come?” he asks. I can’t talk so I put two fingers up. I pull him up close to my body and look up in his eyes.

“Kiss me!” I ask.

We kiss passionately with our tongues in and out of each other’s mouths. I feel I’m climbing up to a climax again and holding tight onto Paul’s hips I help him to go harder and deeper. Just before I hit rock bottom he pulls out. Gets me on my all fours and goes in again. I hold my breath and and tell Paul not to hold back. I need it hard and fast.

He starts with small shallow thrusts. The sensation starts up again rippling through my body as he his thrusts go faster and harder. My breasts swing ever so hard, backwards and forwards, but I don’t care much. I started hitting back hard as he comes forward. Just then my satisfied moans fill the room as I’m coming, hoping Paul is near also.

“I’m coming,” I call out. I feel his hands grip my hips harder as he thrusts ever so harder till he comes also. We both lie for a while just on the bed.

I had three orgasms without stopping. It was awesome! ©

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