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Improbable Moment

Tags: office, affair
You’re wearing those pants again. The black ones. With the zipper in the back. Man I love those! They fit your ass perfectly.

You’re standing in your cube, reading something. I can’t tell what it is, but it definitely has your attention.

I walk up behind you. Right behind you. I reach down and cup your ass. A slight gasp escapes your lips and you flinch ever so slightly. I gently squeeze your firm ass, then slowly move my hands up to your hips. I press up against you. Just for a moment. Just long enough to let you feel me.

I take a half step back. Then slowly slip my hands under your blouse. I feel you shiver slightly as I touch your naked skin. Softly I drag my hands together to the middle of your back. Then that zipper. That zipper that torments me so. Always begging to be unzipped. As I pull it down, you tremble and I realize that your mind must be screaming, “What is he doing?! What am I doing?! This can’t be happening!”

Hell, I know mine is!

The zipper down, I slip my hands around your waist. Gently urging your pants down. They fall with a soft, ‘thumpf’ to the floor.

You are shaking now. The papers you were reading lay strewn on the floor. I reach around you and slowly unbutton your blouse. Pulling it gently over your shoulders and dropping it to the floor.

Leaning forward I kiss your left shoulder, running my hands up both sides of your body. I trace my fingers along the bottom of your bra to the clasp, unfasten it and slide it over your shoulders. All the while kissing my way across your back to your other shoulder. Leaving a trail of goose bumps.

Reaching around you again, I cup your lovely breasts. Savoring their warmth and firmness. Gently massaging them. Feeling your nipples harden at my touch.

Your breathing is rapid and shallow.

Again, my hands flow down your body. I slip my fingers under the waistband of your panties and slide them over your hips. As they fall to the floor I reach up and push you gently forward. You bend at the waist, putting your hands on your desk for support. I can tell you are a little weak in the knees.

I take a step back and relish the site of your now completely naked body. Your beautiful vulva, swollen and red with excitement. Your labia glistening with just a hint of moisture.

I kneel down behind you, the scent of your sex filling my nose. Driving me crazy.

I run my hands up and down your soft, smooth legs. Then over that wonderfully shaped ass. I lean forward and slowly start to feast on your pussy. You taste amazing. I can hardly control my pace as I lick your lips. Your juices are now flowing freely as I lick my way from your clit to the top of your pussy. Slowly I stick my tongue inside you. Spreading your lips, savoring every bit of you.

Frantically I fight with my belt and pants. I’m about out of my mind now. I was in total control when I started undressing you, but the anticipation of finally making love to you has ripped that from me.

You moan softly, barely audible.

I stand up. Almost tearing my pants and underwear down, I move right up to you. Wanton desire rends the last bit of self-control from me. I grab my cock and thrust into you. A soft cry passes your lips and you shudder violently.

You are all that is my world. Nothing exists except you and me. I’m lost to you. Completely lost in you.

It’s not long and we are both on the edge of climax. Pleasure so intense, it burns like a white-hot sun. No longer able to breath, I thrust into you with the last of my strength. Cumming harder than ever before.

We both crumple to the floor as if the life was instantly yanked from our bodies. We lay there for a few moments. Slowly gliding down from the precipice of intense pleasure. My face buried in the back of your head. My arm draped over your body. I feel your breathing begin to slow.

As strength returns to me, I push myself up. Taking one long last look at your beauty. Trying to memorize every curve of your body. The sheen of sweat that covers you makes you look almost ethereal. Making it even harder for me to believe this has actually happened. In what was no more than five minutes I experienced an eternity of pleasure so incredible it had to be near the bounds of human limits.

Slowly I gather my cloths and retreat back to my desk. Spending the rest of the day in reverie.

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