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Hot night

A man and a woman let their passion take control.
It was late when they got back from the movies, and she was worried that their night would end with nothing but the heavy petting they had shared in the movie theatre.

“Well...” she said when they stopped at her door. “I know it's late but would you like to come in for a bit?”

“I would love to,” he said. He brushed his dark hair out of his eyes, and waited patiently for her to unlock the front door.

The hall light was off, and she fumbled on the wall for the switch.

“Leave it off,” he said. He loomed behind her. His arms wrapped around her waist, and began tugging her shirt over her head. “We don't need it anyway.”

His hands caressed her skin, and pulled at her pants. She took the hint and quickly stripped down to the skin. He did the same. She turned away, and began walking down the hallway towards the bedroom, but he caught her before she made it very far. He pinned her against the wall with his body, and rubbed her inner thighs. His rough hand forced her legs apart, and he stroked the outer edges of her slit. His free hand travelled up her side and began playing with her tit. His lips and teeth worked at her neck, giving her a hickey. She moaned, and braced herself against the wall as he played with her.

His fingers darted in and out of her slit, just barely brushing her inner walls before he pulled his wet fingers out. He brought his fingers to her lips and tasted her sweet nectar.

“Spread your legs,” he whispered in her ear.

She did as instructed, opening her legs as wide as she could while being pressed to the wall. He knelt between her legs and let his tongue slide over her thighs. He licked her slit and she shivered in delight. He brought his hands back into play, one rubbed her clit, while he burred his face in her soft slit. He lapped away at her clean shaven pussy, and brought his second hand down to massage her bum.

She braced herself against the wall with one hand, and use the other to knead her breast.

“Fuck, baby. Yeah. Oh god, you make me feel so good.”

He spun, so that his back was leaning against the wall, and began working her clit with his tongue. He shoved three fingers deep inside her and began pumping them in and out. He varied his speed, and swirled his fingers, rubbing every inch of her insides as he played with her.

Her legs spasmed, and her thighs gripped his head, she rode his face into the wall as a wave of pleasure overtook her. When she was done he pulled himself to his feet, and kissed her deeply. She accepted his kiss willingly, tasting her own juices on his lips.

“My turn, get on your knees, bitch.”

He shoved her head down and leaned against the wall. She knelt obediently and gently kissed the tip of his penis. She pulled his foreskin back and ran her tongue over the pink head, slathering it a mixture of saliva and the lingering juices from his kiss. She sucked his tip lightly, and her hands played with his balls. Slowly she worked him deeper into her own mouth, frequently pulling him out to pay more attention to his sensitive head. Her tongue would slide from the base of his shaft, up its meaty length and swirl around the tip. One hand kept playing with his balls and the other worked its way up and down his shaft with her mouth, doubling his pleasure.

“Deep throat it, baby, you know how hot that is.”

She looked up at him through her lashes and slid his dick even further into her mouth, his hand shoved the back of her head, making her take even more of his thick, long shaft. She gagged, but he didn't let up, and he began grinding his hips into her face. Soft moans escaped through her lips, and her ass bounced deliciously as she worked his member. Too soon he felt him self approach the edge. He pulled out of her and sprayed his sticky load all over her face. She gasped and licked her lips, trying to capture his salty load.

“Go clean your face off,” he said.

She scurried into the bathroom to obey, and he followed just behind her. His dick was already beginning to swell as he watched her, bent over the sink, wiping her face clean. He positioned himself behind her and pressed against her dripping slit.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”


“Yes, what?” he asked, he picked up the bar of soap and began rubbing it over her breasts.

“Yes, please,” she gripped the counter for support.

“As you wish,” he whispered in her ear. He shoved his penis into her, burying his length in her warm, soft inside. He kept up a steady pace, thumping in and out of her. His hand kept playing with her soapy boobs, sliding over them, and twisting the nipples gently. He watched her facial expressions in the mirror. Her mouth hung open, and every time he thrust into her, her lips would shape themselves into a little o. Her wide eyes were locked on his reflection.

He increased his pace, and her little gasps became screams of delight. She braced herself against the sink and ground her hips backwards, helping his cock reach even further inside her. Her tight pussy clenched around his hard cock, and her screams reached a new intensity as she reached orgasm.

“You may have come, but I haven't and you know what that means?”

She moaned as his hands kept massaging her breasts.

“That means we're not done yet.”

He slapped her ass and then grabbed her hips, and pounded her as hard as he could. When he felt himself reaching the edge he pulled out, and shot his load all over her back.

She was still moaning and holding onto the sink for dear life, fucked nearly senseless.

“You're a fucking mess. We'll need a shower,” he said.

She pulled herself together and started the water. They stepped into the shower and began fondling each other again.

“I'm so glad we sent the kids away to your parents house,” she said as his dick slowly rose to attention once more. Her husband stamina never ceased to amaze her. “It's been a long time since you fucked me all over the house.”

“Well it's just for one night, baby, so we'll have to make the most of it,” he said with delight.

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