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In Flight Entertainment

Roz make her own in flight entertainment

I boarded the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Singapore, for the final leg of my flight to London.

"Turn right madam, seat 33J is half way along the isle on the left," the flight attendant said as he handed me back my boarding pass.

I found my isle seat and noted the middle seat was empty. It’s always nice to have a little extra elbowroom on a long haul flight. A rather good-looking man had already occupied the window seat. He was in his late twenties and to die for.

Hello, I thought to myself.

I couldn't help noticing he wasn't wearing a wedding ring.

"Hello, I’m Daniel from London,” he announced.

“Hope there are some good movies on this flight, we got twelve hours flight time to London," he said as he offered me his hand to shake.

"Yes, It's a long way. I'm Roz by the way, I'm from Brisbane," I replied as I placed my hand into his.

I felt butterflies in my stomach, as his soft hand gently squeezed mine. He was delicious. I could feel my face flush crimson. A sure sign that I fancied him. I hadn't had sex for a while and was feeling quite horny. He was just what I needed.

The flight was half full. As soon as the doors were shut, people started shuffling about, claiming entire rows of seats for themselves.

"Have you been on holiday?" I asked, making polite conversation.

"No, I've been in Singapore on business for two weeks," he replied.

"Two weeks? I bet your wife or girlfriend will be pleased to see you home," I probed.

"I don’t have anybody at home, I live alone," he announced.

Alarm bells Roz.... This gorgeous man is available, I thought to myself.

Fifteen minutes after we took off the flight attendants served the meal. I picked over the food and drank the small bottle of red wine, which slipped down quite nicely.

Daniel and I chatted and flirted with each other. We shared the empty middle seat for own personal storage of my bag, cushions and blankets. I relaxed back in my seat.

"Two more bottles of red please," Daniel asked the stewardess.

Perhaps it was the altitude or lack of food, but the second bottle of wine was going straight to my head.

I have never had sex on a plane, I thought to myself. His gorgeous blue eyes were sending me strong signals that this was about to change. The thought of having sex with this yummy man excited me.

The flight attendant cleared the food away, and we folded up the trays. I couldn't help notice the swelling in Daniel's lap. I diverted my gaze so he wouldn't catch me ogling his bulge as we chatted and flirted some more.

Two hours into the flight, the cabin lights were dimmed. People started to unfold blankets and recline seats to settle best they could for the night. Daniel reclined his seat, fixed his cushion behind his head, and covered himself with a blanket. He covered his eyes with the blackout mask and adopted the snooze position.

On the other side of the isle, a man was lying across all the seats and was fast asleep. Nobody was moving around the cabin; all the lights were out except for the odd reading light. This naughty situation was about to get a little naughtier, as I lifted the arm on my seat and slid over onto the middle seat.

"Would you mind if I rested my head on your shoulder?" I whispered.

"No, carry on," he said with a smile.

My heart was thumping. I felt a twinge between my legs, as I rested my head on his shoulder. My nostrils filled with the scent of his body wash. I was slowly becoming more and more aroused. As I lay on his arm, my head was all over the place. My inhibitions gone, I wanted him.

I need to make the first move, I told myself.

I was breathless and feeling very aroused. Slowly, I crept my hand under his blanket until I reached the bulge in his trousers and gave a gentle squeeze.

Daniel lifted his head off the cushion, lifted the blackout mask and looked into my eyes. He turned and kissed me gently on the lips before smiling. I now had his complete attention and his blessing to carry on. Fumbling beneath the blanket, I found the zip and slowly unzipped his fly. I could feel his cock twitch as I fumbled to release it. Reaching up I undid the button on his waistband. Daniel shuffled in his seat, which allowed me to stretch the waistband of his boxers down, freeing his penis.

He had a nice size cock, which was growing by the second. I could hear his heart pounding, as I gently pulled back his foreskin.

"That feels nice, don't stop," he panted in my ear.

Looking around, I checked the aircraft cabin. Every one was either asleep or engrossed in movies. I gave his cock a gentle squeeze before lifting the blanket and putting my head under. As my mouth hovered over his member, I could smell his body wash and that delightful heady sweet musky smell of pre-cum. A small droplet had oozed from the eye of his penis, which I swiftly removed with my tongue. Licking my lips, I slowly took him gently into my mouth. His cock felt smooth in my wet mouth as I swirled my tongue slowly around the head.

Daniel shuffled in his seat, as heavy breaths resonated in his chest. I took him as deep as I could, before slowly returning back to his silky wet helmet, flicking my tongue and stroking his shaft as I went. Then deep to the hilt once again. I latched onto him like a limpet.

Daniel's erect cock was twitching with delight, as my wet mouth softly slipped over his hardness. He cupped and gently squeezed my left breast, at the same time pulling me down harder into his lap. I slipped my hand into his boxers and cupped his balls. My lips still clamped around his rim, claiming this magnificent cock for myself. Feverishly working my lips and tongue on his dong, I took him deep into my mouth once more, then slowly teased and licked my way back to the head. His balls tightened as his hips move forward.

A sure sign he's about to cum, I thought.

In a heartbeat his cock started to throb, as string after string of hot creamy cum filled my mouth. I franticly swallowed as much as I could. Droplets dribbled down my chin. I sucked and licked the very last drop from him.

I pulled out from under his blanket and lay on my back across the two seats, resting my head on Daniel's lap. I pulled a blanket over my legs. Daniel wasted no time in slipping his hand under to undo the front of my trousers.I parted my knees to allow him better access; he slid his hand gently down my belly and cupped my mound. He could feel how aroused I was.

My breathing was shallow, as he slipped into my panties and brushed my completely bald pussy. He nestled his index finger along the crease of my sex, feeling how wet I had become. Slowly he slid his finger forward, allowing it to slip into the wettest part of me. His fingertip penetrated me and rested momentarily. The warm slippery fluid within me coated his finger. He withdrew slightly and continued the now slippery journey along my inner folds until he found the small swell of my clitoris beneath the soft fleshy pad of his finger.

“Oh, god, that’s so nice,” I said, drawing my breath in sharply.

He rubbed my fleshy pearl with small gentle circles. I writhed beneath his touch. Daniel knew my orgasm was close, but continued to pamper my now proud and swollen clitoris with magic circular motions.

As I began to orgasm, I could feel my belly muscles go into spasm. Arching my back as my orgasm took hold. Soaked and spent, I snuggled up and went to sleep.

The cabin lights woke me as they flickered on. We were making our descent into London.

"Can I see you again? Perhaps go for a meal," he said, offering me a card with his phone number on lt.

"Call me," he added.

"Yes, I certainly will," I replied with a smile.

The plane landed, Daniel kissed me on the cheek and we went our separate ways.

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