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Kim's Wake-up Call (Kim and Mary, Pt. 4)

Tags: bisexual
Kim loves Mary, but likes cock too.
The sounds of pots and pans clanking and muted voices magnified. The feeling of hot tongues languidly trailing across the tips of hard nipples, stroking the damp breach nestled in between a women’s legs, slowly faded. Wait. Soft, dry lips. There. On the side of Kim’s neck. Moving down to suck at the place where her shoulder and neck met. She moaned. Her nerves still electrified from the dream. A hand cupped her left breast and her pussy pulsed. A palm rubbed circles across her nipple waking it, sensitizing it. Fingers pinched the hard tip and that sent a sudden push of lust straight to Kim’s pussy. “Are you awake yet?” The deep voice startled Kim and her eyes flew open.

“Luke! Oh my-. I thought you were Mary.” Kim flushed.

“You and Mary?” The question hung in the air. Luke moved in closer. He wore PJ bottoms and the thin material did nothing to hide his erection. It pressed hot and heavy against Kim’s thigh. “My sister and you. That’s hot.” Kim shifted as Luke continued to pinch and roll her nipple between his fingers. She continued to hear voices in the kitchen.

“Who’s here?”

“My brother Tom and Mary. That’s not important. I wanted to talk about last night.” Luke’s hand moved. Down Kim’s chest, past her belly. He rested his hand on her waist. “Are you interested in guys Kim? In me?” Luke groaned. Kim was so wet. Without waiting for her to answer his fingers parted her pussy lips and he circled her clit with his fingertip. Kim moaned and that was all the answer he needed. He couldn’t wait to his get cock in her pretty mouth. Full lips, hot tongue. Fuck. “Are you a virgin Kim?” He slipped a finger into her pussy, thrusting. “Your so tight. Let me fuck your sweet pussy.”

“Oh yeah, Luke. I want you.” Kim rocked on his hand. The heat of last night’s memory scorched through her. She was dripping. His whispers while he fingered her had her ready to say yes to anything. She heard Mary laugh. She stopped Luke’s hand. He moved her hand away and made her look at him.

“Don’t make me beg.” His sexy bedroom eyes broke down Kim’s flimsy willpower.

“Geez. Ok. Hurry.” Luke came prepared. He shoved his PJ’s off and palmed the condom.

“Suck me a little first.” Kim got nervous. Besides her dual cock suck with Mary and the delivery man, she hadn’t given head before. She raised up on her elbow and grasped Luke’s cock at the base. Placing her lips around the tip she started bobbing her head, “wait, wait. Shit. Your gonna make me come doing it that fast.” Kim slowed her pace. Pulling off and licking the tip of Luke’s cock. “Yeah, like that.” Luke loved the feeling of Kim’s mouth on his cock. Hot, tight, and wet. She didn’t have the technique mastered yet but she learned fast. Kim ran her tongue down the underside of Luke’s shaft. Coming back to the tip and engulfing his cock once again in her hot mouth. After a couple more deep sucks Luke was ready for Kim.

Luke tapped Kim’s shoulder and told her to pull her shorts off. She did and he tore open the condom and rolled it on. Kim reached over and tugged on Luke’s nipple ring. He groaned. “What’re these for?” Luke moved over Kim and pulled her legs open. Rubbing her clit with his nail. She moaned loudly.

“Whenever they shift or are tugged or twisted I get a really strong sensation. Otherwise they just make my nipples feel really sensitive. Keep tugging it, lightly.” Luke placed his cock at Kim’s entrance. Slowly he pushed into Kim’s pussy. She was so tight, sucking him in like her hot mouth. Her light tugs on his nipple caused a small current of lust to be pumped into his cock, continually. He pushed in until he was seated fully inside her. They both sighed. He pulled out and thrust in. Slowly he pushed and pulled savoring the tight feel of her pussy. Kim felt so stretched, so full. Feeling each ridge and vein being dragged along the inner walls of her pussy felt amazing. She had been fucked before but Luke’s slow, steady strokes made her burn.

“Please, harder.” Luke obeyed the command. He lifted her leg and rocked his hips deep into her. Pushing his cock hard into her. Pounding deep and stroking her spot over and over. Her moaning became panting and she thrust back just as hard and heavy. Kim cried out and her pussy clenched around Luke’s cock. Luke groaned and pounded into her a couple more times. Kim’s orgasm pulsed through her pussy again.

“Shit!” Luke came hard and fell on top of Kim. He let her leg down and couldn’t move for a few seconds. He lifted up and stared down at the girl he used to call Stinky. His cock slipped from her pussy and he leaned down and kissed her. “Your amazing.” Kim felt an emotion flash through her similar to what she felt for Mary. She was in trouble.

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