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Hello, Ms. Doctor.

It's my first story and written from a guy's point of view.
I am a 23 year old man with dark brown hair and eyes. I have a muscular build and a strong appetite for sex. Maybe too healthy. I can't get my mind off of women. No matter what I'm doing if I see a sexy women or my mind wanders, my cock hardens. I'm not sure why, so I've made an appointment to see a doctor to see if this is normal. On the day of my appointment I was rather nervous for obvious reasons. I sit in the waiting room apprehensively and jump at my name being called.
"Come with me and have a seat in here, the doctor will be right with you," said the plain nursing assistant.
I wait in the room thinking about things I probably shouldn't when the doctor knocks and enters. She's the most beautiful doctor I've ever seen. Time slows as she walks by in her stilettos to sit adjecent to me. Her hair is black and falls carelessly over her shoulders. Her white coat is open revealing a blue button-up just low enough to see some cleavage. Her skirt is professional and knee-length but snug enough against her tight ass to make my pants bulge.
"So, what are you here to talk about today?" she says and I wake up come back to reality.
"Oh, um, I think I may have a problem with something," I say sheepishly while trying not to stare at her lean and toned figure.
"Well, that's what I'm hear for, how can I help?" she leans forward exposing more of her sizable breasts. I want to reach over the foot distance between us and take a handful. I tell myself to shut-up in my mind.
"It's kind of about, well, sex," I say waiting for a reaction.
"I can see you need a little help with that," she said and look down towards my hardening cock.
"Oh! I'm sorry, it's just that I, um, I think alot about..." I begin to explain as she put a finger to my lips.
"Don't worry, I can certainly help you with that," she says seductively and moves me toward the doctor's bed.
I am completely dumbstuck, but as she sits me down and starts messaging my cock through my pants I forget everything. She undoes my pants and exposes my full, hard seven and a half inches. I mindlessly unbutton her shirt and undo her bra, my hands grasp her full breasts.
"I have to give you your medication," she grabs my cock and starts to lick and suck. I moan quietly remembering my surrounding. She licks up and down my cock and messages my balls. I feel so close to cumming when she stops.
"We're not done yet, you have to tell me what's ailing you," she says with a sexy concerned voice.
I understand where she getting at, "Well, my hard cock is just aching to fuck your pussy," I say in a teasing voice.
She comes closer and I pull down her skirt and take her ass in my hands. She climbs on top of me on the bed, rubbing her pussy up and down my dick, teasing me. I enter her and her tight pussy swallows my dick and she moans. She bounces hards and faster on my cock. She moans louder.
"Shh, someone will hear us," I whisper to her, but pleasure envelopes me and I don't warn anymore,"yeah, heal me with your pussy. Fuck me hard."
She bites her lip with pleasure and stratches her nails down my chest. She arches her back and her pussy tightens around me and I feel myself fill her up. I squeeze her ass one last time as we hear a knock at the door.
"Excuse me, doctor, is everything alright in there?" a nurse says behind the door.
"Everything fine, I'm just finishing up with a diagnosis," she urges as she scrambles for her clothes.
I get my clothes back on and am about to leave when she stops me.
"Hey, I haven't given you your recommendation yet." she says to me,"I recommend you come in to see me whenever you feel you need a little healing."
She smiles at me and I smile then exit the room. I think I may have found a remedy...
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