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Hot for Teacher

Leah Gets a Unexpected Surprise from the EMS Teacher
Jasper Bounds looked awkward standing at the front of the class, staring down at the lesson he was about to teach. As the class sat in silence with their heads down taking a quiz, the instructor looked around intensely watching.

Leah was sitting in the last row of seats in the far right corner of the room, watching as the EMT-to-Be's were taking the first quiz of the class. She felt awkward being the only one in the class not taking the test, after all she already had her EMT license. The only reason Leah had to sit in on the class was because the EMS coordinator for her EMS system lost 50 hours of the credits Leah had turned in, and Leah needed those hours to be able to renew her certifications, and she was stuck cramming two years worth of work into three weeks. She was on the tail end of finishing her hours up, and decided to fill them sitting in on the EMT class, instead of sitting in the ER dealing with bitchy nurses and EMS students.

This was the fourth time she sat in on Bounds' class. She stared at him as he watched the class. Each time he looked her way she sat acting like she was on her cell phone waiting for the students to finish the quiz and the lecture to begin. She was sure he had caught her staring at him at least once in the times she sat in on his class. Leah couldn't tell if she found him attractive or not. Sometimes he looked better than other times, and sometimes his mood and personality made him seem more attractive.

This particular night his 6 ft 6 in frame was covered by a loose-fitting pair of khaki pants, and his upper body was covered by a blue and white pin stripped long-sleeved collared shirt. It was obvious that Bounds was in good shape, but his clothes always made it difficult to make out any real definition or muscle tone. The only thing Leah thought she could definitely determine was the size of his cock. She guessed it to be a decent size based on the fact that the front of his pants always bulged, and she couldn't help but stare and imagine what was under the cloth.

As the students finished up the quiz and the lecture started, Leah's thoughts wandered from EMS Legal Documentation and Communications, to Bounds' body. He was tall and slender, with blonde hair that looked like an grown-out buzz cut. His shoulders were broad, and shaped nicely under the shirt. His eyes were blue, and reminded Leah of pool water. His complexion was light and fair, turning red easily as he spoke excitedly or heatedly while lecturing, and it never failed that he lost his voice by the end of every class. His passion for the job was clear in his words and the way he spoke, and that drew Leah in.

Leah was lost in a land of dirty thoughts and staring at the bulge in Bounds' pants when she was suddenly aware that the attention was being focused on her. Her eyes snapped from Bounds' groin to his eyes, where he and the rest of the class were staring at her in waiting. She had no clue what she had just been asked and her eyes begged Bounds' to throw her a clue. He caught the look, and repeated the simple question. Leah felt her face redden and her mind raced from thoughts of his cock size, back to reality and struggled to come up with the answer. "Blood sugar levels" she finally managed to spit out.

An hour later Bounds' released the class for a break, and gave them 30 minutes compared to the usual fifteen. Leah grabbed her bag and headed towards the parking garage. She was sneaking to her secret hiding spot. Between the building and the parking structure was a five by five foot area unable to been seen by the public and the security cameras. The perfect place to sneak a cigarette without leaving hospital property. Her heavy EMS boots echoed between the brick walls and cement ground as she stepped between the narrow opening, around the corner, and out of sight; rummaging through her purse for a lighter.

Leah put the cigarette to her lips, lit the lighter, inhaled and closed her eyes as she felt the smoke burn her lungs. Her pussy was slightly wet, and she wasn't able to shake her thoughts of banging the instructor in the middle of the classroom out of her head. She let her body fall against the wall as she pulled the cigarette from her mouth and exhaled the toxins from her lungs while trying to think of something else to get her juices to stop flowing. Leah was startled to hear Bounds' familiar voice, and felt a hot breath against her ear. "Smoking isn't allowed on hospital grounds. You know that". With that, her pussy was right back to building with girl cum.

She opened her eyes and turned her head, looking up to see Bounds leaning against the wall next to her, grinning. She could smell his Old Spice, and inhaled the scent deeply. She exhaled again with a smile and asked "Yeah, but you wouldn't tell on me... Would you?"

He looked at her with a look she hadn't seen on his face before, and she wasn't sure how to read it. "No. But I think we do have something the other one wants."

Leah looked at him confused, and Bounds saw it in her eyes. "I've seen you looking. More like staring". Leah looked at him and pretended like she had no clue what he meant this time. "At my dick. I've seen you staring at my cock every time you sit in on my class".

"Yeah, so?" She asked, surprised and slightly embarrassed.

Bounds pivoted his body to stand in front of Leah and blocked her path. She didn't feel scared or intimidated. Instead, she felt turned on. He was right, she had been staring at his cock class after class, and she was secretly glad she had been busted.

"You want it, don't you?" he asked. "Well, if you haven't noticed, I've been staring at you too. You act like your not looking, but I know you are."

Leah felt her pussy getting wetter by the second. She loved when men took control of a situation, and even more so when they took control of her. She stared up at him as he moved closer. She could feel the moisture in her snatch continuing to build, and soon was doing Kegal's to keep her from reaching her hand down her pants to touch herself, even if Bounds' was standing in front of her.

"Like I said... So what?" Leah said in a playful voice filled with fake attitude, and a sexy look in her hazel eyes.

Bounds grabbed Leah by the wrists and pulled her to him, and then pushed her to the wall. He shoved his mouth to hers, and ripped her lips open with his tongue. He forced her lips apart, and began to taste everything her mouth offered. Even though he just saw her smoking a cigarette, her mouth still tasted like sugar and honey. It was delicious and he pushed his mouth harder to hers and almost choked her with his long tongue.

Leah felt cum soaking through her panties as he did this, and she pushed her face to his hard. She returned the force of his mouth to his with her own, wrestling his tongue with hers, and pulled her wrists free and grabbed the collar of his neatly pressed shirt and pulled her small frame and weight into his, letting him know she was willing.

Bounds moved his left hand to Leah's collarbone and pressed her against the wall. With his mouth still pressed to hers, he reached for her black pants, pulling the belt open and undoing the button and zipper. He moved his hand from her collarbone to her pants, and pulled them down over her ass. He grabbed the side of her green fishnet thong and pulled, ripping it and pulling it from her body, only to drop it on the pavement they stood on.

Leah couldn't believe what was happening. She never expected to come to class that night, and end up being pinned against the wall by the instructor. Her cunt was dripping juices down her thighs, she could feel it. She never expected Bounds to be this aggressive, and with that she decided that if she wasn't sure if she found him attractive before, she sure as hell did now.

Bounds grabbed Leah's wrists and pulled them from his now wrinkled collar and grabbed her around the waist, forcing her to turn and face the wall. He kicked the torn pair of panties off to the side, and grabbed her pants and pulled them to her knees. She felt a hand disappear and heard the sound of a belt coming undone, and a zipper opening.

Bounds pressed his upper body against Leah to keep her still. She was playfully struggling against his hold, and it made it more fun for him. Each time he saw Leah walk into his class, he would get nervous and it was a wonder he ever managed to keep his cock from getting a full-fledged hard on. Each time she showed up, he got to see more about her. She came in wearing her fire department uniform a few times, but the last few she came in wearing her normal attire. It became clear to him, that she had two sides. The professional, and the freak. Just like him, and he loved it.

Bounds took a moment to stare at her ass. It was pale white, and perfectly shaped in his opinion. It reminded him of an upside down heart. He couldn't wait any longer, he needed to feel his cock in her pussy. Bounds grabbed his cock and pushed it into the slit between her legs.

Leah felt his cock push its way into her little, wet box. He was bigger then she thought, because as she felt him fill her tight hole, she wanted to scream. She gasped loudly as she felt him slide all the way into her. Leah felt his groin pushing on her ass, forcing her to press herself against the brick building. 

Bounds felt his cock penetrate deep into Leah's snatch. She was tight and so wet he had no problem getting himself inside her. He buried his cock as far in as he could force himself. He pulled out, and threw all his weight into her, causing his cock to stab into her once again, and this time even deeper. The second thrust caused Leah press into the wall, and gasp even louder.

Suddenly Bounds was like a wild animal. He was fucking Leah so hard and quick, while her body was still pressed against the building, her head was bouncing against the brick each time he pushed his cock into her. Leah didn't have much time to process what was happening before she felt her pussy twitching. She was so turned on she was already ready to cum. She was moaning and gasping, begging him to fuck her harder.

"I thought you would like it this way, Lieutenant Leah" he said in a rasp. "Yeah, I know who you are, and I'm going to show you who is boss."

"Harder bitch!" Leah struggled to say to him. Bounds had his hands on her back, pinning her to the wall even harder. He took the order, and Leah felt his intensity increase. She may have been overpowered, but she wasn't going to show it. "More, harder" she gasped out.

Bounds continued to abuse her pussy, and she loved it. She loved that she could barely move. She loved that her head was bouncing into the brick. She didn't even care if she ended up with a bruise on her forehead. She just wanted Bounds to fuck her senseless.

"Hey, do you guys hear that?" A male voice echoed through the open spaces around the buildings. Leah and Bounds froze mid thrust. Bounds reached a hand to Leah's mouth, to hush her moans.

"I don't hear anything." chimed in a female voice.

Leah and the instructor stood still until the sounds of footsteps start walking, and move further away. Bounds let go of Leah's mouth, and resumed fucking her dripping cunt just as hard as he had before the threat of being caught.

Leah was so turned on thinking that she could have just been caught fucking the EMT teacher. She felt her body start to tingle at the thought, and she began to brace herself. She knew the feeling well, and knew she was ready to orgasm... Leah closed her eyes, and focused on the pounding in her pussy and the waves of excitement passing through her body. She felt her cunt tighten, and opened her mouth to moan.

The orgasm shook her whole body. She moaned as it took over her, and felt her pussy get tighter and wetter. She pushed her head to the brick and held it there to avoid it slamming against the wall. "Fuck" was all she could get of her mouth.

Bounds felt the change in her body, and he knew he got her to orgasm. That, and knowing he finally had his way with her, he couldn't hold it in anymore. His cock started to tighten and jerk. He was ready to blow. He felt himself twitch, and pumped her pussy till he was ready to unload his cum. A few moments later, he felt himself shoot his load. He pulled out, and pinched his cock off. He grabbed Leah by the shoulders and turned her around to face him.

"Get on you knees now, clean it up."

Leah whipped around and gladly did as she was told. She dropped to her knees, so quick she scraped her knee on the concrete. She opened her eyes, and for the first time, got a look at Bounds cock... She understood why it hurt when he entered her the first few times. He really was huge. He was at least 11 inches, and when she grabbed it in her hand, her small fingers couldn't wrap all the way around the shaft. The head was purple, and a few drops were squeezing their way past Bounds fingers, and dripping off of the tip.

She opened her mouth, and dragged her tongue over the tip, tasting his liquid and cleaning the drops up. She could see in his eyes that he was in a bit of pain trying to hold it in. She wrapped her lips around the head and was immediately rewarded with a mouthful of warm, salty cum. Bounds shot ropes of jizz down her throat, and she greedily sucked it all down. He reached his hand to his cock, and milked the last few spurts out, groaning loudly as he touched his sensitive dick.

Bounds stepped back, inspecting himself. "Nice clean up" he said, pulling his boxers and khaki's back on. He looked at his watch, and his eyes popped. "Ten minutes till break is over, see you back in class." he said to her, and hurried his way out of Leah's secret smoke spot.

Leah pulled her pants back up, and lit another cigarette. She needed one after that surprise fuck session. She slumped to the ground, her body slightly sore already. She grabbed her compact from her bag, and looked to make sure she didn't look like she just had the shit fucked out of her. She straightened her hair, and tried to cover the red mark on her forehead with the ivory powder.

Leah walked back into the class a few minutes late. Bounds was already lecturing again, and looked totally presentable... Except for the collar on his shirt. It was horribly wrinkled, and Leah couldn't help but smile knowing why.

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