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In Dreams I Will Be With You

Arriving in Savannah, the first thing I did, after checking into our hotel, was phone my friend Clara. She had been my friend for years now. We had met in Savannah when I had been sent to Fort Stewart for training after 9/11. Now we were dear friends and had vowed to keep it that way forever.

My wife was with me, and Clara was also married. We both intended to stay true to our spouses. But we both adored each other. What can I say? She was the one, but born too late.

Now Grace and I were visiting Clara's city and she was going to show us a nice time. Luckily, my wife also had a dear friend there in town. He was an old college friend who now had an apartment he owned across from Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in the old part of town. I had known him too. He had been at university with my wife while I was working to pay her way through. First he was going to show us his vacation hometown and the next day Clara would take her turn, Just for me of course, but she was such a kind and generous person she was going to make my wife happy too.

Jonathon walked us all over the classic part of Savannah, around all of the historic squares, and finally ended the day with dinner at Vic's on the River. Great seafood. That was a lovely day.

The next day was Clara's turn. So she showed us around her favorite sights in town and then made sure we knew where to go for the rest of our stay to make it fine and memorable. It was lovely, and so was she. Of course, this had been the first face to face meeting for my wife and Clara, and it had gone well. Quite well. Clara was still lovely with her straight coal back hair, and her actual personality was true to what I remembered. I still adored her, and hoped she had retained her feelings for me. I wanted this friendship to last until I died.

After a long day my wife was tired and she didn't want to go out to eat at Clara's suggested restaurant, the Chart House down near the river. We sent down for room service and ate in our hotel room. Then Grace decided to go to bed early at about 8 and told me I could go out and have a drink. Just not to get drunk and get lost. I stretched out on the bed and took a quick nap. Then I left and decided to go to the Chart House, instead of the hotel bar, for a drink or two and maybe a little southern snack. It was only a block or so away. I could walk it easily. 

Arriving at the restaurant I went in and ordered an appetizer and a bourbon on the rocks. I was drinking slowly and just enjoying the ambience when I noticed Clara walking through the front entrance. I waved at her and she smiled that beautiful way she had with those lovely white teeth shining brightly and her raven hair slightly waving in the air as she glided through the open door.

"Steve, where's Grace? Is she alright?" Those were her first words. Of course. Always caring and worrying about the other. She knew that Grace was not completely healthy.

"Hi Clara. She's fine. Just tired. She's resting tonight for the long day tomorrow. Please, sit down and have a drink with me."

She hesitated. But she had no real doubts about me. I was her avowed friend. She smiled. Ordering a cocktail for herself she sat and joined me. She leaned forward, placed a hand on my knee, and gave me a peck on the cheek.

We spent the next couple of hours discussing mutual friends and our own lives. Filling in the blanks and reiterating our respect for each other and our joy that we had finally met again. Finally, it was time for both of us to go home. We left through the front door, feeling the breeze off the river, and went to find her vehicle. Luckily she was parked just down the block. We walked companionably and I even took her hand for a moment. She didn't seem to mind.

We approached her Lincoln and I saw the stairway up to the upper part of town just a few yards away. I offered my arms to Clara and she gave me a hug. Then another peck on the cheek. I returned the favor. And I hugged her closer. There was no way she could not feel the hardness of my cock between us. She looked up into my eyes and smiled.

"You know we can't do this, don't you Steve?"

"Of course I know that Clara."

Maybe it was the drinks. Maybe it was Fate. Maybe it was a lot of things. She opened the back door of her Lincoln and then she climbed in and gestured for me to follow. I did with alacrity.

Again, we were talking as old friends, but my hand was on her knee and hers was on mine. Her skirt was riding up slightly and I could feel the softness of that white skin of hers. She tossed her high heels off and I glanced down at her perfect feet.

Then I leaned in and gave her the softest kiss ever. I wanted her to feel my true love and adoration, and not just my lust for her. She returned the kiss. Then she placed her arms about me and I embraced her. Our lips were now getting rougher and more passionate. Both of us were using our tongues and both of us were feeling the lust grow between us.

I was throwing off all the clothing I could and helped Clara remove all of hers too. We were nude. She straddled my lap and eased her curly haired pussy onto my hard cock. I slowly thrust my six inches into her softness and felt the wetness. It was getting wetter and wetter as I began pumping in and out. Her lips were locked onto mine. I felt her hard nipples rubbing against my chest and she was humping back at my dick.

This was what I had dreamed of for years. I was having the dream of a lifetime. I fucked her harder and harder and as deep as my cock would go and all the while her juices were oozing out onto my cock and balls. At last I could hold back no longer. I knew she had already had several orgasms. She had bit my lips or tongue each time, and had shuddered with lust as the cums passed through her body.

I shot my spunk up into her pussy, filling her with all of my stored up passion. She again had an orgasm as my seed struck the back of her vagina and my cock kept rubbing her G-spot. Her juices were gushing out onto her leather backseat. I felt all my cum shooting out and then collapsed into her arms as she leaned into me and began to weep softly into my shoulder.

I kissed her and we both knew we needed to part now. We slowly separated and hugged each other. Then we got all our clothing back on and got out of the vehicle. We hugged.

"This changes nothing, you know that, love? I still adore you and I know it'll never happen again."

She smiled as I said that. Then she gave me another peck and pushed me toward the stone steps leading up.

I reluctantly walked away as she climbed into her Lincoln. I climbed the stairs slowly, looking back, and walked to the hotel. I knew this would never, could never happen again. I went up the elevator, and just got onto the bed, not bothering to undress.

Arising the next morning I was groggy. I felt a little light-headed. I awoke Grace. "I hope I didn't wake you up when I came in last night," I said.

"What? Did you go out? I thought you took a nap and then just stayed in bed. Are you sure you went out? I was waking up on and off all night and I always saw you on your bed."

What the hell, I thought. Was it just a dream? I went into the bathroom and checked my boxer briefs. I found dried cum, but did I have a wet dream? I was now very unsure.

I am still unsure, and I will never ask Clara. Dream or reality, it is best we leave it alone.

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