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Helping Hand

UPS delivers ontime....daily!!
It was a beautiful day and I had to do some stuff while my dad was at a Bishops luncheon. After getting everything done in the house, I was suppose to get my neighbors older son to cut the lawn. I started to walk over to the neighbors house but seeing that it was such a great day and the sun felt great on my dark silky skin I decided to do it myself since it was a riding lawnmower. I was wearing a dark red tube top that hugged my breast firmly and some short-shorts that showed off just enough cheek to get anybodies attention.

Getting to the garage I filled the mower with gas and moved it to the front lawn. Getting on the seat I turned the key but the engine wouldn't start. So I got down looking at a couple of things but still couldn't get it to turn over. As I bent over to look at the engine more I noticed the old lady across the street shaking her head in disbelief that I was outside in what I was wearing. Thinking I found the problem I put my foot up on the foot peg and turned the key. It started loudly and moved a couple of feet I lost my balance and started to fall backward.

I tried to grab for the steering wheel to hold myself up but it was just out of my grasp. Out of the blue a big strong arm wrapped around my waist holding me there. As I reached behind to help balance myself, I grabbed close to his member and I felt it was already hard. I looked over my shoulder it was a new UPS delivery driver. He had a big sexy smile as he helped me regain my balance making sure that I could feel his huge hard cock rub against my ass.

“Oh my God! Thank you so much!!!” I said taking a deep breath

“It was no problem. I was coming over and noticed you were struggling with the mower.” He said with the sexiest smile I've ever seen

Still holding me tight to his body he moved his hand down my back to my ass giving the right cheek a squeeze then slowly moving it between my legs. Running his long thick fingers over my wet swollen pussy slit he grabbed it squeezing and massaging it. I felt my nipples get hard as I took shallow breaths. He started to rub his hand back and forth over my pussy pressing his middle finger between my slightly opening lips. I started to rub my bubble butt over his throbbing cock in his pants. Then he slid a finger inside my shorts feeling my wetness then grazed a finger across my throbbing clit rubbing my juices over it making me moan with pleasure.

I grabbed his cock thru my legs rubbing it thru his pants and he thrust his hips as I did this. Grabbing it harder I stroked it a little faster making him growl and moan.

“Mama, please don't do that," he said in between breaths as he tugged with my already loosed pants. "I need to get back to work!” His protest didn't stop him from ripping my shorts off and helping me out of them. He brought them up to his face, took a deep breath inhaling my sex and then licking the huge wet spot my dripping wet pussy left. I started to slowly run circles on my hard throbbing clit as he bent me over the seat of the mower. As I spread my legs wide he leaned closer to me as I watched his cock pointed right at my pussy from over my shoulder. He was about 13 inches and 4 wide one of the biggest cocks I've seen.

He grabbed his shaft placing the head in my pussy opening and I just wanted to swallow every inch of him but he was so huge. He slowly thrust his hips towards me as I held his shaft guiding him into my tight tunnel. I gasped as the first couple of inches went into me and I held him there so I could get use to his size. As I started to thrust my hips slowly, he grabbed my hips pulling me closer to him as he started to thrust faster into my tight pussy. I still couldn't take him all the way in so I put my arm out onto his chest pushing him as he tried to shove his huge cock deep in my pussy. I could feel my passion burning deep in me as I started to rub my clit with my free hand. I was in heaven as I felt my orgasm building up deep in me.

I threw my head back letting out a high pitched squeal of pleasure I grabbed my hard clit as I squirted so hard almost falling to the ground. Luckily he was there to catch me again as I released stream after stream of clear hot liquid all over the place. It was raining down on me too I could feel it dripping from the seat. I felt like I just got fucked by two cocks in one hole. I Wanted to make him cum so bad so I thrust my ass out further grabbing the far end of the seat.

“FUCK ME FUCK ME hard!!!” I hissed at him. "YOU WANT ALL THIS COCK IN YOUR TIGHT PUSSY BABY?" he asked with fire in his eyes.


Without hesitation he grabbed my hips thrusting my huge cock in to my dripping wet pussy. As he thrust deep in me I still had to show him were to stop so he wouldn't split me into two. His huge heavy balls smacked against my hard clit stroke after stroke. As I started to feel my blood rush to my head I let out another huge gush of liquid splashing on his legs, the grass and the lawnmower. I rode this orgasm out still almost collapsed from those two powerful orgasm. I heard him starting to breathe heavier and his pace started to quicken. As he thrust harder in my pussy I could feel his throbbing cock starting to swell up in my tight wet pussy.

“Mmmm, baby," I moaned as I played with my hard clit. "Cum on my ass.”

He grabbed my waist and quicken his pace thrusting harder in my pussy. He started to take shallow breaths as I continued to play with my clit. I could feel my own orgasm building up again as I grabbed my clit and pulled on it and spanked my pussy. He quickly pulled out grabbing his throbbing cock and started to stroke it as he shot his first rope of thick white cum on my ass. It landed on my right cheek. I lost my mind as he continued to squirt on my ass and thighs. My third orgasm overtook me as I started to cum all over his feet and my legs, My body got really weak as I continued to cum hard that time. Taking deep breaths I could barely stand up and he held me up as he fondled my tits, pinching my rock hard nips as he supported my weight..

“Here's you package sweetie.” as he handed me a brown box

Taking the package I looked at the address. Looking up at him, I said, “hmm....this address is one block over!”

He just winked as he pulled his pants up. Turning to leave he blew me a kiss as he licked his fingers and lips, then flashed me a "I'll be back" smile. I stood there leaning against the mower as I watched him walked away, gently running circles around my still throbbing clit and a smile on my face.

“Mmmm, I got to get some stuff delivered to my house soon!!!!!” Thinking to myself.
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