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He Was A Good Teacher

The one teacher I lusted after granted my one wish...

The bell rang signaling the end of first period. I had a fifteen minute break before having to be at my next class, of which I was only a teachers assistant. My stomach fluttered with the thought of my teacher, Mr. Patterson. He was everything a woman could possibly want; Tall, handsome, toned, and educated.
I walked to my class at a clipped pace, hoping to catch him in his room alone. As I walked, I drew attention from the clothes I had chosen to wear that day. A short white skirt with a blue button down shirt. The skirt was tight, showing off my round ass, and my shirt unbuttoned enough for anyone to sneak a peek of my perky C cup cleavage.

I entered the room, my stomach doing flips, and caught him writing notes on the whiteboard. I cleared my throat, and he turned. Once he saw me, his eyes widened slightly and assessed my body.

"Oh, hello Madison. You're early today," he spoke low, like he didn't want anyone to hear but me, although it was just us two.

"Hey Mr. Patterson. Yeah, I figured I'd come in early and see if you needed help grading papers or anything. I couldn't help but notice the stack of papers on your desk in your office," I said, summoning to the separate room towards the back of the classroom. He looked distracted, and nodded his head slightly. I knew what he was distracted by. I turned on my heel and made my way to his office. I turned and caught him staring at my ass.

"Are you coming?" I asked, acting completely clueless.

"Yes, of course," he replied and caught up with my pace.

We entered his office and the stack of papers that once sat on the corner of his desk were nothing but a few stray papers. I looked back at him with a puzzled look on my face.

"Believe it or not, I got bored last night and ended up grading them all. Those are just papers that didn't have names on them," he clarified.

I pouted, "Now what am I supposed to do for this whole class period?" I huffed.

He laughed huskily, "I don't know, but I'm not sure if you can stay in here. You'll distract me."

I must have looked puzzled, because he then added, "Madison, don't be so obtuse. You can't really not be aware of how you look today. You're stunning."

I didn't know how to react. Of course, Mr. Patterson and I had flirted all semester, but it was totally harmless. He never actually made a pass at me.

"Madison, I think you know how I feel about you. You're gorgeous. You have the figure of a woman and if I was your boyfriend, I would take you in any way I could get you. Forgive me if I'm being forward, but I've thought about being with you ever since you first stepped into my class room." He sighed as if that was a relief to say.

My mouth hung open. I've been wanting to hear these words since the beginning of school. I couldn't believe he was saying this to me. I responded, "Mr. Patterson, we're alone.. I want you to fuck me. Now." I breathed heavily. I was already soaking wet and I could feel my nipples begin to harden.

Mr. Patterson bent down and grabbed the back of my thighs and lifted me onto his desk and began to kiss me. His tongue skillfully stroked mine and his teeth nipped at my lower lip. I moaned softly in delight. He began to kiss my neck sucking, licking and nipping a trail all the way to my ear where he whispered, "How bad do you want my cock?"

I moaned and responded by moving my hand to his zipper and slowly massaging his cock through his khakis. He ground his hips into my touch so I found his button and unfastened it, slowly unzipping his pants. His breathing became harder as I slipped down from the counter top and sank to my knees in front of him. I slowly slid his pants down revealing a huge bulge in his boxer briefs. I kissed around his belly button and lower as I slowly lowered his boxers down revealing his cock.

"Oh my God," I mumbled. I traced my tongue from the base of his dick all the way to the head before slowly putting all 8 inches into my mouth. He gasped and wound his fingers in my hair as I began sucking a licking his entire length. With every mouth full, I would follow with a stroke of my hand. I released him from my mouth and soon began sucking and licking his balls. I could hear his breathing quicken as urged his balls into my mouth.

I looked up at Mr. Patterson and said, "Now you're in control, baby. I want you to fuck my throat hard, and don't stop until you cum down my throat."

Speechless, Mr. Patterson nodded and slowly inserted his cock into my mouth and began to pump his hips. I could feel his balls slapping against my chin, only causing my pussy to become more and more wet.

"Oh yes. Oh fuck.. Your throat's so tight. Yes, baby. Fuck! Madison.. Fuck, I'm going to cum."

I watched Mr. Patterson's face as he shot his entire load into the back of my throat. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I licked my lips and swallowed the rest of his cum.

Mr. Patterson gaped at me. "That.. That was amazing." The bell rang, signaling only 3 minutes left of our break, and cutting off any other thoughts me may have had.

We walked out of his office and took our normal spots in the classroom. Although that was over, we knew we weren't finished.

To be continued...

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