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I'm Hot For You Part 2

I'm so hot, and I want you in me now.
You stand up and lean over me to kiss me on the lips. I can taste me on your lips and I can’t get enough of my own sweet taste as I lick my lips. I sit up and move towards the middle of the bed, turning around so I’m on my knees in front of you with my legs spread wide, showing you my glistening pussy. I look back and grin as you move behind me and I sigh contentedly as I feel your clock sliding in my slick pussy. You grab a hold of my hips and start slamming your cock into me.

I gasp with surprise then start to moan as you start getting deeper and deeper. I reach one hand down and start sliding my finger over my clit, faster and faster trying to match up my movements with yours. I can feel myself starting to tense up, and I know im close to cumming. I moan out to you that I'm close and you lean down and nip at my shoulder. You whisper in my ear that you are close too and your breath tickling my ear makes me shiver.

“Fuck me harder, baby. Slam that cock into me, make me cry out. Fill your dirty girl full of your cum. Fill me so much that when you pull out it just flows from my pussy down my legs.”

You just groan and hold tight onto my hips and continue to slam your cock in and out of my pussy. I tense and my back arches as I cum hard. You follow close behind and I can feel your cum coating my walls. When I catch my breath I just lean my upper body on the bed. I cant hold myself up anymore.

You slowly slide your cock out of me and some of your cum is slowly trickling out of my pussy. You lay back on the bed and I slowly crawl over to you and slide my tongue up your cock. Our juices are combined and its such a yummy combination. I start cleaning our juices off your cock, and it's brought your cock back to attention.

I grin and I raise my leg and straddle your waist. I lift up and slide one hand on your cock and guide it back into my hole. I place my hands on your shoulders and start slowly raising up and down upon your cock. You fist one hand in my skirt and hold onto my hips and look down to see your cock disappearing into my hole and reappearing when I rise up. I squeeze my inner muscles and you groan as you feel me tighten around your cock. I stop moving and slide my hands up my legs, up my tummy and start playing and tweaking my nipples and your eyes just travel up to watch what my hands are doing.

I slide one hand down and grab the hem of the skirt and raise the skirt up a bit, and slide my other down and start rubbing my clit. I start to moan as I look you in the eyes. I can tell your so turned on and my eyes widen in surprise as you raise your hips below me. I know what you want and place my hands on your chest and start moving forward then sliding back a little before I start raising my hips and you look back down and see your cock once again disappearing into my hole.

I continue to ride you cowgirl style and you just watch me as I play with my breasts once more. As I bounce up and down on your cock I slide one back down and under my skirt to continue rubbing my clit. It doesn’t take long as I can feel you starting to tense up and I just start squeezing my inner muscles once more and it sets you over the edge and I feel your cum once again coat my walls.

I stop moving up and down and just climb off and fall back onto the bed beside you. We are both worn out, and I can feel your cum making its way out of me and beneath me. I figure I might as well go take a shower and wash myself clean. I might just have you join me in that shower and have you watch, oh that’s such a nice thought. You turn your head and notice I’ve started grinning again, and you ask me what im thinking.

“Hold on, you’ll see in a minute,” I tell you and get off the bed and lean down to grab your hand. You have a curious expression on your face and I lead you to the bathroom. “What do you have up your sleeve my dirty girl?” you ask and I just continue to grin and say, “You’ll seeeeeeeee.”

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