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I Need You Now

I couldn't wait to have you...
We are barely through the door and suddenly your body is pinning me to the wall, your mouth hungrily kissing mine as your hands explore my curves. I grab your hips and pull you closer against me, feeling your cock beginning to harden at my touch.

I turn around so that your back is against the wall now, unbuttoning your jeans at the same time. You pull your top quickly over your head and throw it to one side. I slowly kneel down in front of you, taking your jeans with me. I stroke my fingers gently up your thighs, following it with light kisses until my lips brush your cock. Taking your boxers off quickly, freeing your hard cock I look up at you as my mouth closes over you gently, teasing you.

I run the tip of my tongue up your length, darting it across the head, over and over again until you can't take it anymore. I slowly take your cock deep into my throat as I hear you moan in pleasure. I put my hands on your hips as you push deeper into my mouth, it only turning you on more when you hear me choke a little on your big, hard cock.

You pull me to my feet and through to the bedroom, quickly turning me around and bending me over the bed. You push my short, tight skirt up over my ass and slide your hand between my legs, feeling how wet I am for you before sliding my lacy underwear over my hips and down my legs.

Reaching over you rip my top open and pull my bra down. Pulling me up with my back against you, you kiss my neck as your hands play with my nipples, getting me even more wet. I moan and push my ass against your cock, grinding against you.

You take off the rest of my clothes and leave me in just my heels. Sitting you down on the edge of the bed I stand in front of you, teasing my clit with my fingers as you watch me. I straddle you as you lie back, still watching me. I can tell how much you want me. I slowly slide your cock inside me, just the tip at first, teasing you. Then further the second time before finally taking all of you inside me. I moan in pleasure as you fill me completely.

You grab my hips as I fuck you, bouncing on your cock as I play with my nipples. I lean forward so you can use your mouth on them, driving me crazy. I start to rub my clit quickly and tell you I'm going to cum for you. You pinch my nipples and it pushes me over the edge. Moaning, I cum hard on your cock. It feels amazing and I can tell how much it turns you on watching me.

You get on top of me and I wrap my legs around you, pulling you deeper inside me. You hold my hands above my head and fuck me, using me for your pleasure. I'm still sensitive from my orgasm and I try to wriggle free but you just hold me in place and it turns me on being completely at your mercy.

You flip me over onto my stomach and pull my ass towards you so I'm on my knees, with my upper body pressed against the bed. You tease my wet pussy with your fingers, sliding them slowing inside me. The combination of your fingers and the friction of the sheet against my nipples turns me on so much that I'm begging you to fuck me hard again.

Luckily you are happy to oblige and drive your cock deep into my dripping pussy. You grab my hips hard as you fuck me hard and fast. Leaning forward you twist my hair around your hand and pull it, treating me like the dirty slut I am. I finger my clit and cum again, all over your cock, almost passing out from the force of my orgasm and how incredible it feels.

You tell me you are about to cum and I get on my knees in front of you, ready to taste you. You cum in my mouth and I swallow as much as I can; some drips down my chin and onto my tits. I rescue it with my finger and look at you as I lick you from my finger, smiling.

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