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In The Elevator

A young lady finds out about having sex in interesting places...

It was seven a.m. in the morning, and everyone in the building was preparing work. There was barely anybody in the building, really-just the janiter and some other secretaries. I was the head C.E.O., so I didn't have to come here early at all, but I had to since MTV was interviewing us for our work.

I was the founder and owner of Paws Pets, a huge chain of pet stores specializing in cats and dogs. In the work building, there were no pets, since in this building we did the papers and interviews.

I was heading up to my office in the elevator. As I waited, I tapped my foot impatiently on the marble floor, waiting for the slow elevator to arrive. Across from me, there was a mirror between both elevators. I took a good look at myself.

Me-Anniel Johnsons-didn't look so bad, really. I had brown, wavy hair that went to my shoulders, curving up. I was slender, with small but firm breasts, a flat stomach, and a tight ass with long, slender legs. Reflecting off the smooth mirror, my skin looked almost albino white. I laughed inwardly. I was 24 and still looking good.

I carried my big Gucci purse into the roomy elevator. I pressed "6" button and the elevator started slowly going up. First we stopped at floor 2, where two chatty secretaries came in and waved at me, shutting up immediately. They left abruptly at floor 4, and there two men stepped in.

I recognized the first man, who was my secretary's son. Lily, my secretary, was 54 years old, and her son, James, was 25. James was really cute-all the girls in our building gossiped and giggled about him. He had a tan, toned body, a dazzling smile, sparkling blue eyes and muddy blonde hair. I knew he thought I was sexy since whenever I was near him, his cock made a huge erection. He tried to flirt with me a lot of times, but I wasn't about to fall for that.

The second man was also well known in our busniess. He was my cousin's nephew, and his name was Johnson. He was equally handsome, except maybe a head shorter than James.

“Hey, Anniel," James said, waving. They both stepped in and chatted loosely about the weather.

At floor 5, Johnson got off and it was only me and James in the elevator. It was a little awkward, but James quickly started conversation.

"So, how are things?" he grinned.

"Things are good," I laughed.

"Busy, huh?"

"Yeah, with all the interviews and all."

I pretended not to notice when James ran his eyes over my slender body. "You look great, Anniel."

"Thanks," I said, a hint of suspicion crawling into my usually even voice.

James was quiet. He still watched my tits and ass, but more quietly.

It was a moment later that I realized we had been in the elevator for a really long time. "Hey-what's wrong with the elevator?" I cried out.

James noticed, too. He pressed the up button, but we didn't budge. "Lets wait and see if it moves."

Five minutes later and there had been no movement. I was panicking by now. My hands flitted up and down, like it had no where else to go. Words of worry spilled out my mouth.

"Oh, damn it, what do I do? There's the interview and my work, and now its all postponed! What will happen to my business? I can't just be here for hours waiting for someone to help us! Oh, its over. Its all over. What will we-"

"Sh, its okay, Anniel," he calmed me down. "We'll call the office."

I flushed with embarrassment that I hadn't figured that out. He pulled out his cell phone and punched in the office's number.

"Hello? Yes, this is James. But ma'am, I'm with Anniel. Yes, Anniel, the C.E.O. We're stuck in the elevator. Can you call for help?" he spoke angel-like into the phone. "Oh. Okay, that's alright. Okay. Yeah, we'll be okay." Suddenly something the office secretary said made him blush like crazy. "Aunt Emmy I won't. Yeah, whatever. Bye."

He turned to me with a grim mask hiding his delight. "The janitor isn't here yet. We'll have to wait until nine thirty, but that's okay, since the interview's at ten."

I should've been relieved, but I wasn't. "What'd she say to make you look like a cherry?" I teased.

He stratched his head, blushing again. "Er, nothing."

I poked him in the ribs playfully. "Oh, c'mon, just tell me."

He sighed. "I guess there's no hiding from the boss," he teased. Then he went silent, looking at the floor, shuffling his feet. "And she told me, not fuck the hell out of you."

Unexpectingly, I laughed.

"You know I won't, right?" he asked.

"Of course," I laughed. "Its just its a bit weird Emily would tell you that, isn't it?"

"Oh, well, Aunt Em's just like that. She pokes her nose in other people's business."

I sighed. "Well, as long as we're in here for an hour, I mind as sit down."

James laughed. "Thought I'd never see the day when the boss sat down on the floor."

"Shut up." He laughed.

The floor was hard and cold, and the New York winter wasn't getting much better. I had to remind myself to remind Chester the janitor to fix the heater one day, if I could get out of here.

The minutes ticked by. First James called a few other people, telling them we were trapped but would come out, soon. Until then, they had to wait.
James sat down beside me and sighed. He looked into my eyes.
"You have big eyes," he commented, and I laughed, but he was serious. He edged his mouth closer to me. "Big, beautiful, sexy eyes."
I would've laughed hysterically, probably, but suddenly his mouth was on mine and his hands took off my shirt. He unhooked my bra and fondled my breasts, pinching their nipples.
"I thought you said you wouldn't fuck the hell out of me," I muttered as his tongue wrapped around mine.
"We'll see."
I gave myself out to him. I took off my pants and for a moment, rubbed my pussy and felt my juices. James grunted and pushed his erection up into my crotch. I laughed into his hot mouth and took off my panties. Then I took off his pants, and saw he wasn't wearing any boxers. Immediately his cock pushed up into my pussy.
I gasped and wrapped my arms around his back and legs around his. Slowly he pushed up his cock into my pussy, making me shudder. The floor was freezing, yet we were both naked. It made my nipples stand on end, and my pussy flooding.

Suddenly, his entire seven inch cock was in my pleading pussy. He pounded me with his cock, going at least fifty miles an hour. He seriously was fucking the hell out of me. I groaned and whimpered and hugged him so tight I can't believe he still fucked me so hard.

Suddenly his balls stopped smacking against my ass. I felt him shudder and his balls tighten, and his cum flooded into my overwhelmed vagina.

I gasped and moaned and kissed him furiously. His sperm filled my happy pussy and I knew I should give him what he gave me. I grinded on him, harder than ever before, and suddenly I whimpered and fucked him faster. We were grunting, whimpering, and moaning on that floor, when suddenly we both exploded at the same time.

"Ohh..." our voices echoed in the elevator. He got up and before I could react, his dick was entirely inside my wet mouth. I was still covered in cum, but I kneeled and started sucking his cock and massaging his balls. He moaned and nearly collapsed, but I held his ass cheeks and furiously fucked him with my mouth. My tongue wrapped itself around his thick prick head, and suddenly more cum shot down my mouth-at least nine ropes of sweet, salty jizz.

Gently he pushed my back onto the floor on my back. He got both my legs onto his shoulders and he knelt down next to my pussy and licked off our cum, mixed together, sweet and salty. He started from my ankled and sexily trailed his way up to my inner thighs. Without warning his tongue protruded deep into my hungry cult. I moaned and I felt like a sexy eletric bolt had just electrified me. I shot up and he didn't stop. He was like a craxy machine-he was licking my pussy so hard, I was literally screaming. Cum exploded out of my poor pussy and he wiped his lips and grabbed his cock and slid its messy shaft between my breasts. I pushed my boobs onto them and they were ambushed. He moaned and shot cum out onto my neck. I licked it all off and wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed him on the nose.
His cock pushed onto my clit again, but I pulled away-just a little. "Not now." I smiled, and felt his cock. "Next time."

To be continued...

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