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I'm Hot For You Part 1

I'm standing there watching you getting more aroused.
You seem to be in your own little world as I watch you from the doorway. You are watching something on the computer screen and you seem to be aroused as I see you take your cock out of your pants and start stroking it. I just stand there and take in what you are doing. In my head I can clearly see me kneeling in front of you, softly and slowly licking and sucking on your cock. I’m getting turned on by thinking of the things I want to do to you and with you. My eyes seem to be glued to your cock. I just stand there for a minute until I can take it no more.

I silently walk into the room and pull the chair back so I can kneel in front of you. Me moving from the doorway shocks you out of a dream state and you turn around a bit and stare at me. I cross the room in nothing but a short black school girl skirt and button down shirt that is unbuttoned to give you a view of my sexy lace push up bra, and a black tie lying between my bountiful breasts, with thigh-highs and sexy high heels. Your eyes roam from the top of my head all the way to my toes, and that look just gives me butterflies in my tummy and makes me melt. I can feel myself getting wet.

As I kneel in front of you, you just sit there anticipating what I’m about to do. I take your cock in my hand and move my face closer. I slide my tongue along the underside of your cock and swirl it around your head. You close your eyes and lean back. I just smile as I start stroking your cock up and down with my hand. That elicits a groan out of you and I just lean forward again and take your pants in both hands and slide them down to the floor.

I bring my head closer and swirl my tongue around the head of your cock and you grunt out that you want more. I then take your cock in my mouth and start bobbing up and down. You place a hand on the back of my head urging me on. I need no encouragement as I start bobbing fast and faster; going a little bit deeper down each time.

You just continue moaning and moving your hips a bit in rhythm with what I’m doing. I continue until I feel you're about to cum and move my head back and your cock falls from between my lips. You open your eyes and look at me questioningly. I just smile and say, "Not yet. I want all your cum inside me. I want so much that it flows out of me and down between my legs." Your mouth just goes slack; you cant seem to comprehend what I said. You arent used to me be being so direct with what I want.

You are still sitting there dumbfounded when I then stand up and move over to the bed. As I make my way over I slide the shirt off and reach behind to undo my bra. I throw them both on the floor. As I lay on my back I am left in only stockings, high heels, the skirt and the tie. I spread my legs to reveal that I am also not wearing any underwear. You just raise your eyebrows and move from the chair to the bed.

All the while your cocks still at attention, which makes me giggle. I scoot to the edge of the bed and you just kneel down. I just open my legs wider to give you better access as you bring your face close to my pussy. You just hold your face close to my pussy inhaling my scent. I can faintly feel you breathing against my pussy lips. I groan and you know I want more.

You slide your tongue over my pussy lips, gently working its way between them, eagerly lapping up the juices that spill from me at their parting. I start to moan as you slide your tongue back up once and to circle my clit. I groan out, “I want more. Please slide your fingers into me. I want to feel your fingers sliding in and out of my pussy. Baby please fuck me with your fingers."

You just grin and oblige sliding one finger in at first and sliding it in and out as you move your head back down to suck on my clit. My head starts moving side to side as I start moaning louder and louder. You then slide another finger in. I raise my head to see you just looking at me, I grin and slide my hand from my left breast and slide it down my tummy and start rubbing my clit. I pinch and tug on my right nipple with my other hand.

I can feel myself getting closer to that edge as I start gasping. I moan that I’m cumming and you just slide another finger in and start going faster and faster, while twisting your fingers inside me. My back arches as I let out a loud moan. My breath is coming in shallow spurts as I come down from the orgasm. My legs go slack and drop off the edge of the bed.

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