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It's time to play

Just sit back and relax. Keep your eyes on me and your hands at your side. I can see the lust in your eyes; your cock already starting to grow harder as you watch me bend over to turn on the music.

All I am wearing are black stockings and my 'do me' red high heels. My hips start to sway to the music and I start to dance for you.

My hands glide up my tummy to my breasts and I knead them in my hands. My piercing green eyes watching you as you stare at me and lick your lips.

My fingers glide across my nipples and start to tug on them, rolling them between my fingers and pinching as they grow harder. I let them go and you see the now hard peaks on my chest. You are dying to get your lips on them.

I climb on the bed and stand over you. When you look up you can see my glistening wet pussy lips above you. Watch my hand move down my body to my waiting pussy. I slowly rub my lips and slide a finger inside. Hear me moan out loud as I do.

I move to sit down on your legs, my pussy in between them. I take my finger that was inside me and rub my juices all over my nipples, watching your cock grow harder at the sight.

Then I do something that makes you leak precum and your cock go hard as glass. I lift a nipple to my mouth and lick and suck off my own pussy juices, giving it a small nibble before doing the same to the other.

I slide up your body, letting my nipples graze across your cock and then press against your chest as I kiss you. I hold myself up so my pussy is so close to your cock, but not touching it.

You are moaning and begging me for it. I bite your neck and slide my pussy lips across the length of your cock and you grab my hips to hold me there.

I slap your hand away. You know the rules. No touching until I say so. Just watch. Keep your eyes on my body. Feel my hand grip your big cock and tug just enough for you to growl out loud.

I take you and position the tip right at the entrance of my tight pussy. You feel it pressing against you. Itakes all of your will power not to just thrust up inside of me.

I slide down to where the tip of your hard cock is now inside my tight pussy. I slide back off and hear a small whimper from you and grin. I put you back in a little more this time.

I continue to tease you by sliding almost all the way off your cock and then going back down, more and more each time until you are all the way inside of me.

I hold myself down on your cock, wiggling my hips around and squeezing your thick cock with my tight pussy.

You can't stand it any more. You yell 'fuck this' and grab my hips and thrust your cock in and out of me. I moan loudly and lean down to bite your chest as you pound into me.

I start to match thrusts and soon we are fucking in perfect sync, trying to get the other to cum first. We can feel the other start to tighten up as the orgasm builds in both of us.

I scream out your name as my orgasm washes over me and my pussy tightens the grip around your cock. You moan and thrust one more into me and hold me down on your cock as you explode deep inside my pussy.

I feel you cumming inside me and I can't help myself. I rub my clit fast and hard and cum again all over your cock.

We lay here until we can both catch our breath and then I slide off of you, your now limp cock covered in both of our juices. It would be a shame to waste it.

I slide down you body and let my hard nipples graze along your cock again, feeling it jump as I do. I look up into your eyes as my tongue licks your entire length from balls to tip.

I suck on the tip and then move my mouth all the way down your cock, feeling it grow harder as I suck. My hot lips wrapped around you brings your cock back to life in no time. I see the hunger in your eyes.

Time for round 2...

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