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I F*cked a Girl... Sorta (Kim and Mary, Pt. 1)

Tags: lesbian, toys
Two female friends, one dong.
Mary and Kim had been friends all through grade school. They’d be graduating and Mary was excited about finishing school. She was saddened by the fact her best friend would be moving away for college. “You look like your dog died. Cheer up!” Kim tossed a small pillow at Mary and Mary grinned. Kim asked to spend the night and Mary’s parents were out of town. She was old enough to have sleepovers without supervision. “I’m bored.” Mary looked over at Kim. She wore an over-sized t-shirt, no bra. Kim also wore tiny hip hugging boy shorts. Heat speared Mary’s core. She looked away embarrassed. She didn’t know where these feelings for her best friend were coming from. They weren’t all that bad but how would she ever tell Kim. “Did’ja hear me do-do? Your parents aren’t home let’s do something naughty.” Mary almost choked on the juice she was quietly slipping.

“What? Do what.”

“Hmmm, I dunno. Put on one of your brother’s movies.” Kim idly rubbed her bare tummy. Mary noticed Kim’s beaded nipples. Was it the cool air? Mary watched the motion before she realized Kim caught her staring. “S-sorry.”

“For what?”

“A movie sounds like fun.” Mary tried putting a smile in her voice. She’d get over losing her heart.

Soon they were snuggled together on the couch under a blanket as friends do. Giggling to release nerves built up from the tension of doing something taboo. Mary pushed play and the DVD queued the movie right up. No previews or waiting. The title was some orgy filled sex fest. So there was plenty of different types of sex acts to watch. A man pounding into a woman from behind while she sucked off another man. A woman being double penetrated while she ate out another woman. Mary was nervous watching such explicit sex in front of her friend, but when she looked over Kim had a soft smile on her face. “Do you like this sort of stuff?”

“Hmm. Its ok I guess.” Just then Mary got an idea.

“Be right back.” Mary left the room a few minutes and returned. She turned the DVD off and took in out. “Let’s go to my room.” Kim looked confused but shrugged her shoulders and got up to follow Mary. Mary let Kim enter the bedroom first. Kim was rattling off her graduation to-do list and hadn’t noticed the object on the bed until she practically sat on it.

“What the fu- Mary! What is this?!” Mary scoffed.

“That should be pretty obvious.” Mary grabbed the dong and held it out. Kim touched the tip and squeezed.

“Ah. It feels so real. Where did you get this?”

“I got one because I wanted to see what it feels like, to, you know!” Mary thought this would be exciting. As exciting as watching the film. Before her nerves got the better of her she ventured a little on.

“Mary, this thing is massive. You have not used this. Your still a virgin!” Mary grinned at Kim’s remarks. Indeed the 8 inch jelly dong looked huge and scary but it felt amazing. Mary grabbed the dong from her friend and dove under the covers. Mary watched Kim as she removed her shorts and panties. Kim watched fascinated. Mary was already wet but for affect she put the tip of the dong in her mouth and got it good and slippery. Kim’s eyes lit up with interest. Mary then took the dong and stuck it under the covers. She watched Kim’s face the whole time. As she slowly inserted the toy, twisting it to get it in, she moaned a little. It felt damn good. She had it halfway in and pulled the covers down. Kim’s eyes widened in fascination.


“Oh my god. Its really in you!” Mary grabbed Kim’s hand and placed it on the dong. The movement caused the dong to slip in a little bit deeper and Mary hissed in pleasure. Kim saw her reaction and moved the dong again. “That is so…wow.” Kim could not believe her friend was letting her do this. It was an incredible feeling. She felt hot and tingly and never wanted this moment to end.

Mary saw the lust flush Kim’s face. Not even during the sex film did Kim look so turned on. Mary clenched her thighs and scooted her butt over on the bed. Kim took the signal and sat down on the bed. Kim’s hand remained on the toy, she continued to move the toy in and out of Mary. The slight thrusts causing her braless breasts to swing and sway. Kim was amazed at how stretched Mary’s pussy was, around the dong. As she pulled the toy out Mary’s juices glistened on the surface of the toy. 

Mary’s heavy sigh brought Kim’s attention to Mary’s mouth. Slightly parted. Inviting. Kim leaned over her friend and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Soon Kim was probing Mary's mouth, wanting to feel Mary's warm tongue dueling with hers. ‘MMM…yeah.’ Mary murmured against Kim’s lips. She rocked her hips up against the quick thrusts of the toy. Mary took Kim’s hand in hers and angled the toy . “Uh!” The fat head of the dong rubbed her g-spot. With every experimental thrust by Kim’s hand the bundle of nerves ignited. Mary was strung tighter. Her pussy gripped the dong tight. ‘Harder.’ Mary showed Kim a few hard, deep thrusts and rocked her hips up to meet them. Sucking, slippery noises filled the room. Mary pinched her nipples as Kim watched. Kim felt her panties being drenched. She was so turned on. From using the dong on Mary, from watching the toy stretch her pussy, watching her friend rock on Kim’s hard, deep thrusts. Mary’s orgasm snapped and she let Kim shove the dong in 2 or 3 more times. Mary held Kim’s wrist still, then slowly pulled the toy out with a soft pop. 

‘That was so hot, I can’t believe I just fucked a girl.’ Kim grinned. 

‘Sorta.’ Mary let her friend lay with her head next hers and they share a soft laugh, holding hands.

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