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Hospital Fun

Sex in a dark corner times three......
There she stood, a gorgeous vision in a nurse's uniform. We had been secretly meeting for a few days now. I walked over to her not speaking a word. Her soft green eyes caught mine and a naughty smile shown on her glossy pink lips.

I crossed the path to where she was stood against the side of the building and smiled at her as I slowly pushed her back into a dark corner, my fingertips softly trailing down her arm. She looked at me with her naughty grin and I was amazed at how even with that 'fuck me' look in her eyes, she always blushed at my touch. Without saying another word, I pushed her against the wall with my body, pinning her arms to her side. She gasped softly as I slowly kissed along her shoulder moving along her collar bone to those tempting glossy lips. Her lips slightly parted as my mouth devoured her bottom lip, teasing her until her breathing increased.

Her arms free, she pressed her body flush until I felt her hardened nipples against mine. I slowly swayed them against her as my hand moved up under her skirt and softly glided along her thighs which she willingly parted. My fingers slowly traced along the edge of her lacy thong, feeling the instant wetness. My lips played harder against her as I slid a finger under the edge and glided it along her damp slit, instantly finding her roused nub and gently circling it.

She purred softly against my mouth, urging me on with her rocking hips. My weight stilled her while I continued softly teasing her clit, feeling it harden even more as her honey flowed freely on my hand. Unable to control my hunger any long, I pushed her hard against the wall and slid down her body, ignoring those firm beautiful tits to sate my hunger. With one hand I pulled the flimsy thong aside and slowly run the tip of my tongue along her wet cunt, tasting her salty sweetness. Her head rolled back against the wall, and her breathing came in short gasps as I find her nub with my tongue and slowly rocked it back and forth before gently pinching it between my lips.

Her legs moved outward, her knees unbearably parted putting her at an odd slightly painful angle which admittedly turned me on even more. I sucked her hard clit into my mouth until she moaned like a slut in heat and she was; that night she was my slut to do with as I pleased. I slid a finger slowly into her feeling her pussy instantly clench around my invading finger. I suck her clit a bit harder while letting my finger slowly massage her inside wall. She tried to push my head away as her legs shook from the onset of her orgasm. To punish her, I slammed two more fingers in her tight cunt. She screamed in pain and pleasure. I felt her honey flow down my hand, but I wasn't done yet...I wanted more. I pulled my fingers all the way out and lightly teased her clit with the tip of my tongue and waited for her to beg me for more.

Her hips were grinding against me, trying to fuck my face with her delicious pussy. Her legs shook even more. I slammed three fingers back in her and found finding her love spot and massaging it as I continue to slowly tease her clit. Just as she released another river of honey that I am greedily drank down. She tapped on my shoulder and her gasped.

I pulled away and looked behind me, fearing it is her boss. No, was a fuck buddy of mine. He had driven one of the ambulances at the hospital. I started to get up and he pushed me back down. I looked back up at him and then I realized he'd been watching us the whole time. The big bulge in his trousers wasn't hard to miss.

Steven looked down at me and told me to continue. I looked up at Lisa and told her to move back towards the benches. No one came out here this late at night as the lights never work properly. On unsteady legs, she moved to the benches. I motioned to the table top and she hopped up.

Still in a very horny state and now knowing that I'm about to have Steven's big fat black cock plowing my drenched pussy, I drove back between her legs, instantly slamming my fingers back into her quivering cunt and nip lightly at her still engorged clit. She was lost in passion again, her legs moved over my shoulders.

I pushed her carefully back a bit more and leaned as far as I could, pushing my ass in the air. Steven was so worked up he was instantly behind me, rubbing his fat cock head against my slit. I stopped long enough to tell him to just fuck me hard. Now! He didn't hesitate and slammed his cock in me half way, pulled all the way back out and slammed back in over and over again until I felt his balls slap against my sensitive clit.

I moved my attention back to Lisa's dripping cunt. God, she tasted so fucking good. I tried to get my tongue in her honey hole along with my fingers, devouring her like I hadn't had a drink in years. Her hips bucked wildly against me causing my sensitive nipples to be rubbed against the rough grain of the wooden table. Fuck, I love when she moans so loudly and hearing Steven grunting as he slam fucks my hungry pussy, feeling his cock fill me completely. Fuck, this was heavenly!

I feel my body tense up, knowing I am going to cum hard in the state I'm in, I attacked Lisa's clit, sucking it directly into my mouth, gently grinding it against my teeth till she writhing about, screaming she is going to cum. I sucked hard again and felt her pussy grabbed my fingers tightly. I pulled them out quickly and and greedily drank down her nectar. Hearing her scream as she came sent me over the edge and I moaned my own pleasure against her drenched cunt.

Steven could no longer handle all the sensations, my tight pussy grabbed and milked his cock, watching Lisa cover my face as she squirts her honey all over me. He grabbed my hips tightly and rammed in hard one last time. I felt his cock swelled even more right before he flooded my pussy with his hot thick cum.

We collapsed against each other, temporarily sated. be continued......

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