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He Was A Good Teacher (Chapter Two)

He brought me to places of pure ecstasy...
It had been almost a week since my sexual encounter with my teacher, Mr. Patterson. I couldn't erase his touch from my memory. I craved it. It was almost like a drug, intense and electrifying. Every day since then had been a blur, with the thought of myself on my knees in front of him. It was all that was on my mind.

With finals for school and state playoffs coming up, I was beyond stressed. Not to mention the fact that I had not been laid in over six months. I walked into Mr. Patterson's class and took my normal spot at my own desk at the back of his room near his office. It was almost torture being so close to his office. The place where we had just been so intimate only a week before. Thoughts of his tongue skillfully massaging mine and his cock grinding against my pussy took over my thoughts. I was wet instantly.

"Are you alright?" chimed Mr. Patterson, interrupting my thoughts, "You look very deep in thought," he said, then lowered his voice and added, "And if I didn't know any better, the way you were biting your lip and staring at my office door, I would say you were thinking about you and I."

I blushed. It must have been written all over my face. "I'm fine. I'm just stressed. I have finals coming up in two weeks, soccer practice is killing me because playoffs are here, and I really want something I can't have." I raised my eyebrows at him, seeing if he could take the hint.

He laughed huskily and retorted, "Ah, yes, I know the feeling. Quite well actually. But we all want things we can't have." And winked at me.

"Who says we can't?" I pouted and batted my eyelashes.

The bell rang cutting off his next sentence. "You know what I want," he replied, and winked at me.

He resumed his place at the front of the classroom and continued writing a warm-up task on the board. I could see his shoulder muscles flex through his tight polo as wrote on the board.

The end of class came and the rest of the day was a blur. By the time fourth period ended, I just wanted to sleep, but my day was no where near over. I had soccer practice after school at 3:30. I made my way to the bathrooms to change and sat in the lobby with my friend Bri and talked with her as we put our cleats on.

"Oh my God," exclaimed Bri. I followed her gaze to see Mr. Patterson walking down the hall towards the main office. "He's so fucking sexy. You would think our principal would think twice about hiring a man who looks like him. I bet all the girls are drooling over him during class. Mads, you're so lucky to be his teacher assistant."

I giggled, "Yeah, I guess I am. He's funny, too." I continued staring at him. He was truly a sight to see with his tanned skin, coffee hair, and stunning hazel eyes. "We should probably go ahead and go to the fields, it's almost 3:25," I said to Bri. We got up and started toward the front doors. I glanced behind me to see Mr. Patterson watch us walk away, he caught my gaze and winked at me.

Thirty minutes into practice and I was exhausted. A few of our team mates were late, and our coach does not like late. He had us running sprints that were the length of the entire field. I was drenched in sweat and was taking a break when my coach called me.

"Madison," he barked, "I need you to go to the weight room and get the coolers and fill them up with ice water. And hurry."

I nodded my head and slowly started jogging up the hill towards the weight room. I pulled the door open and headed toward the equipment room. As I was looking in the closet, I heard a door open and close behind me. I looked behind me to see Mr. Patterson come out of the locker room, clearly fresh from a shower due to his damp hair.

"Well, well, well. Look who is it. What are you doing in here?" he asked, clearly assessing my body. I was sweaty in a pair of short shorts and a thin sports bra. Due to the sudden temperature change of the weight room my nipples were already hard and almost seemingly trying to break out of my bra.

"Coach asked me to come get the water coolers and fill them up. What are you doing in here?" I asked, "Why are you still here? Don't you want to go home?"

"I was lifting weights. No sense in paying for a gym membership when you can do it at your workplace for free," he replied.

"Yeah, I suppose that's a good point," I returned my attention back to the closet to continue looking for the water coolers, when suddenly I felt someone standing right behind me. I stood up straight, and turned around to see Mr. Patterson standing less than a foot away from me.

"You look incredibly sexy right now," he breathed. Through his gym shorts, I could already see a slight erection which only made my pussy more wet. He moved slowly towards me as if he was trying to ask permission, and I tilted my head up to kiss him. His mouth covered mine as his tongue pushed between my lips. A soft moan escaped my mouth as his hands traveled the length of my body. He continued kissing me as his hands kneaded my breasts and traced the outline of my nipples.

"I can tell you're already ready for me, Madison. How bad do you want it?" He had a boyish grin on his face which was somewhat mischievous. I responded by kissing him again, and backing up into the wall. His hard body pressed against mine as we kissed passionately. I could feel his erection pressing into my stomach.

"I can see that you're ready, too," I teased. He slowly removed my bra straps from my shoulders and pulled my bra down exposing my C cups. He licked his lips and smirked down at my before taking one of my nipples into his mouth. He lightly nibbled at my nipples, and then caressed his tongue over them again and again. Moans escaped my mouth as I gripped his shoulders for balance. I gasped as his teeth clamped over my nipple again, only harder. The pain sent a shock wave of pleasure through me. He kissed his way back up my neck and to my lips and kissed my lips fervently. He then reached down and pulled my legs up so he was holding me. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my pussy as he continued to kiss me. He carried me to one of the benches and laid me down.

"What a sight you are, Madison. I could never get tired of you," he exclaimed. He kissed my chest and down to my stomach. It was a slow torture of kisses and licks that sent a wave of pleasure directly to my sex. I was so wet for him. He slowly pulled my shorts down, and revealed my shaved pussy. He licked his lips in anticipation. He kissed around my pussy lips, slowly. It was torture. I wanted his tongue to be on my clit. He spread my lips with two fingers and began circling my clit with his tongue. I moaned in pleasure. He slowly slid two fingers into my dripping wet pussy and began to slide them in and out.

"Oh my God, baby. You're so tight. I don't know how my cock is going to fit," he breathed. This only made me more wet because I knew I was finally going to be able to experience him inside of me. He then kissed my clit and licked down toward my dripping wet hole. He stuck his tongue inside me, and I gasped at the new sensation. I heard him snicker quietly as he continued fingering me and sucking on my clit. I felt myself build closer and closer to an orgasm.

"I want you to cum for me, Madison. I know you're close," he said, looking straight into my eyes. I held his gaze as he lapped up my pussy juices. My hips began to grind into his tongue. I moaned louder and I reached my peak. I came all over his tongue, groaning as I convulsed.

"Oh, fuck. Yes! Oh, Mr. Patterson! Yes, God it feels so good!" I cried as my orgasm ripped through me.

"You like that, baby? Plenty more where that came from," he smiled and winked at me, his lips glistening from my juices. He slid on top of me and continued to kiss me. His tongue slid over mine and I could taste the sweetness and saltiness of my own arousal. He stood and pulled his shirt over his head revealing his chiseled abs and shapely pectoral muscles. I could feel myself drooling as I assessed his rock hard body.

I leaned over and began to pull his shorts down, holding his gaze as they inched down his thighs. They dropped down to his ankles and his boxers revealed a huge bulge. I look up and him and bit my lip and slowly pulled down his boxers and his 8 inch cock sprang free. He bent down and kissed me, licking into my mouth. He lay me down on the bench and pushed my legs back towards my shoulders so my knees and feet were over his shoulders, he bent down and kissed me, testing my flexibility, grinned and rubbed his cock along the length of my pussy. I tilted my head back and moaned as his cock teased my wet pussy and my clit.

"Oh my God baby, you're so wet. Are you ready for me?" Mr. Patterson asked as his cock stroked me.

"Yes," I moaned, "Fuck me hard," I breathed. He rubbed his cock against my pussy once more, coating it with my juices, and he slowly slid the head into my sex. I moaned and gripped his shoulders. At once, he shoved his entire length into me and began pumping his hips slowly. The feeling of being filled and stretched was exquisite.

"Oh yes. Your cock feels so good inside me. Harder. I want you to dominate me." My voice was growing louder as he began to fuck me faster while his balls slapped against my ass.

"Fuck. YES!" I screamed as Mr. Patterson pounded my pussy. His hand began to massage my clit as he continued pounding me, harder and harder. His free hand found its way at my throat grabbing it for balance. He was making his dominance clear, and I loved it. He continued to fuck me as he grunted and squeezed his hand tighter around my throat. I could feel my pussy begin to tighten as I neared my orgasm.

"Don't cum yet, Madison," he grunted. He pulled out of me suddenly and flipped me over and jerked my hips up. With one knee on the bench, and my other foot on the ground, he began to fuck me doggy style. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me upright so my back was pressed against his chest. He slammed his hard cock into me as my juices flowed down his cock and onto his balls, dripping onto the bench. I felt myself quicken again. I was begging for a release.

"Mr. Patterson, you're going to make me cum... Please let me cum," I moaned.

"Cum now," Mr. Patterson growled. And almost on cue, I came hard and long. He kept stroking his long thick cock into me, and I felt his grip tighten on my hair. He groaned as he shot his load inside me, he stayed deep inside of me until he was done cumming. He slowly pulled out of me, and I could feel him cum dripping out of my pussy. I was breathless. I had never experienced something so intense.

"That was...," I couldn't finish my words. I was at loss for them.

"Amazing," he finished my thoughts and grinned at me. "Weren't you looking for something when you came in here?" he asked.

"Oh shit! I totally forgot! I have to go. Like now," I exclaimed. I pulled on my pants and adjusted my bra. I looked at Mr. Patterson. He was watching me, his eyes full of... What exactly? I couldn't tell. He stepped closer towards me and pulled me into an embrace that surprised me.

"Goodbye, Madison," he said, and kissed me on the forehead. It left me speechless. It was a romantic gesture for two people who just got done fucking. That's exactly what we had done. It was pure, raw fucking. Nothing romantic about it. He backed away, smiled at me, pulled his pants on and left the weight room whistling "You Make Me Feel So Young" by Frank Sinatra.

I smiled to myself, and went back to looking for the water coolers. I filled them up and loaded them onto the golf cart, and started my drive down to the field where my team was busy running more sprints, but this time, with a soccer ball.

"Madison! Did you get lost?," yelled my coach. I blushed.

"No, sir. I couldn't find the coolers. Someone had them in the janitors closet in the school. It took me forever to track them down," I lied.

"Alright, well hurry up and grab a ball and get to running. I want 10 sprints, down and back. Let's go!," he yelled. I sighed and grabbed a ball. Surprisingly, the running wasn't so bad. I had things occupying my mind.

To be continued...

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