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I Met Her At The Petrol Station

I had met her once before, at the Service Station.

She was 5'6, blonde, size 36DD boobs. She turned me on. Big time

I was 5'7, brunette, size 20E boobs. I turned her on. Big time.

The first time I met Karen, I knew I would make love to her. I stopped off at the Petrol Station to fill up my Mazda. She walked out wearing very short denim shorts and a white t-Shirt with a black lace bra. As she bent down to pick up a coin I 'dropped' I stole a glimpse of her tight ass. It was basically begging for my 12" I had at home. She turned around to see me smiling. "Whats funny?" She asked. 'Oh...Uh.......Nothing really" I stammered. "Okaaay" she laughed. I knew she had caught me checking her out. That was the first and only time I met Karen. Until now.

I was at a mates party, when the door opened and in walks this beauty wearing a short black cocktail dress, it was Karen. I felt my pussy get hot the minute I saw her. She saw me too. She came over and we started talking, all the while my pussy, is getting wetter and wetter. "I don't believe we've formally met?" She told me "I'm Karen" she said extending her hand. "Im Alexandra, but people call me Alex" We shook hands. I could feel my juices almost running down my leg. Her hands were so soft, and smelled of Coconut Milk and Honey. We hit it off straight away. She liked horse riding, swimming at the beach and walking in the park. While we were laughing about her dog, river, she touched my shoulder. My cunt got so wet, I felt cum run down my leg, we were standing too. And I had been daring that night and gone Comando.

That hadn't turned out to be a good idea.

I wasn't sure if she noticed or not, but I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I managed to get there without dripping anymore cum. I was so horny. I pulled up my dress and began fingering myself. Two fingures. In. Out. In. Out. I could feel the orgasm coming but I didn't know if I could refrain from screaming out. I quickend my pace. I was about to cum when there was a knock at the door. "You alright Alex?, Its Karen" I couldn't speak. My whole body was shaking form my orgasm. "I'm coming in Okay?" "Hmmmmm" was all I could muster. She walked in and I had no time to cover up what I was doing. "Ummmm" was all I could think of to say. "Oh my" Karen said " You started without me?" She said with a wicked grin. I felt a smile cross my face. She, too, had a big smile. " I know what you were doing and why" I just laughed. "You want Karen to kiss that pussy all better?" "Oh yeah" I replied, "I'm so wet" " I see that" Karen said with a laugh. She pulled her dress up over her head, she wasnt wearing any panties either. She stood before me in just her bra and I noticed her blonde mound which made me wetter. She noticed and laughed. She walked over to the toilet, where I was sitting and pulled off my dress. Now we were both in nothing but our bras. I stood up to reach her. We kissed and found each others Bra clasps. In no time we were both naked. She grabbed my boobs, and I grabbed her ass. My hands made there way to her pussy. It was as hot as mine. I felt between her legs. "Your hot" I said "I know" I dropped to my knees and looked up. She nodded. I put my head between her legs.. I began tasting her juices. I tongue fucked her cunt. " Ohhh...Ohhhh....Alex, that feels soooo good"...."Yes, Yes" I could tell she was going to cum soon. "Yes. Yes, Oh Yeah, dont stop, I'm nearly there" I worked my tongue faster and bought my hands up. I put two fingures up that whores pussy. "Oh Yeah.....Oh My God!....I'm gonna cuuuuuuum". And with that her whole body twitched and her pussy juices flowed, and I could hear her breathing deeply. "You okay baby?" She caught her breath "Yep fine" "Great, you wanna go back out?" "Sure" We cleaned up, went back out to the party, excused ourselves and went back to my house. Where we made Love.
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