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just out for a joy ride

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woman gets her fantasy
Just out for a joy ride

I was doing something I have only ever fantasized about. I borrowed my sister’s fire engine red convertible and drove with the top down on the interstate to see how many people notice that my skirt is up to my belly uncovering my bare pussy. It was a wonderful day for me. I got horns honked and yells with suggestions the whole time.

I was so hot I played with my pussy and was dripping wet and super horny so I pulled over to the nearest rest stop, pulling to the back so I could make myself come. I played with my clit around and around putting two fingers in my pussy slowly and then faster, when I noticed red and blue lights behind me. I continued to play with my pussy. When the officer got to my door and looked at what I was doing he cleared his throat and took his sunglasses off.

“Can I help you officer?” I smiled up at the best looking man I have ever seen.

“Do you always drive like that?” he said moving closer to the car.

“Every chance I get,” still rubbing my pussy so he can see. I dip my fingers in and get them wet with my juices and bring them to my mouth and lick them off.

“Get out of the car please.” The officer says with a frown and opens my door. I frown as well and drop my leg from the dash to climb out.

He grabs my arm to help me and halls me to the front of the car and forces me to lean over the hood. My skirt has fallen down where it should be and is just barely covering my ass.

The officer runs his hands down my sides and back then moves down to my hips and legs. This feels so good to me I start to purr. His hands run down my legs and then up on the inside. His fingers run over my pussy feeling how wet I am and then suddenly pushes two in hard and I gasp, “oh”

“Are you hiding anything?” he asks leaning toward my ear.

I laugh softly and say “There is only one way to find out.”

He takes his seeking fingers out of my dripping pussy and cups my breasts. They are big and firm and the nipples are hard. He pulls my shirt off me hard enough to rip it and tosses it onto the hood.

I try to turn around and look at him but he grabs my wrists and puts my hands back in the hood of the car. “Don’t move,” he whispers in my ear as he kicks my feet apart further.

The officer pushes his cock into my ass and I raise it further into him to feel how big he is and purr when I feel that he is big indeed.

“What are you gonna do to me?” I whispered as he pinched my nipples, pulling them out away from my breasts as far as they would go.

“Anything I want to.”

Just when I thought I heard the officer pull his zipper down I feel his cock shoved inside me hard and I gasped.

The officer shoved his big dick into me hard and fast. In and Out. In and Out. Again and again.

He kept pushing into me harder and faster, I moaned and gasp. Before I knew it I was screaming “Yes, more, OH YES!” I came on his cock and he kept fucking me till I was done shaking. He pulled out of me and shoved me down to my knees “suck me” he ordered.

I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock into me as far as he could. I closed my lips around him and sucked as hard as I could pulling my head away and back onto him again and again, sucking hard.

The officer moans loud and pulls me off his cock and spins me around again placing my hands on the hood. He shoves his dick into my dripping pussy again and fucks me some more. I moan and he asks “Like that do ya?” He slaps my ass cheeks, one than the other.

I pull on my nipples to make them harder and he slaps my ass again saying “I told you not to move.” He slaps my ass again to make the point and pinches my nipple hard enough to hurt.

“I wanna cum again officer.” I beg him. He pushes into me harder and faster again and again. In and out. in and out.

He laughs and says “I think I like it when you beg me. Do it again and I might let you”

I move my ass around to tell him to move faster and harder but he keeps up his own pace and slaps my ass again.

“Beg me to let you come.” He says again.

“Please officer, I need to come again.” I beg him.

He reaches around me and fingers my clit around and around gently and then pushes on it hard “Come” he says in my ear, as he continues to push into my pussy harder. He is pushing so hard now that he is slamming his cock into me and it feels so fucking good that I come so hard, I squeeze his dick so hard he can’t move in my pussy. He slaps my ass and I come again making him come, shooting load after load in my pussy till it drips out down my thighs.

The officer pulls out of me when we both stop shaking and he makes me drop to my knees again and suck his cock clean.

“Next time you feel like going for a ride just give me a call” he says as he hands me a card with his number on it.

I smile at his back as he walks away.

I have my fantasy come true.

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