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Just can't wait

This is my first non-fiction story. Would really appreciate constructive criticism. Thank you. Enjoy
From the first day of seeing him at work, I knew I wanted him. I knew he was in a relationship but that didn’t stop the naughty thoughts running through my mind. Ben was a short guy, at just 5ft 5, he was the same height as me. I usually go for tall guys but he was gorgeous and I just couldn’t resist. Ben had blue eyes and short dark blonde hair and had broad shoulders that were designed for the rugby player he was. It was easy to see his ribbed chest through his work shirt, and I’m not afraid to say that I wanted a piece of it.

A few weeks of working together went by and it was easy to see that we were both attracted to each other, although I was unsure as to why he liked me as his girlfriend was stunning but I wasn’t complaining.

Work decided it was time for a ‘big night out’, being the party animal I am, I couldn’t turn the opportunity, to shake my arse on the dance floor, down. I knew Ben would be coming too with him being a student and never missing the chance to get drunk.

After work the following evening I hurried home to get ready for the ‘big night out.’ Grabbing a quick shower, drying and straightening my hair, putting minimal make-up on (eye-liner and mascara) and dressing in a tight purple vest top, which had black gems and sequins on covered with a jacket and black three-quarter length trousers and flats (Well I didn’t want to be taller than Ben did I?). And I was finally ready.

I got a taxi with a colleague from work, Gareth. Gareth was much older than I was. I was 18 and he was 31. I’m not sure what attracted me to Gareth as he wasn’t my usual type and even though we worked together we had been seeing each other for a few weeks up until this evening. His girlfriend had even split up with him after catching us together-but that’s a different story. Looking back, I think Gareth had intended for us to go out together and go home together but my intentions were slightly different.

When we arrived we strutted into the bar, arm in arm where we were all meeting. As promised, Ben is in the corner with a drink ready for me. I let go of Gareth and walked over to Ben whilst removing my jacket. Ben’s eyes light up at the sight of my 36DD boobs bulging from the tight vest top I’ve revealed from underneath the jacket.

“Hey.” I said confidently, biting my lip. Knowing that he liked what he saw.

“Hey you.” He grinned back.

I picked up the vodka lemonade and took a sip. “Thanks.” I say, appreciating what was the first of many drinks that night.

During the evening the group moved from bar to bar working our way down the town towards a night club. Ben and I had been flirting like mad in every bar but he could tell that Gareth wasn’t happy as I kept shrugging him off.

Eventually we reached the nightclub and went and got a drink and a few shots. Two of my other colleagues/friends, Liam and James were there and were very drunk. They dragged me up to dance, which didn’t take much persuasion and both started to grind against me on the dance floor. I knew they were only kidding as they were both gay but I turned to look at Ben and he was licking his lips.

After dancing for an hour or so I went back to the bar for another drink and Ben met me there. Taking my chin in his palm he pulled me close to his mouth so my neck was resting on his lips. Gently kissing and suckling on my neck, he sent shivers down my spine.

Moving his lips up to my ear, he quietly whispered “I want you.” Leaving my imagination to run wild.

Not wanting to wait anymore I grabbed my jacket, sneaked out of the club with Ben and hopped into a taxi. In the taxi I was done with the flirting and pounced on him. Straddling him I hungrily put my mouth to his. I opened my mouth to let his lusting tongue enter. I didn’t want him to stop.

Knowing that I couldn’t wait to have him for the 10 minutes taxi ride to his place made me wet and hungry for more than just his tongue. Sliding to the floor of the taxi I slowly and quietly opened Ben’s jeans where his rock hard cock was straining against the fabric. Springing out of his jeans and to life I gobbled the whole length of his 8 inch cock. Licking his solid cock from base to tip, I felt Ben shiver and quake from my touch. I knew that I was in for a treat all that night.

When the taxi pulled up outside Ben’s flat I jumped out and hurried to the door waiting for Ben to pay the driver and open his front door. When he opened his door he pushed me backwards into the flat. To get to his flat you have to climb a set of stairs but I just couldn’t wait. Grabbing him by the still erect muscle, barely covered by a rushed attempt to cover it up whilst getting out of the taxi, I forced him backward onto the stairs. Pulling his own jeans down I slipped down my three-quarter lengths down leaving my sodden red lacy French knickers remaining.

“Hot!” Ben grinned.

I pulled them to one side to reveal my now dripping cunt. I positioned my pussy above his eagerly awaiting cock and sat onto it letting out a moan of ecstasy slip from my lips. I slid my wet pussy hole all the way to the base of his huge muscle and back up to the tip, over and over.

Starting slowly, I built up my rhythm into a fast bounce on his long thick rod. I knew I was close through the anticipation of weeks and weeks of flirting and sexual tension.

After a few minutes of length after length I let out a scream of desire and my body started to thrust and arch. The feeling of my pussy tighten around his cock nearly tipped him over the edge which made him pull his cock out.

Slapping my ass hard, and leaving a red mark, Ben stood up and pushed me to the stairs. Holding my left leg in the air he thrust his long cock into my sodden pussy, making the juices squelch. When his cock was as deep as it would go, I squealed. A cock had never reached the places that Ben’s cock was. He was by far the biggest cock I had ever had and he was stretching my tight pussy hole to the extreme. Ben started to hammer his rod into my sore pussy, but the pleasure over took the pain. After 6 or 7 more thrusts I was at the tip of another orgasm but this was much more intense making me gasp for breath.

Ben pulled on my hair letting me know he wasn’t waiting around for me to overcome this orgasm and that he wanted to drill me some more. He turned me over so I was on all fours and totally at his mercy. Pushing his cock to my tight asshole, I wondered what it would be like, but thought we best save something for later. I wiggled my big ass so the head of his ready to burst cock slipped into my moist slit. Stuffed full of cock, Ben started to plough into me with a force on another level. Pounding me, I was having my brains fucked out and I didn’t want it to stop. With every pound his bulging balls were slamming against my skin. His fingernails were sinking into my hips for a more forceful thrust. I wanted more, so with every thrust I pushed back.

I was nearing my third orgasm when Ben reached out and pulled on my hair, making my back arch and the feeling becoming more intense. Tears formed in my eyes and I knew I was about to blow. Within seconds I let out another loud scream and squirted my hot juice all over the now throbbing cock.

Ben couldn’t hold on any longer and spurted all his hot come into my pussy that was full of, making his load spill out along his cock and onto the stairs. He pulled out still spurting his load and aimed it onto my pert ass cheeks.

I moved my right arm round and mopped up some of the come with my fingers then tasted it.

“Mmmm, sweet.” I moaned.

I stood up, still licking my fingers, grabbed my clothes and made my way to his room to carry on what had only just begun...
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