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In The Cinema

My fingers are wet with her pussy juice; I lick them and savour her sweet taste. She takes my fingers in her mouth, circling them with her tongue. God this woman is hot!

We sit together for a few minutes, she strokes my thigh, occasionally brushing against the bulge in my jeans. Clearly, she is building up to something. She moves her head towards my left ear, I feel her salty wet tongue, she gently nibbles my earlobe and whispers, "Back of the cinema - in three minutes," and leaves.

I follow her lead, reaching the top of the aisle I notice her coming out of the ladies. She beckons me and I follow her in. she moves quickly to a cubicle and steps inside, I follow her in and lock the door. Our mouths meet, tongues searching deep into each other. I lift her jumper revealing small, creamy, white breasts; her pink erect nipples showing how horny she is. My cock betrays me too, and soon Bunty is unzipping my fly. I help her by undoing my belt. I yank down my trousers with my cock bulging under my boxers. She pulls them down -my dick springing out as it is released, I am going to give this MILF the fucking of her life!

I turn her around, push her against the wall of the cubicle and lift her skirt, I kiss her backside then her pussy. Kneeling down, I push my tongue deep into her; opening her cheeks to give easy access, I notice this caused her anus to open a touch and I just resist the temptation to push my tongue in. I gave her labia long deep strokes of my tongue relishing the feel of her soft pussy lips. Moving to her clit I work that with the tip of my tongue. Her juices are flowing; she is ready.

Bunty moves her arse to allow me to enter her. My cock slips in easily, I start to fuck her - we are building a good rhythm when suddenly we hear footsteps. I stop my thrusting, Bunty doesn't stop at all though and continues rocking to and fro, then circling her hips. The tap tap tap of the footsteps outside continues, Bunty keeps gyrating. As I approach climax I place my middle finger on to her anus and gently push. She gasps, her ass is tight but the juice from her pussy does the job and it yields. My finger can feel my dick moving within her body, sending a rush of energy through my body.

I spin her around, lifting her up and place her back against the wall, she instinctively puts her arms around my neck. I place her onto my erection and rock her up and down, my tongue one again finding hers. I could see (and feel) she was about to cum, this thought tipped me over the edge. The hot surge rushes from balls to dick and I shoot a huge load deep into her.

To my surprise, she kneels down in front of me and licks the juices off my three-quarters hard cock. Bunty puts her fingers deep into her cunt and scoops out the rest of my cum, she covers my dome with the sperm and strokes my shiny, stick, glistening penis - the cum acting as a lubricant; the distinctive smell of salty semen hangs in the air. Finally, The amazing Bunty licks my dick clean.

Bunty checks her watch. "My goodness - 2.45 - I need to pick the kids up!" She dresses in a flash pecks me on my cheek and is gone.

I hear my phone beep again, it's a text, it just reads "xxx".

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