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In the Garden

Reluctant Attendance at a Party Leads to a Romantic Surprise
I really didn't want to be here but my friends literally dragged me out of the house telling me I needed to have more fun. Fun, I thought, not possible...I'll end up nursing a drink in some corner watching everyone else talking and laughing and having a good time.

I had to admit to myself that I looked good tonight, wearing a short black slip dress with spaghetti straps and a low neckline that showed my ample cleavage. Underneath I had on a black strapless bra with lace around the tops of the cups and silky black bikini panties with matching garter belt which held up black stockings. Finishing off the outfit was a pair of open-toe black high heels which allowed my red-painted toenails to peek out.

I had pretty much become a hermit for the last 3 months. I hadn't socialized any more than was absolutely necessary because of work. But, here I was, at the party of a friend's friend, just as I had predicted to myself, alone in a corner of the room sipping slowly from a glass of wine. My girlfriends were off mingling with their friends and I was beginning to consider calling a cab to take me home.

Suddenly there was a commotion by the door and you walked in. You were by far the best looking man in the room with your broad shoulders and big, solid was easy to see that you work out. You looked absolutely delicious in your tight jeans and dark blue polo shirt. Your short, wavy red hair made my fingers tingle from wanting to run them through it. I could feel your lips tickling my sensitive flesh as you kissed every inch of my body. My pussy was beginning to grow damp from the thoughts running rampant through my mind.

Everyone was calling out hellos and shaking your hand, slapping you on the seemed to me as if everyone there knew you. Your eyes scanned the room and finally came to rest on heart seemed to stop beating as time stood still. You had the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen, I felt as if I were drowning in their depths. Your full lips curved into a slight smile before your gaze continued around the rest of the room. I was feeling very flushed and achy with sexual need and knew it wasn't only because of the wine and the fact that I had been celibate these past months. I decided to go out to the terrace for some fresh air, not knowing that you were watching me leave the room.

It was a beautiful spring evening...just a slight breeze rustling the leaves on the trees and blowing through my silky hair and caressing my warm body. Placing my glass on the terrace railing, I walked down the steps and out into the yard, looking for some solitude away from the crowd, not realizing that you had followed me

After I got far enough away from the house so I could only faintly hear the music drifting from the windows, I stopped and, wrapping my arms around my waist, I began to sway to the music with my eyes closed. "Mind if I join you?" the sexiest voice I'd ever heard whispered in my ear.

Jumping slightly, I turned and found myself drowning in your heated gaze. "Not at all," I stuttered.

You wrapped your arms around my waist, pulling my head to your chest and began moving slightly to the beat of the haunting tune coming from the house. You placed your hand under my chin and lifted my face to yours. "I wanted you the moment I saw you across the room," you said before lowering your lips to mine in a brief kiss, your soft mustache rubbing against my nose. The kiss was over all too soon and as you began to raise your head I pulled your lips back to mine, kissing you hungrily.

Burying your hands in my hair you returned my passionate kiss, thrusting your tongue into my warm mouth, letting it wander through every moist recess before finally dueling with mine. You slid your hands down my back and cupped my ass, pulling me to you, allowing me to feel your desire. Our moans mingled. I pulled your shirt free from your pants and plunged my hands under it to run them up and down your hard chest, flicking my fingernails across your nipples, causing you to shudder from pleasure. Unbuttoning your shirt I continued to run my hands on your chest, feeling the hair between your pecs, your hard nipples.

Sliding your lips from mine, you began kissing and nibbling your way down my neck to toy with the skin just above the neckline of my dress, your tongue dipping into my ample cleavage, sending a shiver throughout my entire body. I hadn't felt a man's touch in so long; I was ready to explode. My panties were wet and getting wetter by the second as my juices flowed freely. I was on fire and knew I would surely die if I didn't feel your cock filling me right then and there.

"I need you!" I growled, as my fingers moved to unbutton your pants. Taking hold of the zipper and slowly lowering it, I purposely brushed my hand against your rock-hard shaft.

"Oh God," you moaned. My hands moved to your waist and began pushing your jeans and briefs down in one motion; you slipped out of them and out of your shirt. I told you to lay down as I undid my garters and slid my now drenched panties down my legs. I stood there for a moment just admiring your rock-hard cock, watching as you reached in your pants and produced a small foil package.

Good guy, I thought. "Thanks," I whispered. I dropped to my knees astride your waist, took the package from your hands and opened it. "Let me," I said. Taking the condom out, I placed it on your glans and began rolling it down the length of your hardness. Feeling the condom's studs as I slowly unroll it, down....down.... your pubic hair, I became more excited. I paused for a moment, admiring your latex-wrapped cock, wanting to feel your hardness inside me.

I got on top of you while you held your cock straight up for me. Your rock-hardness slid easily into me as I lowered myself on you. The cold texture of the condom sent shivers of delight through my body. I continued to slowly impale myself, lowering myself until I could feel the tip of your cock just brush my cervix. Mmm...a perfect fit, I thought. As my tight pussy adjusted to your impressive size, I began rotating my hips back and forth and in a circular motion causing you to groan with ecstacy.

Taking the hem of my dress in your hands, you pulled it up and over my head as I lifted my arms. Reaching around my back, I undid my bra and let it fall, exposing my full breasts to your lustful gaze. You reached up and ran your palms across my erect nipples, causing tremors to race throughout my body. As your long fingers pinched and tugged on my nipples I began to ride your cock, my pussy lips gliding along the shaft as you slid in and out of my steamy cunt.

You tugged me forward and began to lick and bite my nipples as I increased the rhythm of my movements, your hips thrusting up, driving your throbbing cock deep in my pussy. The studs on your condom accentuated the pleasure of our rhythmic movement, pushing me closer and closer to orgasm.

Your thrusting became a hard, steady, rhythm creating ripples of excitement deep within me. My pussy pulsated around your cock as I responded to your rhythm. You groaned loudly as you came, shooting stream after stream of your hot seed deep into my cunt. Feeling your seed shoot into the reservoir tip of the condom every time your cock brushed against my cervix sent me over the edge, my body quivering with the force of my own climax.

Collapsing on your chest, I lay there with your arms wrapped around me as our breathing and heartbeats return to normal.

After a gentle kiss we got up and put on our discarded clothing. With a tender smile and soft "thank you" I left you standing in the yard watching me walk back into the house, no-one being any the wiser of what just transpired outside. I located a phone and called for a cab after finding one of my friends and informing her that I was tired and going home.

Upon arriving home I took a warm bath, then crawled between the sheets on my bed, knowing that I would replay this wonderful night in my dreams.

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