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Home alone

Lucy and Seb are home alone, they indulge in each other only to have a not so happy ending...
Lucy and Seb are home alone because Lucy's parents have gone out for the evening with friends. They have been too busy to see each other, but tonight they are both home alone in the house Lucy's dad had bought. It is a big house, with tall ceilings and big windows. Each room was different and had its own personality. Seb was always visiting, he loved the house, but tonight he had somthing else on his mind other than the house—and so did Lucy. 

They are a good-looking couple. Seb is tall with an athletic body, and dark brown hair, with a shade of stubble over his face. His jaw was perfectly shaped, his eyes are an icy blue. Lucy was small and petite, with blond hair, and hazel eyes. She is a very sexy girl, with perky breasts and a great ass. She loved how Seb could dominate her with his size and strength and yet bring so much pleasure to her body.

Seb looked over at Lucy, she looked back. They both knew what was going to happen, and they did not want to waste any time getting the pleasure their bodies' craved. Seb slid over on the sofa, so that he sat next to Lucy. He reached up and placed his hand on her cheek, then slid his hand back into her hair to pull her lips towards his. They engaged in a sensual kiss, their tongues exploring, playing together as their mouths fused together. Their hands started to wander over their bodies.

Seb pulled away from Lucy and stood up. He took Lucy into his arms and led her toward the stairs. Lucy giggled as they rushed upstairs. They were so caught up in the moment that they burst right into Lucy's parents' bedroom—not even noticing their surroundings. Seb kissed Lucy passionately as they collapse onto the bed together. Lucy straddled Seb, and started rubbing her hips over his crotch. She could feel his erection through his jeans. Lucy couldn't help but think about sucking him. Her mind turned to slurping his erect dick up into her mouth, until she gets what she wants and tastes his seed. But right now she wants that cock inside her—inside her soaking pussy. They kissed again whilst wrestling each others' clothes off. Soon they were down to only their underwear. They started moaning as their hands explored naked skin, touching and kissing each other all over.

Seb pulled away again, and stood up off the bed. Lucy looked over at his body while using her right hand to rub her soaking pussy, through her knickers, right in front of him. Her legs were spread wide on the bed letting Seb see how wet she was. Seb slid his boxers off to reveal his beautiful long cock. Lucy gasped at the sight of it, so hungry to have it inside her. She wanted to feel it sink into her wet pussy. Seb climbed back onto the bed, and crawled over to her. He lifted her legs up so he could slip her knickers off. He tossed them aside and climbed on top of her. Lucy felt his stiff cock rubbing against her entrance and her clit, and she moaned in pleasure at the heat of his cock. This was making her even more wet. Lucy wanted that cock right now.

She reached for Seb's bum, and griped his cheeks pulling him inside her. His cock sliped right into her, and she screamed out in pleasure—screamed out at the shock of being filled up so quickly by his thick cock. He held himself inside her for at least a minute while Lucy begged him to fuck her with no mercy—just to fuck her hard and fast—to pound her pussy until he gushes all he has into her.

Seb pulled his shaft almost all the way out then plunged back in. It felt great. He started thrusting—getting faster and faster each time. Their abdomens slapped together, making a loud noise each time they connected. Lucy moaned for more whilst Seb, with a single minded focus, thrust his cock in and out of her. Seb loved the intense pleasure, and the excitement he felt as her tight pussy sucked his cock in every time. She was so wanton.

"Lucy you are such a bad girl," Seb told her as he slammed his cock into her harder and harder. "You are gonna get it all night."

Lucy's eyes lit up with excitement. "Yes," she moaned. "Keep fucking me Seb, please keep fucking my bad girl pussy. I want you to cum."

A sudden wave of shock filled Lucy's body. She stopped moaning because she noticed a painting on the wall that did not belong in her room. She realized where they actually were. She looked over at the bedroom door, and there stood Lucy's mum and dad, jaws dropped. They had a look on their faces that Lucy will never forget.

Seb continued fucking her energetically and moaned loudly about how how tight her pussy feels around his cock slowly he realized that Lucy had turned silent and was staring over toward the door. He looked over too, and Lucy had never seen his face turn so red. Her parents saw Seb, with his cock deep inside their daughter's pussy perhaps worse, they see Lucy's legs spread wide to accommodate him, on their own bed. Her dad was looking at Seb with blind rage. Sebs turned back to Lucy, and he put his face into the pillow, filled with so much embarrassment.

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