I love fresh air

By WW19543

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First semi-public experience.
Go easy on me this is my first story. It is mostly true and happened when I was younger. The names are changed, especially the lady's.

After college, I got a job in Highway Construction. Our biggest job concern was always profit, so many times us foremen would work alone on weekends to keep things moving. Just before thanksgiving, I was clearing trees on the weekend while my girl, Laura, a very sexy 20-year old relaxed in the sun. A little about her, she was very well proportioned and very horny. Whenever she rode next to me my cock would get hard just being close to her. She never wore a bra and whenever people looked at those barely covered 36C tits her nipples turned to iron.

So there we were, out in the woods near the work site, Laura getting some sun and me running a D8 pushing over and piling up trees. I stopped in the middle of the afternoon for a break and went over to my truck. After getting a drink, I sat next to Laura and we started to make out. Soon I had my hand under her t-shirt and was playing with those rubbery, erect nipples. We kissed and petted one another for a good 20-minutes and pre-cum was soaking my briefs.

When we broke off the kiss and I stood up, she plaintively moaned, "You just can't leave me like this!" So, horny as I was, I pulled off her shirt and we continued with me kissing, licking and sucking her breasts while I slowly undid her jeans. Soon my hand was in her panties and my fingers were pleasing her sweet, wet folds and rubbing her clit.

She laid back across the seat of my truck as I lowered my jeans to my ankles. Laura was wet and ready and my cock was like a 7-inch bar of steel. Pulling her to the edge of the seat, I began to tease that sweet, sweet sex, feeling the wetness on my shaft. By now I was on fire, not caring if anyone showed up or not, I had to finish what we started.

I slowly entered her, feeling that wet, slippery tightness surround my cock. There I was standing in the sand, buried to the hilt in the sweetest pussy of my life, with a construction site not 500-feet away. I pumped in and out of my love, slowly and gently, and then hard and fast. Making Laura cum before I lost it was my goal, and I was not about to be denied. She was wet and tight in deep, and her moans filled the woods around us.

Being outside made everything that much hotter. As my own climax built, I heard a truck off in the distance, but so what! I was going to cum in my lover no matter what. Laura heard it too, but wrapped her legs around me for encouragement. "Give it to me, baby!" was all I needed and I unleashed my load into her. As I finished, a pickup truck turned into our little open area in the woods. Here came 2 of my regular operators, Mitch and Steve.

Laura gave them an eyeful of her luscious tits as she pulled her shirt on. We'd only been together a couple of weeks, or she would have invited them to play too. All I know is that Mitch and Steve became two very dedicated employees on my crew. After they left, work was finished. Laura said we should go home and play numbers, but that's another story.